On today's episode of back & forth we tackle the topic: who's the strongest Naruto characters?!
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  1. Kirk895

    Kirk89513 soat oldin

    Damn y’all were sleeping on obito heavy. He literally has the second most broken jutsu in all of Naruto. Minato only beat him cause obito was inexperienced and flying thunder god is literally the only counter to it.

  2. Kaleb Davis

    Kaleb Davis14 soat oldin

    The thumbnail made me wanna hurt someone

  3. jeremiah johnson

    jeremiah johnson16 soat oldin

    naruto didnt lose the tailed beast power💀

  4. Kanza

    KanzaKun oldin

    Sakura gets hella strong right at the end tbh. That byakugou seal is no joke

  5. TOthaknee

    TOthakneeKun oldin

    13:23 lmfaooooo

  6. Jess R.

    Jess R.Kun oldin

    Can't hear over the music. :(

  7. ALEX

    ALEX3 kun oldin

    Bro I’m starting to think that Jonathan the one who made this list hahaha.

  8. Hizzy

    Hizzy3 kun oldin

    Desmond look like a civil ass nigga

  9. yxurstruly

    yxurstruly4 kun oldin

    nah they straight up disrespected orochimaru

  10. I like making You uncomfortable

    I like making You uncomfortable4 kun oldin

    Anyone else notice the ville mentality from j Cole beat

  11. fl sd

    fl sd8 kun oldin

    john only 1 making sense rn

  12. corey Harris

    corey Harris9 kun oldin

    Background music is so unnecessary and loud

  13. Davy Mugire

    Davy Mugire9 kun oldin

    Jiraiya would be Minato because he trained him so he knows his weak points and his strong points

  14. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin

    Fuck naruto he ain’t shit he ain’t strong it’s all kurama he’s the true hero and protagonist of the story and by far the strongest

  15. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin

    Why is the music so fucking loud I can barely hear half of them

  16. Shaquan Johnson

    Shaquan Johnson9 kun oldin

    John be trolling like hell 😂😂

  17. Ace X

    Ace X10 kun oldin

    Did they say Tobirama is right under Hashirama Tobirama got beat by the gold & silver brothers Tobirama is overrated

  18. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin

    For your avatar you’re pretty done he had just got done fighting for god knows how long so he’s gonna be low on chakra and it wasn’t just the gold and silver brothers it was also like 20 S rank ninja

  19. AkamaruWitCloudEnvy

    AkamaruWitCloudEnvy11 kun oldin

    "Jiraiya starts the fight in toad's mouth"

  20. Barry Gabriel

    Barry Gabriel11 kun oldin

    I feel like ten til obito beats itachi

  21. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin


  22. Ali Ismael

    Ali Ismael11 kun oldin

    i think john just wants to go againsrt whatever u guys say

  23. Assassin- Ahmed76

    Assassin- Ahmed7612 kun oldin

    This list is bs

  24. Nerses Kuyumdzhyan

    Nerses Kuyumdzhyan12 kun oldin

    Yo Dms Kakashi fucking fingers Might Guy 8th gate. Like wtf is the homie Guy gon do against kamui

  25. Nerses Kuyumdzhyan

    Nerses Kuyumdzhyan9 kun oldin

    @Patrick Hovard Yah I did have you seen Dms Kakashi? The man is cracked asf! Susanoo Kakashi wins(if they both has no time restraints).

  26. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin

    ? You can Dodge kamui with with super high speed and teleportation and do u know how fucking fast the 8th gate makes you 8th gate guy bodies kakashi he bodies almost everyone in the show did you even read the manga or watch the show

  27. Isabellaa

    Isabellaa12 kun oldin

    Bro why is the music louder than

  28. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin

    Fr dog editor has gotten a lot better over the years

  29. Isabellaa

    Isabellaa12 kun oldin

    Y’all actually need to make a podcast put the show on Spotify and put in categories of what shows are you talking about

  30. youtubers drama

    youtubers drama13 kun oldin

    hashirama beat madara while he had the rinnegan but everything past 10tails form is stronger than hashirama

  31. Alex Fernald

    Alex Fernald13 kun oldin

    yo, the audio on this is terrible. Why is the music so much louder than the people I'm here to watch? Who tf is here to listen to some rando modern elevator music

