How Bobby Shmurda finna be when he Gets Back in the Studio

Bobby been gone for a Minute but we know he gone make a hit after he adjust 😂🙏🏾 much love to Bobby welcome home all jokes! Tag some friends!
Beat in the video:

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  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld1Oy oldin

    Hey guys we back again we plan on dropping some heat these next few weeks! Leave a like and follow us on social media! In bio!

  2. Flyfox C

    Flyfox C4 kun oldin

    When he started dancing at the beginning to hot 😂😂

  3. Joan Edward

    Joan Edward5 kun oldin

  4. Kendrick White

    Kendrick White6 kun oldin

    Keep with the heat you guys

  5. Limit Break

    Limit Break11 kun oldin

    You weren’t lying these some good Ass videos broobroo

  6. Asm rawr

    Asm rawr21 kun oldin

    This thumbnail is underrated

  7. Justin Thomas

    Justin Thomas4 soat oldin

    Wacka Flocka ?

  8. Deezy TV

    Deezy TV6 soat oldin

    Ben is rowdy

  9. Rhonda Smith

    Rhonda Smith8 soat oldin


  10. Diego A. Olmeda Melendez

    Diego A. Olmeda Melendez20 soat oldin

    when they put the drill and he started saying shmurda bitch that made my day man 😂

  11. SirMyaTheBee

    SirMyaTheBee20 soat oldin

    Just heard Bobby's new snippet it sounds exactly like Bobby Bitch lmao...No cap these niggas knew it.

  12. Tono Rsiko

    Tono RsikoKun oldin

    I think it still would go hard

  13. ayojamarcus

    ayojamarcusKun oldin


  14. Gianer

    GianerKun oldin

    Bobby still using nashville filter on instagram pics

  15. 我飲農藥贖罪

    我飲農藥贖罪Kun oldin

    I've watch this too many times I really thought the song is called "shmurda bitch"

  16. King CSG

    King CSGKun oldin

    Bobby has been studying the RDC film for his new song lol

  17. jason v

    jason vKun oldin

    Fuck that imagine Bobby remixed beatbox...

  18. Abhishek Iyer

    Abhishek Iyer2 kun oldin

    Waka Flocka, Rich Homie Quan, Fetty those are names I haven’t heard in a very long time...

  19. Dalitso Phiri

    Dalitso Phiri2 kun oldin

    Murda baaaaby 😂😂😂😂

  20. Obote Onowareke

    Obote Onowareke2 kun oldin

    Quavo be like hey Bobby we mumble now

  21. Master Oogway

    Master Oogway2 kun oldin

    Is it weird I want him to finish the song

  22. D C

    D C3 kun oldin

    Bobby was trash before jail

  23. Wario Judah

    Wario JudahKun oldin

    @max mustermann you compare a 'drill killer gang shit rapper" to two of the most copied on rappers since lil wayne and young thug, they both the ' i am sad rapper along with Lil Peep

  24. Capital Black

    Capital Black2 kun oldin

    @max mustermann xxx and juice wrld are trash asf and overrated

  25. max mustermann

    max mustermann2 kun oldin

    faxx he got 1 hit of an old lloyd banks beat and 1 mid song with computers... people out here acting like he some xxx or juicewrld type hit songs guy.... niccaz dellusional and stuck on the "rEaL nIgGa ShIt"....

  26. 他麦わらの海賊

    他麦わらの海賊3 kun oldin

    Lmfaoooo. This is hilarious 🤣. I'm waiting on some new heat tho.

  27. Vigilant

    Vigilant3 kun oldin

    they called it completely. I can't anymore 😂😂

  28. Louis B

    Louis B2 kun oldin

    Lmao bobby literally said this

  29. wrb1291

    wrb12913 kun oldin

    Oh my god, his new song sounds exactly like this loool

  30. Tanish Paul Singh

    Tanish Paul Singh4 kun oldin

    why does this sound better than half the rap songs out there lol

  31. Capital Black

    Capital Black2 kun oldin

    Rap now days is overrated asf


    FLEXXINGBANDS3 kun oldin

    @Daniel Ramirez fax he is

  33. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez3 kun oldin

    Your tripping

  34. sportsman daily

    sportsman daily4 kun oldin

    "That'd be nice " 💀

  35. lucci

    lucci4 kun oldin

    Tell me why Bobby’s new snippet sound just like this 😂😂

  36. Documentary101

    Documentary1015 kun oldin

    Whats the last song beat?

  37. winter soldier

    winter soldier2 kun oldin

    Link's in the description

  38. Ashton Jones

    Ashton Jones5 kun oldin

    All his patnas walked out

  39. VxtiveBTW

    VxtiveBTW6 kun oldin


  40. andola jackson

    andola jackson6 kun oldin

    this killed me 0:55 LOL

  41. Reseyfrmthego

    Reseyfrmthego6 kun oldin

    why he remind me of funny bull quill 😂

  42. No lacks

    No lacks6 kun oldin

    1:41 the producer is the only one liking this shit 😂

  43. Hans Dado

    Hans Dado7 kun oldin

    would be pretty nice if he did a song with fetty wap

  44. Chill Shit

    Chill Shit8 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😂 dawg why he moving like that when he say Smurda bitch 😂 I’m rollling

  45. sponge

    sponge8 kun oldin

    shit would still go hard tho

  46. Kwame Fontenelle

    Kwame Fontenelle8 kun oldin

    its the lil dance for me.......lmao

  47. Swish Laflare

    Swish Laflare8 kun oldin

    Lmaoooo WAKA I’m dead

  48. Peter

    Peter8 kun oldin

    Bobby probably didn’t even know the corona pandemic

  49. Drew Breezy

    Drew Breezy8 kun oldin

    He need to make a beatbox remix that the most popular beat out rn

  50. The Chris Mercer Show

    The Chris Mercer Show8 kun oldin

    Boy hearing waka flocka told on my age

  51. Dragon Fire

    Dragon Fire9 kun oldin

    Y’all should give that drill beat to dusty locane

  52. Tsukuyomi NA

    Tsukuyomi NA9 kun oldin

    What’s the name of the drill beat ?

  53. