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2 oy oldin

  1. Gamer Dallas

    Gamer Dallas23 soat oldin

    "How is he that 👞

  2. Unhipsnow633476

    Unhipsnow63347623 soat oldin

    Stands in part 3: punchy ghost punches Stands in part 8:

  3. Sadboy Outcast

    Sadboy Outcast23 soat oldin

    I don’t get how you can watch the original dragon ball series and dragon ball z but still hate on Goku, like why do you even watch the show?

  4. Nexus Slayer

    Nexus Slayer23 soat oldin

    Anyone going to talk about how CJ is threatening Kratos with a assault rifle

  5. WDW Roadie

    WDW Roadie23 soat oldin

    1:20 My favourite part

  6. WDW Roadie

    WDW Roadie23 soat oldin

    I’m the side character in my own life anyway

  7. biggyPEARL

    biggyPEARL23 soat oldin

    Steve nash every second day

  8. Govanni

    GovanniKun oldin

    I just realized Mark is wearing Berleezy merch in this

  9. MrShanester117

    MrShanester117Kun oldin

    I had a friend who did that same defense. I laughed so hard at this 😂

  10. WallyWORLD 1057

    WallyWORLD 1057Kun oldin

    So I just started swinging....

  11. CoryxKenshinClips

    CoryxKenshinClipsKun oldin

    The ref is Jarrett Allen in disguise.

  12. Aja Monique

    Aja MoniqueKun oldin

    I've never watched the real show but this makes me want to check it out

  13. Raul Martinez

    Raul MartinezKun oldin

    Aye Mark did you do a voice over for Trevor Noah???

  14. petermelb123

    petermelb123Kun oldin

    So true

  15. ice hotdog

    ice hotdogKun oldin

    The manga is a lot better than the anime

  16. Pleb Head

    Pleb HeadKun oldin


  17. Bvdwords mrweedseed

    Bvdwords mrweedseedKun oldin

    Charge can literally make a an Ironman suit the only thing stopping us right now is power supply

  18. Bvdwords mrweedseed

    Bvdwords mrweedseedKun oldin

    Seeing a second in the future is good just become a boxer

  19. ice hotdog

    ice hotdogKun oldin

    And I got the Jordans!

  20. cedric Bossman

    cedric BossmanKun oldin

    What about all the 3 ball are in one team with lavaar as their coach and king james in it . Whats king james gonna do abt it

  21. Dewey ClanYT

    Dewey ClanYTKun oldin

    So funny lol

  22. JST TV

    JST TVKun oldin

    Bro it always be in those thank you bags lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Chandler Winding

    Chandler WindingKun oldin


  24. Frank Black

    Frank BlackKun oldin

    Hands down family matters is my favorite intro song of all time. Even after all these year I still remember the words.

  25. Lexi

    LexiKun oldin

    I mean the one I have gives you more then what it’s worth

  26. Priscilla Jimenez

    Priscilla JimenezKun oldin

    Amplified the UV What does that mean? Basically poison How? Radiation... Oh Yes and then...cancer

  27. Brian Wright

    Brian WrightKun oldin

    🔥 Mad y'all didn't do endgame 😭 Great job fellas 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  28. Ant1ne

    Ant1neKun oldin

    bru sad now that lamarcus retired

  29. Javel Bluford

    Javel BlufordKun oldin


  30. Mario Rolle

    Mario RolleKun oldin

    What about the franks

  31. SumDude

    SumDudeKun oldin

    Jesus loves u which is why he suffered and died for ur sins so pls turn to him, he changed my life for the better, he saved me from my own stupid desires and he can so the same for u if u accept him into ur heart and confess that he is ur lord and personal savior, turn from sin and receive the gift of eternity in heaven that Christ died for u to have

  32. ArcTitan

    ArcTitanKun oldin

    You can’t lie but after seeing Attack on Titan Season 4, it easily wins against My Hero Academia no 🧢

  33. Lil Nagato

    Lil NagatoKun oldin

    *They needa make a "how you can tell if somebody bouta foul you, or in they feelings" video id watch that shii 😭💀*

  34. Best Fiddle

    Best FiddleKun oldin

    And 17 cents ...🤓

  35. Epix Fusion

    Epix FusionKun oldin

    They got good acting tho fr

  36. RLens

    RLensKun oldin

    😆😆😆😆 I thought he was about to throw the ball at somebody after that question. 😆😆👏🏽👏🏽

  37. Texas Honey

    Texas HoneyKun oldin

    I see y'all going Jussie Smollett all over white TV sitcoms. I watched Full House and Family Matters, and none of them acted like these guys.

  38. Mark Miller

    Mark MillerKun oldin

    What’s sad is that I’ve seen nba players do this.