  32. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin

    @Isabellaa it’s a lot better nowadays this was years ago

  33. Isabellaa

    Isabellaa12 kun oldin

    That’s why they actually need a podcast and actual Mic

  34. Jason Graham

    Jason Graham15 kun oldin

    Sasuke's father is a totally different kinda monster too

  35. Jason Graham

    Jason Graham9 kun oldin

    @Omari Jenkins 🤷🏾 I'm tell u bro

  36. Jason Graham

    Jason Graham9 kun oldin

    @Patrick Hovard Itachi even said the only person he was afraid to fight was his father and Itachi is up there

  37. Omari Jenkins

    Omari Jenkins9 kun oldin

    @Patrick Hovard thats true i cant be mad at that

  38. Jason Graham

    Jason Graham9 kun oldin

    @Patrick Hovard Bro he could have controlled the 9 tails.... how much ppl u know can do that

  39. Patrick Hovard

    Patrick Hovard9 kun oldin

    @Omari Jenkins yea exactly with him that’s why he shouldn’t even be considered for the list cuz there are so many colder characters we know more about

  40. Zakia Santos

    Zakia Santos15 kun oldin

    i think john was practicing his best skip bayless impression

  41. Kidwithdafro

    Kidwithdafro16 kun oldin

    he forgets that Madara had a rinnegan and HASHIRAMA CELLS. Hashirama has been beating Madera his whole life and needed the dna composition of his enemy to beat him.

  42. one tome plz

    one tome plz17 kun oldin

    Minato nife can teleport from anywhere any time any distance instantly

  43. Frosty

    Frosty17 kun oldin

    Sakura would one shot tobirama with ease, I hate sakura and I like tobirama but sakura in boruto is far above any hokage except naruto and hashirama

  44. one tome plz

    one tome plz17 kun oldin

    Hokage list 1 naruto 2 hashirama 3 tobirama 4 minato 5 kakashi 6 tunade 7 sarutobi I think tobirama and minato I think are interchangeable as for minato is slight fast (tobirama admits) and he has the rasengan and tobirama is just really good water style

  45. one tome plz

    one tome plz17 kun oldin

    Kakashi beat obito bro how u fina put him above

  46. one tome plz

    one tome plz17 kun oldin

    If ur looking at power naruto beats them all just cus well a lot of reason kuruma sage the son of 6 paths his Owen power everything makes a power cocktail and I am talking about last movie naruto cus like mf beat a dude who cut the moon in half witch takes about a fuck ton of power Edit: did not know they put the white pasta mfs otsoskabfk Idk how to spell it

  47. Parker

    Parker17 kun oldin

    I feel like Naruto never battled Sauske with ITK and Sauske STILL couldn’t win. Naruto always matched him instead of going full power.

  48. Ibrahim Camara

    Ibrahim Camara17 kun oldin

    I will put tobirama ahead of itachi and nagato

  49. Viper Gameplay

    Viper Gameplay17 kun oldin

    John is full of bad takes lmao


    BM UCHIHA17 kun oldin

    1. Madara 2. guy (mostly anyone who has 8 gates) 3. naruto 4. sasuke or hashirama 5. hashirama or sasuke 6. nagato 7. tobirama 8. obito 9. jiraiya 10. minato 11. itachi. 12. killer bee 13. 3rd raikage 14. shisui 15. kabuto top 15 (in my opinion)

  51. PapiOaktree

    PapiOaktree18 kun oldin

    Mark on some new shit this video.

  52. Markus Rivera

    Markus Rivera18 kun oldin

    Watching this in 2021 these niggas fits were all horrible 😭😭

  53. Ala2kDJ

    Ala2kDJ19 kun oldin

    It’s always that one friend (John)

  54. Itz_Ryugium

    Itz_Ryugium19 kun oldin

    I was disagreeing w John whole time

  55. YourBoyBean

    YourBoyBean19 kun oldin

    minato was run on sight that’s how cold he was that’s awful 😭

  56. Arconicx

    Arconicx19 kun oldin

    Bunch of dumb niggas saying madara didn’t get his powers when Naruto and Sasuke both were weak and got powers from hagoromo

  57. Alex Central

    Alex Central20 kun oldin

    I feel like obits and madara should be higher because obits had the most op kamoui in the whole series and madara was just a beast. Also how tf u put sage of six paths 4th 😂 bruh whoever made the list needs to actually watch naurto, it goes six paths sage, naurto,kaguya,madara,sasuke,obito,etc these should be the top 3.

