On this episode of Back & Forth we put the top anime of both old & new school head to head! Who do you think made it through?
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  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld12 oy oldin

    I know it’s back and forth but 50k likes is the goal! And what should be the next topic? Also was this a good topic?

  2. Angelo Barrera

    Angelo Barrera11 kun oldin

    Is naruto still in the ultimate genjutsu by obito/madara and the rest was his imagination🤔🤔🤔

  3. Joseph Tatum-Green

    Joseph Tatum-Green16 kun oldin

    just wanted to name off a couple animates I'd really love for you all to check out dermachi or also known as is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon it's pretty f****** amazing and I don't think it's just me I feel like it has a pretty heavy fan base I'm really good storyline so my character development still waiting to find out some details on some on the main character but overall they they box you know they they fight they do it all you know like a little bit of this little bit of that definitely worth the check out reincarnated as a slime that my dudes is epic okay it's it's on a season right now it's about over I think I believe it's the third or fourth season and boy let me tell you it is phenomenal s*** is going down it's character development is out of this world every character is you know very thorough you know very in-depth on that and it's just amazing to see the collection of characters that have a mask literally the main character starts his own City Town country whatever you want to call it of monsters you know it's it's really good I can't even speak enough on overlord okay it's just that good

  4. Ferdinand Halim

    Ferdinand Halim19 kun oldin

    You guys should watch Gintama, its hella underrated, best shonen of all time imo, shogun assassination arc is a masterpiece.

  5. iAm Beasty

    iAm Beasty21 kun oldin

    Hear me side characters in anime orrr the realest anime characters as in most loyal

  6. Marrell God

    Marrell God25 kun oldin

    I would like jujutsu kaisen vs boruto

  7. Cza Emeritus

    Cza Emeritus6 soat oldin

    Yashahime actually lit

  8. Flameboy2kxl

    Flameboy2kxl17 soat oldin

    I can just imagine if they made one piece in 200 episodes 8 season

  9. Flameboy2kxl

    Flameboy2kxl17 soat oldin

    Remember: read the boruto manga because anime sucks

  10. RTG Abdi

    RTG AbdiKun oldin

    New gen anime have crazy potential to be better than old gen

  11. Kidd Von

    Kidd Von4 kun oldin

    They need to do twitch podcast talking about anime

  12. Hove 201

    Hove 2015 kun oldin

    AoT is trash based off the ending alone lol

  13. Baguvix

    Baguvix6 kun oldin

    Naruto is better than AOT. Naruto is a masterpiece

  14. ASMR Wally

    ASMR Wally6 kun oldin

    Naruto literally ruins the watching experience of other anime because its good.. just be thankful it wasn't paced correctly or else it would be too good

  15. YoursTrulyGreat

    YoursTrulyGreat6 kun oldin

    Y’all act like it’s not called Naruto: Boruto next Generation. Boruto would beat the shit outta naruto

  16. Sean

    Sean7 kun oldin

    AOT > Narufiller

  17. Swoomie

    Swoomie5 kun oldin

    Not after that ending 😂. Naruto > Attack on Trash

  18. Mitchell Mobley

    Mitchell Mobley8 kun oldin

    I think they nailed it. That's my problem with newer/shorter vs. older/longer. Old stuff yes it was slower but BECAUSE it was slower and there was a lot of filler it was more like life. You were given extra situations and experiences with the characters that you'd never get if they rushed the story along. I ride heavy with the straw hats because I was there since day one and I've seen that slow progression in their story so when something happens it hits different. Same with any other longer anime. More episodes means more material means more time to build an attachment.

