How Basketball be in Anime: Kobe Episode

This is the episode of Kobe in Basketball and Anime! Today is Kobe’s Birthday and we didn’t post this on youtube a while back so we’re putting up now! Like, Comment, and Tag 3 friends


  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld17 oy oldin

    I know a lot of you may have seen this video! but it’s Kobe’s birthday and we hadn’t posted this on youtube so here it is! happy birthday Kobe 💜💛

  2. noah brown

    noah brown18 kun oldin

    Happy birtday kobe and rip kobe too

  3. SSJ4 Springy

    SSJ4 Springy21 kun oldin

    @wylxnd get out

  4. Oar

    Oar22 kun oldin

    Damn rip

  5. Anesu Pasipanodya

    Anesu Pasipanodya29 kun oldin

  6. BigBangBeyblade

    BigBangBeybladeOy oldin

    Up kobe

  7. Crizzy X HardCore

    Crizzy X HardCore5 soat oldin

    1:02 his face😭😭😭😭😭

  8. ๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛

    ๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛7 kun oldin

    Kobe scored more points than the dudes from KnB. Let that sink in

  9. Yatharth Washnik

    Yatharth Washnik9 kun oldin

    Spends the whole game thinking. At the end : It's too late

  10. Mr. Rhythm

    Mr. Rhythm9 kun oldin

    K...Korbe Bryanto


    D.T.R PRODUCTION10 kun oldin

    It’s called bounce Desmond 😂😂😂he talking about “How, it can’t be “ lmao

  12. M Crichlo

    M Crichlo10 kun oldin

    You know someone is too nice, when you don’t even play defense and all you can do is watch in amazement

  13. Ans Hakim

    Ans Hakim10 kun oldin

    Is the background music is from hxh

  14. DragonSin Uzumaki

    DragonSin Uzumaki12 kun oldin

    The world has gone to complete shit since Kobe left 😓

  15. Tyriek Rush

    Tyriek Rush12 kun oldin

    Still by far one of the funniest

  16. reality

    reality12 kun oldin

    kurokos basketball :)

  17. Spikelux

    Spikelux12 kun oldin

    Kuroko No Basket Fans know this all too well

  18. Drill Re-uploader

    Drill Re-uploader12 kun oldin

    So accurate

  19. Miguel Pires

    Miguel Pires13 kun oldin

    RIP kobe



    Hey guys I am learning about new cultures and references ... Someone can pls tell me what does GOAT means pls

  21. caozly

    caozly15 kun oldin

    This is an good episode, but eh it feels like an trailer. Y,know but according to the manga I already know this bout to be good

  22. Demon King Badger

    Demon King Badger15 kun oldin

    Kobe doesnt do pass.

  23. Rogelio Nunez

    Rogelio Nunez16 kun oldin

    Notice how this video a min but it feels so much longer than that yaknow u watching anime when that happens

  24. Akmal Danial

    Akmal Danial16 kun oldin

    What's the name of the font for the subtitles?

  25. Mane

    Mane17 kun oldin

    No choice. Gotta break his legs.

  26. Heaven Wa-Mwamba

    Heaven Wa-Mwamba18 kun oldin

    i thought i saw Mikey Williams for a sec lmao.

  27. savage complex

    savage complex18 kun oldin

    Find out what happens next on basketball z

  28. noah brown

    noah brown18 kun oldin

    Mamba for life

  29. Aiden Barr

    Aiden Barr19 kun oldin

    Kuroko Basketball style

  30. jeniel cross

    jeniel cross19 kun oldin


  31. Keyaru

    Keyaru20 kun oldin

    Baki basketball

  32. Justin Stephens

    Justin Stephens20 kun oldin

    Nothing to say just, 😂 😂 😂

  33. A

    A20 kun oldin

    I need ESPN to be just this from now on.

  34. Poetic Writer

    Poetic Writer20 kun oldin

    The only thing that was missing was him sweating nervously😂

  35. paul seyi

    paul seyi20 kun oldin


  36. Candace Grace

    Candace Grace20 kun oldin

    Hahahaha Koroko's Basketball 😂😂

  37. Aaron lol

    Aaron lol21 kun oldin

    thought that was mikey

  38. HulkVahkiin

    HulkVahkiin22 kun oldin

    This is too accurate

  39. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha22 kun oldin

    The Black Mamba reincarnated

  40. Insomaniac

    Insomaniac22 kun oldin

    Literally the GOATS!