  58. Alex Central

    Alex Central20 kun oldin

    And for all the sasuke fans that wanna come for me just remember sasuke jumped out from the sky got frozen in midair by madara and got stabbed and basically died 🤣

  59. Lo Mel

    Lo Mel22 kun oldin

    Simple, Naruto can go into Ashura mode again(his strongest state *minus baryon mode*) and sasuke can't go into his strongest state (Indra mode).

  60. The One and only

    The One and only23 kun oldin

    28:11 mark face😂😂

  61. Joakim Baba

    Joakim Baba25 kun oldin

    guy is not stronger than obito kakashi fought obito not just because he was his friend but because naruto can't handle that many at a time especially obitos power level

  62. Joakim Baba

    Joakim Baba7 kun oldin

    @Too Jayy but wasn't kakashi always above gai when they were kids

  63. Joakim Baba

    Joakim Baba7 kun oldin

    @Too Jayy I may have forgot that but doesn't kakashi have like six paths or something that he can only use at a limited time

  64. Too Jayy

    Too Jayy24 kun oldin

    @Joakim Baba easily he said it himself

  65. Joakim Baba

    Joakim Baba24 kun oldin

    @Too Jayy omg bro so your saying guy can beat kakashi

  66. Too Jayy

    Too Jayy24 kun oldin

    Gai would fucking decimate obito in 8 gate

  67. Snipertrey47

    Snipertrey4726 kun oldin

    RDC need to learn more grammer, or explain their point better, so that they dont confuse eachother and are able to get their point across more clearly . Because %80 of time yall are hoeing eachother because yall are not making sense or arnt using the correct terms . Just a thought .

  68. Tylor Garza

    Tylor Garza27 kun oldin

    Kaguya isn't the best because it's stated in one of the Sasuke novel's that Sasuke could bring down kaguya level threats himself

  69. Too Jayy

    Too Jayy24 kun oldin

    That dosent mean he can beat kaguya

  70. bar glizz

    bar glizz28 kun oldin

    y’all sleep on kakashi🤦🏾‍♂️

  71. dre jackson

    dre jackson29 kun oldin

    Jonathan sounds dumb asf bro he my least favorite tbh

  72. Woodchuck Nation

    Woodchuck Nation29 kun oldin

    Who else thought the audio was bad or just me

  73. Yionbot

    YionbotOy oldin

    They definitely sleeping on Obito Kamui is op and he has hashirama cells🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  74. MIKE 876

    MIKE 876Oy oldin

    Nah you this thumbnail is all wrong

  75. Hunter Tacut-Carrero

    Hunter Tacut-CarreroOy oldin

    Kaguya a way better end fight, madara would have not even touched naruto and sasuke. Should have built up kaguya more then

  76. We Lit

    We LitOy oldin

    Jump to the point. The whole title is just disrespectful

  77. Kol Snowden

    Kol SnowdenOy oldin

    Bruh not even 3 mins into the video and johns already capping 🤣🤣

  78. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    Gaara's sand still moves on it's own after he lost Shukaku, it's his mom's spirit protecting him.

  79. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    8th gate Guy stomps anyone in the Naruto verse. 19:51 because plot... It seems like if he's opened a gate before he can jump straight to it, hence why during the 4th great ninja war he jumped straight to the 7th, he had never used the 8th gate before so he opened the 7th then the 8th.

  80. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    I say: 1. Guy 2. Kaguya 3. Naruto 4. Sasuke 5. Hashirama 6 Madara Naruto is stronger than Sasuke and Hashirama is stronger than Madara, I don't know how people don't see that. Boruto hoe'd my niggas though.