  19. Pocholo Velasco

    Pocholo Velasco10 kun oldin

    If anyone here is looking for manga to read. Here's my reccomendation: •Gantz •Ajin •OPM

  20. Pranj03 Cn

    Pranj03 Cn10 kun oldin

    story+ plot- aot> naruto worldbuilding- aot> naruto main character- aot> naruto side characters- naruto> aot antagonists- naruto> aot emotions- naruto> aot fights- naruto> aot anyone disagreeing is defying facts

  21. wonder women

    wonder women12 kun oldin

    Next back and forth:coldest anime characters-number one gotta be Levi

  22. Rexvz Live

    Rexvz Live9 kun oldin

    i like levi hes one of my fav charachters but nah he not close to number 1 bro

  23. Zeptiik FuzionZ

    Zeptiik FuzionZ12 kun oldin

    New anime but ain’t mention demon slayer?Wtf

  24. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott13 kun oldin

    Inuyasha is my favorite anime also!!! And I must say that Yashahime is a disgrace and I wish it never exist🙄

  25. Eric Jackson

    Eric Jackson13 kun oldin

    Being old doesn’t make it the best

  26. Abdirahman Ahmed

    Abdirahman Ahmed14 kun oldin

    I got into naruto and Finnished it within 21 days that shit was immaculate

  27. Abdirahman Ahmed

    Abdirahman Ahmed4 kun oldin

    @liloreo 28 Yh, both

  28. liloreo 28

    liloreo 2811 kun oldin

    OG naruto AND shippuden??

  29. Grizzle 9

    Grizzle 915 kun oldin

    Back & forth ranking strongest villains or the best villains ? Who down for that

  30. that kid draws?

    that kid draws?15 kun oldin

    Old anime is way better.

  31. notsofamouscari

    notsofamouscari16 kun oldin

    the thing about breaks did not age well😹😹😹

  32. Joseph Tatum-Green

    Joseph Tatum-Green16 kun oldin

    Reborn as a slime

  33. Joseph Tatum-Green

    Joseph Tatum-Green16 kun oldin

    Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon

  34. Simbi Chideya

    Simbi Chideya17 kun oldin

    10:20 Desmond is hilarious bruh 🤣🤣

  35. Razer Snake

    Razer Snake18 kun oldin

    Oh I thought you meant strength wise if it is strength wise naruto wins

  36. Corby Trego

    Corby Trego18 kun oldin

    I want y’all to keep that same Boruto energy now that shit getting good now

  37. RTG Abdi

    RTG AbdiKun oldin

    “This new episode will break the internet” *every other week*

  38. DonDay The 4th

    DonDay The 4th18 kun oldin

    This is for sure how the homies talk about anime 😂 y’all been on point for years

  39. Jerry Paz

    Jerry Paz19 kun oldin

    99' Hunter X Hunter vs 11' Hunter X Hunter. Also, top 5 samurai's? Would ya put Kenshin or Afro 1st? Or even Gintama or Champloo? P.S. I went 33 episode in on Boruto....trash!! Older anime is edgier than newer anime. Newer anime is flashier.

  40. X.X

    X.X19 kun oldin

    Only veteran anime watchers can watch this vide

  41. Whyyou lookin at my name lame asss nigg

    Whyyou lookin at my name lame asss nigg20 kun oldin

    To get a break from niggas getting they ass whooped in shows OPM is a masterpiece

  42. T.woods

    T.woods20 kun oldin

    Where my nigga av?

  43. Chan Star

    Chan Star20 kun oldin

    Old anime, vampire d, blood, 8 man after, ghost and the shell, karas...

  44. evanstavarus

    evanstavarus20 kun oldin

    That boy said 17 was playing Animal Crossing the whole time 😂😂😂. I'm dead.

  45. tsuki no ONI

    tsuki no ONI20 kun oldin

    Yashahime was not good and neither was super

  46. Philip Blackwell

    Philip Blackwell20 kun oldin

    @RDCworld1 i got put on AoT few months back and it was well worth it. So I got put on Anime late. I binged cowboy bebop, a couple of Netflix made Animé. What should I watch next?