  39. chris hartwell

    chris hartwellKun oldin

    I can't pick one over the other one got me into anime and the other made me love anime and I can't go against the older ones like cowboy bebop dbz yuyu Hakusho inuyasha Trigun ghost in shell especially bebop and Trigun

  40. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke UchihaKun oldin

    They should called it black anime house

  41. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke UchihaKun oldin

    Shouldn't I be at the villan house im evil

  42. Joseph Luai

    Joseph LuaiKun oldin

    2:24 The stare 😭😭💀

  43. THCBDude

    THCBDudeKun oldin

    I feel like I've been here before are you guys from Houston?

  44. Potato Supremacy

    Potato SupremacyKun oldin


  45. Hernan Lopez

    Hernan LopezKun oldin

    Stickman OST some 🔥🔥🔥

  46. Daniel Najar

    Daniel NajarKun oldin

    And 17 cents 😂

  47. Floaty Seagull

    Floaty SeagullKun oldin

    If Rdcworld gets to 5 mill....Dylan gets the n word pass

  48. madara uchiha

    madara uchihaKun oldin

    This why game stop going bankrupted. Dumb as company. Lol

  49. NellVexin

    NellVexinKun oldin


  50. ZBO animation

    ZBO animationKun oldin

    That was one of the best games I have ever seen

  51. MegaDeathRay10

    MegaDeathRay10Kun oldin

    He will always be my main protagonist

  52. Joseph Daniels

    Joseph DanielsKun oldin

    Those new theme songs can jump off a cliff og cartoons fo life

  53. Finesse Aj

    Finesse AjKun oldin

    This shit so silly 💀💀😭

  54. KNIGT op

    KNIGT opKun oldin


  55. Houston Lee

    Houston LeeKun oldin

    but mello yello is amazing...

  56. Automatic Mekhi

    Automatic MekhiKun oldin

    Worst is akame ga kill fates up there to

  57. Gaming Daily

    Gaming DailyKun oldin

    Really thought they were disrespect zoey 101 for a second lmao but everyone at one point fcked with zoey 101 let’s be honest

  58. Yasmin

    YasminKun oldin

    "walgreens ass candle..." 😭😭😭

  59. TheOtherKayden

    TheOtherKaydenKun oldin

    i remember seeing this 8 years old (2014)

  60. Jack The Pokexpert

    Jack The PokexpertKun oldin

    Pokemon. I mean there's nothing bad happening in that anime.

  61. SkyMiyuki

    SkyMiyukiKun oldin


  62. T T

    T TKun oldin

    Funny how all you chumps think you’d be a jonin or an anbu black ops if you were in Naruto, but you wouldn’t train to be a marine or navy seal in the real world.

  63. Hisoka 2011

    Hisoka 2011Kun oldin

    Idk why but I keep rewatching all the anime house vids. So good.

  64. Quintin Gilmore

    Quintin GilmoreKun oldin

    Where is the next game house

  65. swagiferr

    swagiferrKun oldin

    am i trippin or doesn’t goku not have a last name

  66. TSG_LUFI

    TSG_LUFIKun oldin

    When part 4 of hood avatar coming out

  67. TSG_LUFI

    TSG_LUFIKun oldin

    Oh yea

  68. Fateful Brawl

    Fateful BrawlKun oldin


  69. RelytwithoutaB

    RelytwithoutaBKun oldin


  70. Jazzy Station33

    Jazzy Station33Kun oldin

    Friday Night Funkin be like 😂

  71. j js

    j jsKun oldin

    do you see how you make fun of whites and nobody gets all crazy butt hurt? HMMM I WONDER HOW THAT CAN APPLY TO SOME OTHER PEOPLE

  72. Mohammed Khan

    Mohammed KhanKun oldin

    I cringe every time I hear the sound of some nice basketball shoe soles rubbing against concrete. Yuk your traction is gone is 2 day

  73. Sonic King james

    Sonic King jamesKun oldin

    5:07 whats the music

  74. Ashod

    AshodKun oldin

    😂😂😂😅 kyrie

  75. Mosheh Clark

    Mosheh ClarkKun oldin

    Na Jason Killin yall

  76. Jean Marc Nyembo

    Jean Marc NyemboKun oldin

    Demon Slayer?????

  77. MC Mathers

    MC MathersKun oldin

    And every player mentioned in this video saw this video 😂😂😂

  78. Chasing Shores

    Chasing ShoresKun oldin

    I'm mad at myself for getting chills when the hero's theme started playing LOL

  79. [Carnage]

    [Carnage]Kun oldin

    and this was before season 3 part 2 of aot, wouldnt even be a contest if these two were compared today

  80. Christian Villalobos

    Christian VillalobosKun oldin

    "You always doin this!" "Doin what?! Tryna win!!" 😂