  81. michael H

    michael HOy oldin

    Naruto was throwing bijuu infused rasenshuriken at Sasuke like ten at a time “he was holding back to not hurt him” okay lol

  82. Kol Snowden

    Kol SnowdenOy oldin

    Bro naruto is way fkn stronger then sasuke, he gets even more stronger then him after their fight because he gets the other half of kurama and a new arm while sasuke just gets weaker because he doesn't have the tailed beast absorbed chakra anymore, if we had to scale their strength out of 10 sasuke would be like a 7/10 and naruto being like a 12/10 🤣

  83. Kite tenjo

    Kite tenjoOy oldin

    naah bruh i don't think the 3rd can beat tsunade or sakura after the hundered healing jutsu plus i still dunno why is sakura on this listshe would in the top to of the hidden leaf but over all wtf

  84. EGG J.R.

    EGG J.R.Oy oldin

    We all know that one John…

  85. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin


  86. Dante Bent

    Dante BentOy oldin

    18:50 thats not how animes work, they wait for people to power up/transform. Come on guys

  87. Dante Bent

    Dante BentOy oldin

    @DreamySteezy exactly, I've never seen an anime where they ended anything quickly unless its a flex fight lol

  88. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    Exactly lol, like yeah Guy could've ended the war early if he wanted to but he's not the MC so ofc he didn't do that.

  89. Dante Bent

    Dante BentOy oldin

    Was this a leaf village top 20 or a naruto top 20 i am confused because I haven't seen any other kages

  90. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    These lists on these websites are always dumb lol

  91. CTB POP

    CTB POPOy oldin

    Itachi wouldn’t have died if he wasn’t sick frm using his jutsu second he allowed sasuke 2 kill him

  92. CTB POP

    CTB POPOy oldin

    Sasuke said naruto was stronger den him n baruto

  93. David Meraz

    David MerazOy oldin

    he never said that he only said that naruto beat him in there last match but in power they tied

  94. William Voss

    William VossOy oldin

    Music too louddd

  95. RazorGames

    RazorGamesOy oldin

    Maybe power scaling isn't your thing

  96. SwS_ Saucy2k

    SwS_ Saucy2kOy oldin

    nigga almost 90% of naruto can beat tsunade

  97. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    Hell nah, she's a legendary sannin for a reason, she's super power when she uses the 100 healings.

  98. SwS_ Saucy2k

    SwS_ Saucy2kOy oldin

    who tf make this list

  99. F Ram

    F RamOy oldin

    Damn I can hardly hear them over the music

  100. Islâm Gazi

    Islâm GaziOy oldin

    Even asking this question is insulting

  101. Ashu Mishra

    Ashu MishraOy oldin

    Sakura is a bitch

  102. Dan The Man

    Dan The ManOy oldin

    Itachi can not beat obito idgaf

  103. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    @Dan The Man again, Obito also had kamui so Obito could counter Kakashi's kamui yet they were equally matched. Also, what could Obito do against Itachi's genjutsu, amateratsu, Susano'o, etc. By the logic you're trying to use not even Kaguya could beat Obito because she doesn't have kamui lol, hell Minato found out how to counter kamui after a few seconds of fighting Obito and Itachi and Minato are in the same range of intelligence. Also Itachi was as fast as Kurama link mode Naruto during their fight during the 4th great ninja war so you're wrong about him being too slow to keep up with Obito and his kamui.

  104. Dan The Man

    Dan The ManOy oldin

    @DreamySteezy cause kakashi has something against kamui and itachi doesnt simple hes also not fast enough to dodge it and counter like minato so what is he gonna do about it

  105. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    @Dan The Man Kakashi and Obito both had one part of kamui so Kakashi was not at an advantage, their MS abilities were perfect counters to each other, and having the same ability they were still evenly matched. If you knew anything about power scaling you'd know that ( Itachi> Kakashi) + (Kakashi= Obito) = ( Itachi> Obito). It's not that hard to understand, how is Obito more powerful than Itachi when he's not even more powerful than Kakashi who we know is weaker than Itachi lmao.

  106. Dan The Man

    Dan The ManOy oldin

    @DreamySteezy kakashi was not on par with obito in the war their fight was pretty much taijutsu only and kakashi also had kamui which was the perfect counter for obitos strongest ability which itachi doesnt have so yeah obito>>>>itachi in terms of power

  107. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    Kakashi couldn't beat Itachi, Kakashi was on par with Obito during the 4th great ninja war before Obito became the ten tails jinchuriki. Itachi> Obito.