  47. Philip Blackwell

    Philip Blackwell20 kun oldin

    @TallicaMan1986 seen animatrix, and street fighter II would be too predictable for me to watch. Never heard of blood vampire, I looked up the berserk movies. All three look like they'll be good. Good looks

  48. TallicaMan1986

    TallicaMan198620 kun oldin

    Berserk 1997 anime then the movies. Ninja Scroll Afro Samurai Basilisk Animatrix Street Fighter II Blood The Last Vampire Keep in Mind that Berserk anime is absolutely nowhere near complete and it will never be complete and they altered the manga slightly to make the story shorter. It's also one of the only animes/mangas that surpasses AoT in terms of story writing and it's themes as well as characters. Once you've read Berserk. There ain't nothing higher.

  49. Overrated230

    Overrated23021 kun oldin

    Attack on titan cant fuck with naruto

  50. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez20 kun oldin

    Yea you trippin

  51. your mom

    your mom21 kun oldin

    bruh this show needs to be called John vs RDC bc i swear y'all be ganging up on my boy lmao


    RASSASSIN 722 kun oldin

    Yo rdc, yall really got to get proper microphones for each of yall cuz its hard as hell to understand half the things u sayin. Would love to listen to this like a podcast but yall low budget af on mics

  53. Walter Johnson

    Walter Johnson22 kun oldin

    Aot is 100 times better than Naruto shippuden. No recency bias. Part 1 better than shippuden but aot still better

  54. Rhahim Gregoria

    Rhahim Gregoria9 kun oldin


  55. UltimateDailga12

    UltimateDailga1222 kun oldin

    They should probably watch boruto and give it a chance. Definitely not better than naruto but boruto using technology and shi but that was a while ago. And regarding Yashahime, a lot of people cutting that anime too but we just gotta wait it out and let the story/characters develop in these new animes

  56. Synxy

    Synxy22 kun oldin


  57. Mr. N

    Mr. N22 kun oldin

    A good topic would be most related anime minuses slice of life

  58. tex ervin

    tex ervin22 kun oldin

    What about assassination classroom lmao 🤣

  59. Ozair ahmed

    Ozair ahmed22 kun oldin

    Everyone talking about how godly AOT's story and world building is but noone talking about the true goat One Piece.

  60. Pranj03 Cn

    Pranj03 Cn10 kun oldin

    @TallicaMan1986 88% ppl who read one piece are adults. Kids cant read 1,000 chapters lmao

  61. TallicaMan1986

    TallicaMan198620 kun oldin

    One Piece is the goat if you're 12 years old.

  62. Pablo Castaneda

    Pablo Castaneda23 kun oldin

    I feel like this is an important discussion but I don’t want to know which one is better. They will both be my favorite. But honestly Naruto was more important to my life.

  63. IDL- FRESH

    IDL- FRESH23 kun oldin

    i just rewatched super again and honestly super is good some stuff dont make sense like i agree with how android 17 can keep up with goku blue suddenly that shit makes no sense but super is better than alot of shoes

  64. Brandon Adams

    Brandon Adams23 kun oldin

    The dude on the right is a real G. I assume all anime is bad until it proves itself good. Not going to lie my gf hates that, but I am the way I am and it’s lead me to success so far

  65. Sedrick Santiago

    Sedrick Santiago23 kun oldin

    This was a dope video

  66. Sedrick Santiago

    Sedrick Santiago23 kun oldin

    Y’all tweakin on John give my nigga a break!

  67. Sedrick Santiago

    Sedrick Santiago23 kun oldin

    I really like these longer podcast type videos , y’all cool just doing regular shit too

  68. Bleaui i

    Bleaui i23 kun oldin

    Honestly, they really should make a IRL anime that they perform. Anime house is like that, like I really enjoy that, but if they made they own characters and story that'd be cool as hell.

