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Anime House 5 has finally arrived! With new characters being introduced, this installment gets pretty hectic!

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    Anime House 5 ! Yall we put alot of work into this one! we hope yall loved it! i know this sounds crazy but 300k Likes thumbs up guys! theres no limit We love yall! the singer (Toasty) in the opening and ending her info is in the description! go check her out! Also Support our sponsor and our merch ! helps us make more videos of the best quality! download the game!

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    You guys should add daquan to the next anime house 5

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  6. Kongee The King

    Kongee The King2 oy oldin

    you guys got people thinking shinji adventures is real and if it is then damn Netflix need to stop

  7. BayouVlogs

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    I come home from work and watch rdc... they know how to make me smile and forget about stress... anime, and video game house are god tier love your videos my good men keep them coming you guys are god tier creators! Love yall

  8. Big Fishe

    Big Fishe3 soat oldin

    I'm waiting for a Jojo's character to be in the anime house

  9. Rex Tomc

    Rex Tomc3 soat oldin

    My favorite character from anime house is probably Yusuke or vegeta

  10. Certified Wooloo

    Certified Wooloo6 soat oldin

    Gojo where

  11. Krispy Chris

    Krispy Chris8 soat oldin

    When you accidentally click on this video but you get so into it, then trapped!!Watching the video.. 😓😹

  12. Criptic_ souls21

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    Mob can crush all of the cartoons

  13. Criptic_ souls21

    Criptic_ souls218 soat oldin

    So can one punch

  14. DefiantSense

    DefiantSense15 soat oldin

    But where’s Jojo 👀

  15. Micah Smith

    Micah Smith16 soat oldin

    " I can show him around " 🤣🤣

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    livelaterad17 soat oldin

    I have been watching for years please continue to make content I love it.

  17. DaPetti King

    DaPetti King19 soat oldin

    Did anyone else look up "Shinji Adventures" on Google to confirm that its a real show on Netflix?

  18. Xerxes Tininahan

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    I wish there was a manga😆😆

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    They never show love to Trigun. Vash was the man! Am I the only Trigun fan? Love RDC tho...

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    purgatory with eveKun oldin

    Is that my boy Leland in the theme song?!?!

  25. Edi K

    Edi KKun oldin

    Who's the character at 30:21?


    NESS D BESTKun oldin

    this should've been jump force

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    raniko lashleyKun oldin

    look at dis dood 🤣🤣 24:50

  28. Jaylen cunningham

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    good shit fellas

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    put some respek on my nigga Inuyasha name!!

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    If these guys aren't Hollywood Material than I don't know what is

  33. Winston Bailey

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    When you going to make anime house 6

  34. Papa Prince

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  35. Papa Prince

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    "We dont talk sh!t" "We Kill them"

  36. Волошин Владимир

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    I can’t already wait for the next part!

  37. Ady May

    Ady MayKun oldin

    Best intro ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Wes Daniels

    Wes DanielsKun oldin

    The music give me nostalgia

  39. JDizzy941

    JDizzy941Kun oldin

    Cartoon house spinoff series?👀

  40. oddly spooky

    oddly spookyKun oldin

    This was dope AF

  41. Manoj Bhudia

    Manoj BhudiaKun oldin

    Imagine a manga house where shows like Tokyo Ghoul and Promised Neverland get kicked out anime house but go rule manga house

  42. Reaperking

    ReaperkingKun oldin

    Bem bem🤣🤣 i mean that was kind of unfair on bam's side they should have brought in jue viole grace 😏

  43. Call me daddy Please

    Call me daddy PleaseKun oldin

    The way baruto looked at naruto😂🤣

  44. L0

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    Boruto looked so Disappointed lol

  46. שָׁלוֹם Peace

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    I hahaha legendary

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    I’m an anime guy but I won’t tolerate disrespect towards avatar

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    I wonder if that is Desmond Lil brother.

  50. Los

    Los2 kun oldin

    What he lean forward for talking about get serious? He didn’t even do shit. 😂😂

  51. Christopher Clark

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    Alien X could make Satima a young man before he got all his strength, take all his power from him. Or travel back in time and kill him

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    28:50 Sounds like the level up sfx from Kingdom Hearts.

  54. Jus Jason

    Jus Jason2 kun oldin

    This show has grown into something I would’ve never expected. Bravo dudes!

  55. kevante duncan

    kevante duncan2 kun oldin

    This is anime

  56. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez2 kun oldin

    If Vegeta goes Majin he needs to beat Yusuke’s ass first! Always talking shit

  57. Aaron Cutler

    Aaron Cutler2 kun oldin

    Add Zenitsu from DS

  58. ogui ihio

    ogui ihio2 kun oldin

    Where's Anime House 6 at ?

  59. 3035 Kanishk Kashyap

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  63. MysticFlow

    MysticFlow3 kun oldin

    one piece looks like a cartoon. at least early stages

  64. TKJams

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  68. Lane Bird

    Lane Bird3 kun oldin

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  69. Night Blaze

    Night Blaze3 kun oldin

    When he said "why are all these smart motherf*ckers here I laughed so hard it got me in trouble when I was supposed to be sleep

  70. tureblood115

    tureblood1153 kun oldin

    I’m playing PlayStation 2 only system I have lol

  71. tasty!

    tasty!3 kun oldin

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  72. Tenshi Nakagai

    Tenshi Nakagai3 kun oldin

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  73. Jahmad Moore

    Jahmad Moore3 kun oldin

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  74. Justin lacambra

    Justin lacambra3 kun oldin

    Nah they’re was a cliffhanger anime house 6 prob coming late 2021 early 2022

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  81. Bug boy07

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  90. keshad Saiyan

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    Jibril Stephens4 kun oldin

    Deku was speaking full facts. They were going at it pretty hard.

  92. Jibril Stephens

    Jibril Stephens4 kun oldin

    Inuashya says he's legendary. But gets sleept first. That's totally legendary to me.

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  104. Omar Mohamed

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