  108. Chaze Benson

    Chaze BensonOy oldin

    1st half of the fight naruto wasnt trying to kill but what happened in the first half? naruto was getting his sheet rocked. then he realized i gotta go all out and it started to lead towards a draw

  109. Bbern Lich

    Bbern LichOy oldin

    i agree with mark about itachi especially in his prime.

  110. Fearless_zoro -

    Fearless_zoro -Oy oldin

    As soon as I read the thumbnail I knew it was CAP 😂😂😂

  111. Pierce Sharma

    Pierce SharmaOy oldin

    Sage of six paths is stronger than kagyua he got the ten tails after defeating her and was on another level.

  112. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin

    It took him and his brother months to defeat her together lol

  113. MonsAK

    MonsAKOy oldin

    He only beat her with the help of hamura and barely

  114. Komodo Kamado

    Komodo KamadoOy oldin

    Leland was STRESSIN

  115. Terrance Green

    Terrance GreenOy oldin

    lmao Desmond was just there.

  116. DreamySteezy

    DreamySteezyOy oldin


  117. Xd Fruitshoott

    Xd FruitshoottOy oldin

    Obito six path form

  118. Yousuckatcookingg

    YousuckatcookinggOy oldin

    Mark looking confidently at the camera while saying the dumbest shit is just everything.

  119. GruntGrinch

    GruntGrinch19 kun oldin

    Lol fr

  120. Yousuckatcookingg

    YousuckatcookinggOy oldin

    It's like y'all didn't even watch the show.🤦

  121. SHR3D_NUKE

    SHR3D_NUKEOy oldin

    I know this video old but saskue can’t beat pain

  122. Landon The Shinobi

    Landon The ShinobiOy oldin

    This dude watches sub. Imagine watching sub in a show that’s better dubbed

  123. Landon The Shinobi

    Landon The ShinobiOy oldin

    @awasdq I’m just playin with you I think they are equal

  124. Landon The Shinobi

    Landon The ShinobiOy oldin

    @awasdq I was just sayin bruh I admitted you were right lol

  125. awasdq

    awasdqOy oldin

    @Landon The Shinobi no one cares. bruh

  126. Landon The Shinobi

    Landon The ShinobiOy oldin

    @DreamySteezy bro I’m sorry I said dub was better I went back and watched my favorite fights in sub and it’s better than sub

  127. Landon The Shinobi

    Landon The ShinobiOy oldin

    @awasdq bro I am so sorry for hating on sub I just went back and watched all my favorite fights in sub and they are so much better than dub lmao

  128. Ramin Aliyev

    Ramin AliyevOy oldin


  129. Ruben Truddaiu

    Ruben TruddaiuOy oldin

    music is too loud

  130. JF _1R

    JF _1ROy oldin

    My number 1: Ramen guy

  131. Blockboy DT

    Blockboy DTOy oldin

    Yall be hoeing John man he be having some good analysis but he don't kno how to present it in debate form

  132. InsanoIbro

    InsanoIbroOy oldin

    Sakura speedblitzes Tobirama and 90% of shippuden.

  133. InsanoIbro

    InsanoIbroOy oldin

    @awasdq no she's not

  134. awasdq

    awasdqOy oldin

    she slow af wym

  135. Nathan Lee

    Nathan LeeOy oldin

    Bro the way Leland ran off 😂 29:45

  136. Superdanvann

    SuperdanvannOy oldin

    Madara had rinnegan in his “first life” he was just old

  137. KoolAid Flavas

    KoolAid FlavasOy oldin

    Aye but boruto Sakura is hella strong she kept up with uchihas

  138. KoolAid Flavas

    KoolAid FlavasOy oldin

    Dude if guy is usin 8 gates he can bust out of toads mouth bruh.... 7 gates can bust out of toads mouth. Itachi bust out of toads mouth

  139. KoolAid Flavas

    KoolAid FlavasOy oldin

    Ok but can itachi beat shisui

  140. D1 Smith

    D1 SmithOy oldin

    These dudes really disrespect minato’s name. they literally called him the most powerful hokage ever before naruto became hokage

  141. Yousif Mohsin

    Yousif MohsinOy oldin

    Madara was alive the entire time

  142. Brandon Charles

    Brandon CharlesOy oldin

    Hagaromo? Hamura? They took down Kaguya with the 10 tails.