While we were talking we found out there's lowkey a lot of anime people say they would be in but really wouldn't be 😂🤣😂 some people will probably be the first to say they'd be in Naruto but when stuff goes down it's a whole nother story!
What anime do you think you could survive in? 🤔
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  1. Capra Coy

    Capra Coy7 oy oldin

    This definitely has “part 5” potential at the minimum like so they can see this


    DOMINATOR4 kun oldin

    @Atticus Daxton you really made an alt just to agree with yourself 😂


    DOMINATOR4 kun oldin

    @EternalRio wdym brown ppl can’t 😂

  4. Spicy Shizz

    Spicy Shizz12 kun oldin

    I’m tryna see one piece

  5. Deandray Cowling

    Deandray Cowling12 kun oldin

    Part 5 my future vision only sees five year I'm seeing a "part 10"

  6. Joaquin duck

    Joaquin duck14 kun oldin

    My hero part had me dying

  7. Sidoni Freeman

    Sidoni FreemanSoat oldin

    No dragon ball. Train for life

  8. 過去Snoozykage

    過去Snoozykage3 soat oldin

    My hero tho LOLLL

  9. Wyn0t aid-en Golloogly

    Wyn0t aid-en Golloogly8 soat oldin

    I’d pick My Hero

  10. Ace D. Mute

    Ace D. Mute9 soat oldin

    All I'm saying is that in one piece everyone has the capability to be great. Doesn't matter

  11. Brandon Jackson

    Brandon Jackson10 soat oldin

    😅😅🤣It's funny because, people don't think how dark Naruto can really get.

  12. вιllуωιllу

    вιllуωιllу12 soat oldin

    Even seeing like 0.5 seconds in the future you can beat someones ass in a fight

  13. john Hill

    john Hill13 soat oldin

    I actually enjoyed this

  14. Casper Josiah

    Casper Josiah15 soat oldin

    wait did they mention AOT....

  15. UndeadRevisions

    UndeadRevisions15 soat oldin

    Best anime to live in would be beyblade no cap, everyone got badass sprirtual spinning tops

  16. Finesse Jeffers

    Finesse Jeffers16 soat oldin

    MFS SHAMED HIM FOR AOT 😂😂😂😂 he said ,”ANYWAY”

  17. Finesse Jeffers

    Finesse Jeffers16 soat oldin




    This is the closest we can get to a good live action adaptation, sadly.

  19. David McArthur

    David McArthur18 soat oldin

    Pokémon is the great anime world to live in fools

  20. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok20 soat oldin

    I mean if the dude who see into the future becomes a Martial Artist, that half second could be clutch

  21. Derrick Gaines

    Derrick Gaines20 soat oldin

    I would of picked Pokémon

  22. Bvdwords mrweedseed

    Bvdwords mrweedseedKun oldin

    Charge can literally make a an Ironman suit the only thing stopping us right now is power supply

  23. Bvdwords mrweedseed

    Bvdwords mrweedseedKun oldin

    Seeing a second in the future is good just become a boxer

  24. Mario Rolle

    Mario RolleKun oldin

    What about the franks

  25. Automatic Mekhi

    Automatic MekhiKun oldin

    Worst is akame ga kill fates up there to

  26. Jack The Pokexpert

    Jack The PokexpertKun oldin

    Pokemon. I mean there's nothing bad happening in that anime.

  27. T T

    T TKun oldin

    Funny how all you chumps think you’d be a jonin or an anbu black ops if you were in Naruto, but you wouldn’t train to be a marine or navy seal in the real world.

  28. RelytwithoutaB

    RelytwithoutaBKun oldin


  29. Kalai Miller

    Kalai MillerKun oldin

    No anime would fun to be in if you didn’t have powers

  30. K7T _444

    K7T _444Kun oldin

    dragon ball and one peice would be the best animation

  31. presto bingo

    presto bingoKun oldin

    .5 seconds into the future would be pretty overpowered for fights though

  32. A-Dino

    A-DinoKun oldin

    You can tell the people standing up wanted to throw someone off and take the seat for themselves

  33. Broadway Bo

    Broadway BoKun oldin


  34. T T

    T TKun oldin

    At first, I thought Pokemon would be cool, then I realized the Pokemon world is even worse than Austrailia. Spiders the size of dogs. Fuck that.