  41. Canti

    Canti22 kun oldin


  42. Shafo

    Shafo22 kun oldin

    Looking like Vegeta talking about Broly.

  43. Baby starscream Juice

    Baby starscream Juice22 kun oldin


  44. Derick Agyemang Badu

    Derick Agyemang Badu22 kun oldin

    The manga was better.

  45. Ly Sokheng

    Ly Sokheng22 kun oldin

    Damn imagine they even add slow motion effect😂 100% like anime

  46. Johny No Way

    Johny No Way22 kun oldin

    This is just the 1st time they meet. After countless matches with side characters at most the protagonist faces off against his rival. But this time he learned frenship is magic. At the last quarter they are neck and neck. Last shot remains. Its a draw and rhe two become best frends possibly the rival joining the protagonist's team or sayng: We will finish next time we meet. The next time rival suffers an injury but keeps going cuz hes upset that protagonist is beating him. So... the rival breaks his ankle or arm.and the match ends in a large score for the protagonist cuz the rival was the only good and important player on his team. Meanwhile the protagonist had his entire team or at least 3 of them doing some special move. But at the end the rivals become best frends

  47. future hofer

    future hofer23 kun oldin

    "It's too late"... uhm yes, cause yo ass was out there daydreaming instead of playing defense smh

  48. Themba Ndiweni

    Themba Ndiweni23 kun oldin

    this just like kurokos basketball LOLLLL

  49. nilaxon prabakaran

    nilaxon prabakaran23 kun oldin

    This is kurokos basketball literally

  50. E

    E23 kun oldin

    Wait till he sees the protagonist unlock his hidden potential in the last minute of the game.

  51. XCAL 345

    XCAL 34523 kun oldin

    Nah..his childhood didn't flash infront of him

  52. yanyan zhang

    yanyan zhang24 kun oldin

    Inaccurate, there is something missing. Since the Kobe kid seems to be the main antagonist, you missed the “short kid gets up, wriggles his wrist and says ‘pas me the ball’” section.

  53. Ri Lu

    Ri Lu24 kun oldin


  54. Rat

    Rat25 kun oldin

    XD Now there is a Basketball Anime. I think this is pretty accurate

  55. Jonah

    Jonah26 kun oldin

    Aight he deffo watched Kuroko no basket

  56. Lyndberg Massena

    Lyndberg Massena27 kun oldin


  57. Hamo

    Hamo27 kun oldin

    Haaaa. It cant be

  58. Grace Milner

    Grace Milner28 kun oldin

    This is actually reasonable compared to the bull that is kuroko no basket

  59. Olyvier Monteau

    Olyvier Monteau28 kun oldin

    Kuruko no basket

  60. Willy Billy

    Willy Billy28 kun oldin

    The hunter hunter music slaps

  61. FiveN

    FiveN28 kun oldin

    ew it's dub

  62. Deon Joyner

    Deon Joyner29 kun oldin

    Lol. Everyone who had the misfortune to do the "Ball brother's" (and the center I can't remember the name of). Yes, that was they're real last name.

  63. GeneralAppeal

    GeneralAppeal29 kun oldin


  64. Happy Punk

    Happy PunkOy oldin

    Imma tell my kids this was Kuroko no basket 😂

  65. Krishna Grandhe

    Krishna GrandheOy oldin

    The guy hooping is Jaelyn Brooks, he goes to my school and he's a monster on the court

  66. Nataly Lately

    Nataly LatelyOy oldin


  67. Yo Pluto

    Yo PlutoOy oldin

    Kuroko Basketball

  68. Kush Renjen

    Kush RenjenOy oldin

    RIP Kobe 🐍🙏🏽

  69. Jordan Eversole

    Jordan EversoleOy oldin

    Forgot the games he bricked, bricked, and bricked too. People forget that about mj and Kobe tooo much

  70. Ronny Queso

    Ronny QuesoOy oldin

    Lol more of a James harden step back but great video!