  69. Wacko

    Wacko23 kun oldin

    10:16 back and forth? Nah *all at once*

  70. Wacko

    Wacko23 kun oldin

    John smoking on that anime pack 😭

  71. Abdul Khan

    Abdul Khan23 kun oldin

    tbf dbs broly and the new manga arcs saved dbs

  72. Tony Spriggs

    Tony Spriggs24 kun oldin

    honestly its trash tbh

  73. Tony Spriggs

    Tony Spriggs24 kun oldin

    boruto is trash compared to naruto

  74. Ajee Carr

    Ajee Carr24 kun oldin

    AOT gives you what you need; Naruto makes you wait 6 seasons

  75. Ozair ahmed

    Ozair ahmed17 kun oldin

    @Deogracias Kizenga one piece is hands down my favourite anime- always delivers and the wait is always worth it: good plot, story, characters, fights and even the flashbacks are amazing. People complain about the length but i miss the binging days lmao

  76. Ozair ahmed

    Ozair ahmed22 kun oldin

    I seriously dont know why u hating on Naruto pacing im assuming you've never watched a long anime. There's multiple arcs and each delivered.

  77. Ozair ahmed

    Ozair ahmed22 kun oldin

    Everyone watching season 4 waiting for something to happen lmao...

  78. Koolaid Andrew

    Koolaid Andrew24 kun oldin

    Yall should do a anime arc back and forth

  79. Noah Atkins

    Noah Atkins24 kun oldin

    Liked and subbed when they started talking about black clover. Fucking love it.

  80. Asianeyes007

    Asianeyes00724 kun oldin

    I can definitely foresee an upcoming anime house episode where it’s focused entirely on this topic itself 😂💯✊ OG vs New anime arc for anime house

  81. Yisroel

    Yisroel24 kun oldin

    IF we are talking about old and new anime, what is one piece? It falls in the old catagory but its ongoing, meaning its also in the new catagory? sooooo....

  82. Marquice Scriven

    Marquice Scriven24 kun oldin

    In Manga, Boruto is the highest seller. Over DBS. Just let that sink in.....

  83. MaltySalty

    MaltySalty24 kun oldin

    Gonna be totally honest. I understood like 60% of all that shit. Some people are just so much louder then others. people be talking over each other and it just all becomes one sound. Y'all need separate mics.

  84. Alex S

    Alex S24 kun oldin

    Damn, LEland and Desmond taking a beating in the hairline department. Yall gotta get that rogain working soon before yall go full lebron


    GODZILLA BEAT KONG25 kun oldin

    We watch boruto because: Naruto,Sasuke,boroshiki,kawaki,Jigen, code,and future Team 7

  86. Depressed 4rl

    Depressed 4rl25 kun oldin

    Idk what it is about watching African Americans talk about anime like professionals but i like it

  87. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger25 kun oldin

    Attack On Titan just hits different

  88. 16tkd1

    16tkd126 kun oldin

    Naruto is so complex, that’s why it’s so great,

  89. Wolfster Ro3

    Wolfster Ro326 kun oldin

    I literally just finished the third one but I got to watch again to find what was exactly said

  90. Wolfster Ro3

    Wolfster Ro326 kun oldin

    Don’t forget about the back and forth idea that was brought up in back and forth 3

  91. Kesai Herrera

    Kesai Herrera26 kun oldin

    they needa make this a podcast

  92. Jeremy Browand

    Jeremy Browand26 kun oldin

    "Old Anime like Naruto" ... that cuts deep man. Old Anime like naruto .... damnit guys. Am I old?

  93. Gerod Brown

    Gerod Brown26 kun oldin

    mark really jus be on john case for no reason🤣😂

  94. Brian Griffin ASMR

    Brian Griffin ASMR26 kun oldin

    Tbh the age doesn’t matter, it’s literally if it’s just good or not. And in my opinion, Naruto is just goated, from the music to the actual action and the story.