    STELLAR MUSICKun oldin

    Just pick Pokémon and call it a day

  36. Kyle Dimetri

    Kyle DimetriKun oldin

    Attack on Titan is so dangerous they didn’t even have to do a skit to get their point across

  37. Jaiden Hicks

    Jaiden HicksKun oldin

    Korako no baseball

  38. Salvador Perez

    Salvador Perez2 kun oldin


  39. B P

    B P2 kun oldin

    damn nobody picked dbz

  40. Brandon Boulding

    Brandon Boulding2 kun oldin

    I’ll tell y’all the secrets of the hidden leaf 😂

  41. Brandon Boulding

    Brandon Boulding2 kun oldin

    Number one rookie 😂

  42. LoopyDust

    LoopyDust2 kun oldin

    my guy chose the worst option attack on titan he had to be on drugs.

  43. Ro Star

    Ro Star2 kun oldin

    Low key charge could just overcharge shit and make portable bombs target would be get of if your using guns but the .5 future shit is useless

  44. SȼȺɍłɇŧ V

    SȼȺɍłɇŧ V2 kun oldin

    What about Dragon Ball Z or Super? Or Seven Deadly Sins??

  45. Zombie Gamer_07

    Zombie Gamer_072 kun oldin

    Petition to make every anime character black


    FAMOUS CAPE2 kun oldin

    Omg I tell people all the time just cause you chose the anime dont mean you gonna be the main character

  47. Petakyah Buckley

    Petakyah Buckley2 kun oldin

    Jus dese niggas running through the woods😂😂😂

  48. Mone Al-Eissa

    Mone Al-Eissa3 kun oldin

    Interspicies reviewers??

  49. EXF

    EXF3 kun oldin

    my hero 100% no question

  50. RFontaine001

    RFontaine0013 kun oldin

    The way they run

  51. Dark_ xShadowx

    Dark_ xShadowx3 kun oldin

    One anime you don’t wanna be in is The Promised Neverland

  52. Ebenezer Banjo

    Ebenezer Banjo3 kun oldin

    John stay saying the dumbest stuff bro

  53. Gregory Lewis

    Gregory Lewis3 kun oldin

    Non-Combat Anime only, boring but at least it’s safer. Anime is honestly a death trap.

  54. thunderdome89

    thunderdome893 kun oldin

    Everybody says AoT is the worst but did y’all forget about Fire Force? People just randomly turning into wild fire demons at the dinner table

  55. monti lewis

    monti lewis3 kun oldin

    I’d still chose Naruto , SAO, Food Wars

  56. monti lewis

    monti lewis3 kun oldin

    “It doesn’t increase my chances of hitting it”

  57. DTwelve

    DTwelve3 kun oldin

    Seeing half a second into the future could kick ass if you used it right and learned to be capable in combat

  58. Tae Kyles

    Tae Kyles3 kun oldin

    Would live in overlord anime but only as a member of Lord Ains Guild.

  59. mikeyy LoL

    mikeyy LoL4 kun oldin

    The best anime to live in is world trigger cause u can fight using trion bodies and have rank wars which would be fun lol

  60. FBI agent

    FBI agent4 kun oldin

    Bro why did none of them say Pokémon 😐?


    HUNTER XD4 kun oldin

    Bro GATE would be a great anime to be in

  62. metallord69

    metallord694 kun oldin

    best anime to be in: ONE PIECE

  63. metallord69

    metallord694 kun oldin

    future vision (if you could spam it) would still be pretty good in a fight

  64. See

    See4 kun oldin

    "Why we all come back in Nike slides tho" 💀💀 I would have to go wit one peice

  65. Tymel Johnson

    Tymel Johnson4 kun oldin

    i would like to be in HIGH SCHOOL DXD

  66. Tymel Johnson

    Tymel Johnson4 kun oldin

    i would actually like to have the quirk charge

  67. Tymel Johnson

    Tymel Johnson4 kun oldin

    i would actually like to have the quirk charge

  68. Tymel Johnson

    Tymel Johnson4 kun oldin

    i would actually like to have the quirk charge

  69. Marktbey

    Marktbey4 kun oldin

    Is there a part 2 coming out?