  71. Chicken Tenders

    Chicken TendersOy oldin

    I like how my name is literally Kobe lol

  72. Shinto666

    Shinto666Oy oldin

    Wait, black people watch anime now? But they used to belittle it so much and make fun of people for watching it... Interesting.

  73. grunt leg peice

    grunt leg peice29 kun oldin

    -_- Black people have been watching anime for so long. Rdcworld made anime skits in 2014

  74. Astro Moon

    Astro MoonOy oldin

    The hunter x hunter music in the background tho

  75. Sakechia

    SakechiaOy oldin

    Cool tribute guys!

  76. LSMN47

    LSMN47Oy oldin

    Bring him an helicopter

  77. VanDan Tiffdev

    VanDan TiffdevOy oldin

    Haaahhh it can't be!!! 🤣😂😂

  78. Run God Forrest Gump Russian

    Run God Forrest Gump RussianOy oldin

    I never seen this video so I’m happy

  79. holly polly

    holly pollyOy oldin

    "That fade away... No, it can't be. Jordan?!"

  80. Anthony Preciado

    Anthony PreciadoOy oldin

    These guys do a better job of adapting anime into their scripts than Netflix does with movies

  81. OneThing

    OneThingOy oldin

    You forgot the slow motion ball going into the basket

  82. Eric Alfon

    Eric AlfonOy oldin

    10 peoples? So his teammates and his coach decide to join the fray to guard him.

  83. PrinceBtheOriginal

    PrinceBtheOriginalOy oldin

    Like Kobe: The Anime (NOT simply a Like Mike reboot)

  84. Sante Saruayjirawat

    Sante SaruayjirawatOy oldin


  85. koonteriskool

    koonteriskoolOy oldin

    He's going for 81! (scouter explodes due to power level being too high).

  86. ibrahim zahid

    ibrahim zahidOy oldin

    Dying laughing 🤣



    Helicopter go brrr!!


    FLY HIGH. HIGHER!Oy oldin

    Him saying “ black mamba” highkey reminded me of “ white mamba” gray yeon from the webtoon weak hero.

  89. Fizzlebeef

    FizzlebeefOy oldin

    Dame that was more fire than that helicopter crash

  90. Bayardo Marin

    Bayardo MarinOy oldin

    Kobe no Basket o:

  91. peepee poopoo

    peepee poopooOy oldin

    its just a practice match

  92. OniichanNoBaka

    OniichanNoBakaOy oldin

    He's like "that one side character" who explain everything that happens in a fight SPEEDWAGONN

  93. Anesu Pasipanodya

    Anesu Pasipanodya29 kun oldin

  94. B Man

    B ManOy oldin

    It's too late for what?

  95. Ollie

    OllieOy oldin

    Yall be sleeping on Kurokos Basketball

  96. donnesbp

    donnesbpOy oldin

    Hahaha, nice vid. I just missed the "Could this be....." part 😂

  97. Scott Abbott

    Scott AbbottOy oldin

    that last dunk should've been 3 maybe 4 still frames for an authentic anime style

  98. xDead Existence

    xDead ExistenceOy oldin

    Making me wanna watch a sports anime lol

  99. Frey Davidson

    Frey DavidsonOy oldin

    First time I played basketball I broke a window

  100. Alex Dawgo

    Alex DawgoOy oldin

    hold up I swear that's my gym at school

  101. Dr_ Sykov

    Dr_ SykovOy oldin

    Oh come on you should’ve added their longass conversations while in the air

  102. Over Haul

    Over HaulOy oldin

    Bleach during the Aizen fight when he takes down all the captains by himself

  103. numberoneappgames

    numberoneappgamesOy oldin

    Gotta love Mark's exaggerated anime voice.

  104. All Might

    All MightOy oldin

    "He's gonna be the GOAT." "Haaaa! It can't be!..." 💀💀💀

  105. Charles Plaine

    Charles PlaineOy oldin


  106. p k

    p kOy oldin

    A studio really needs to pick them tf up

  107. Andrew Herald

    Andrew HeraldOy oldin

    If you like this just watch Kuroko's basketball. It's the same thing.