  95. YeezyGold

    YeezyGold26 kun oldin

    One piece is best Anime ever 😉

  96. bw for DL

    bw for DL26 kun oldin

    im tired so I can't remember his name but the dude on the far left has my chair

  97. bw for DL

    bw for DL26 kun oldin

    Title = HELL NO

  98. Kid Raijin

    Kid Raijin26 kun oldin

    Naruto Peaked at Part 1, things went downhill after Pain. Attack on Titan S3 > All of Naruto Shippuden

  99. Kid Raijin

    Kid Raijin25 kun oldin

    @James Thomas You know it’s true

  100. James Thomas

    James Thomas25 kun oldin

    Kid stfu

  101. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando26 kun oldin

    How could you even say korra is good? It wasn't even good in the first place.

  102. Jet P

    Jet P26 kun oldin

    Jujutsu Kaisen is definitely better than old naruto

  103. Euripides The Playwright

    Euripides The Playwright26 kun oldin

    Yu yu hakusho ftw

  104. Mystic Jason

    Mystic Jason27 kun oldin

    Super is sheep

  105. Lin _6x

    Lin _6x27 kun oldin

    Atot is the goat

  106. spacetime

    spacetime27 kun oldin

    Audio quality trash af. Yall niggas need to work on that audio part of the video now. Go Podcast wit dis fa reall.

  107. King Fog

    King Fog27 kun oldin

    Naruto got good first 2 ep rouni kenchen yu yu hakusho took like13

  108. King Fog

    King Fog27 kun oldin

    @M Billa it caught your attention but it ain’t really start moving till the yukina arc

  109. M Billa

    M Billa27 kun oldin

    Did you see the first episode of yu yu hakusho? It was great from ep 1

  110. marcus burns

    marcus burns28 kun oldin

    I love how everyone got their own gamer chair.

  111. Zerks

    Zerks28 kun oldin


  112. クリ -KuriGohan and Kamehameha

    クリ -KuriGohan and Kamehameha28 kun oldin

    OLD? 😭

  113. Hotpockets06

    Hotpockets0629 kun oldin

    Back and forth should just be a podcast honestly!

  114. Shawn O'Connell

    Shawn O'Connell29 kun oldin

    Where did he get that Nike hoodie from I need one

  115. kevin thiyagaseelan

    kevin thiyagaseelan29 kun oldin

    The black clover part had me dying cuz it's so true

  116. Jay H

    Jay HOy oldin

    Naruto is easily one of my favorite animes of all time (not saying it's the best anime, but my favorite). But Boruto is supposed to be different. It has a different atmosphere and initially seems less serious than Naruto because these kids aren't growing up in a time of war like the Naruto show was. It's definitely not better than Naruto, but it's had some major moments and what it's building to is MAJOR and will have some HUGE implications for the overall Naruto lore. I just hate when people say that Boruto is trash just because it's cool to say it's trash. Those who enjoy the lore of Naruto would really benefit from the Boruto storyline as it continues to develop.

  117. Jakari

    Jakari27 kun oldin

    don’t care

  118. LexCartier72

    LexCartier72Oy oldin

    If this wasn’t rip headphones users this would be a great podcast 😂

  119. Lord Trini

    Lord TriniOy oldin

    Love these vids, y’all should do best anime antagonist and top 5 sorry anime lol

  120. PotHead Music

    PotHead MusicOy oldin

    HA! my favorite Anime is One Piece its old and new

  121. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph JoestarOy oldin

    Honestly it depends on which old anime and which new anime Ur talking about for example boruto is the worst new anime I know but Dr stone is decent


    xBLACK SAVAGExOy oldin

    I dont think the argument about frieza power boost is completely fair. To a point yes only for how long hes been able to maintain the god level of strength but goku went got mode because of some quickly thought up saiyan legend, and that shit got ate up by everybody including yall. Z is better for many reasons, super definitely has better pacing but they also got lazy with development because over overzealous decisions to please the community that so desperately wanted the show to come back and continue. All in all I love them both.


    xBLACK SAVAGExOy oldin

    Desmond funny as fuck bro.


    xBLACK SAVAGExOy oldin

    Mark's face when John said yea I do at 7:20 I'm weak but yea john smoking something negative. That nigha is 'Light'. Yall beta watch out🤣😂