  70. Boi Boi

    Boi Boi4 kun oldin

    Imagining seeing these dudes running through the forest mid day

  71. Bobby Strasburg

    Bobby Strasburg4 kun oldin

    i'm surprised they didn't bring up dragonball

  72. Newpy224

    Newpy2244 kun oldin


  73. Malik Lites

    Malik Lites4 kun oldin

    Nobody can't cap on this the best anime to live in is pokemon and I stand by that

  74. Aj Entertainment

    Aj Entertainment4 kun oldin

    Bruh that parasyte one got me weak

  75. KAKP Krys

    KAKP Krys4 kun oldin

    dr.stone had me dead XD

  76. Mobile veterans team

    Mobile veterans team4 kun oldin

    How about high school DxD

  77. Ries

    Ries4 kun oldin

    how do you guys feel about jojos bizare adventure?

  78. Action_Mayne100 X

    Action_Mayne100 X5 kun oldin

    C rank stands for let’s C how long it takes before things go to S(shit) lol

  79. nunya biznus

    nunya biznus5 kun oldin



    FIRE LORD MAKO5 kun oldin

    That is a whole S rank bro really you need to shut the &#$@ up about the c rank mission shit

  81. Ahmednur Khamis

    Ahmednur Khamis5 kun oldin

    The only anime’s I will want to be in are sports

  82. ah ha han

    ah ha han5 kun oldin

    i would literally pick like saiki k

  83. Shehab El Deen Qasem

    Shehab El Deen Qasem5 kun oldin

    I'll tell y'all the secrets of the leaf, said no one ever

  84. Eric Fuentes

    Eric Fuentes5 kun oldin

    He said “imagine being Levi” YOU NOT GOIN BE LEVI LMFAOOO

  85. walter simons

    walter simons5 kun oldin

    anyway i got a good one DARLING IN THE FRANXX

  86. Lee Charlton

    Lee Charlton5 kun oldin

    I actually asked myself that question and the animes i would be in is fairy tail,one piece,or hxh alright but here me out on hxh if i can pass hunter exams and learn nen i would be golden

  87. yeah yeah

    yeah yeah5 kun oldin

    I was waiting for dragon ball

  88. Angelo Barrera

    Angelo Barrera5 kun oldin

    It's all fun and games til one of em say redo of healer💀

  89. Mr. Wood

    Mr. Wood5 kun oldin

    Well if you can see .05 seconds in the future, that would help in a fight

  90. ShiftyBeast

    ShiftyBeast5 kun oldin

    without plot armor tho??

  91. Kurt Allen

    Kurt Allen6 kun oldin

    Wasn't it like a d rank mission when they had to escort that mf bridge builder?

  92. The Legend

    The Legend6 kun oldin

    but fr besides kakashi and gai who is the 3rd best jounin in the leaf

  93. all vines at one place

    all vines at one place6 kun oldin

    They should have chosen highschool Dxd 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  94. KSY

    KSY6 kun oldin

    I kept re-watching because of the Naruto run hahahah

  95. Abhishek Iyer

    Abhishek Iyer6 kun oldin

    3:47 I don’t know how he did it but Mark nailed that dead look in Saitama’s eyes 😂

  96. Roi Visions

    Roi Visions6 kun oldin

    "We just going die"

  97. Don Sullivan

    Don Sullivan6 kun oldin

    Answer is Attack on Titan. Nobody deserves to be in the world of Attack on Titan.

  98. Destiny Beauregard

    Destiny Beauregard6 kun oldin

    If I was in black butler I'm never leaving the room I can't handle the emotional trouma I'll straight up just cry

  99. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezy6 kun oldin

    One Piece would be the move.

  100. Tyler Brown

    Tyler Brown6 kun oldin

    Yo how have I not seen this yet? This bih gold

  101. M A D A R A

    M A D A R A6 kun oldin

    You have forgotten the naruto run 😡

  102. Isabel Franqui

    Isabel Franqui6 kun oldin

    What about Shaman king?

  103. Travis Smith

    Travis Smith6 kun oldin

    We're not gunna help u in .5 seconds I don't know 😂😂😂😂😂

  104. Phillip Ford

    Phillip Ford6 kun oldin

    😂😂😂 The one punch man got me dead

  105. Mark-Daniel Russell

    Mark-Daniel Russell6 kun oldin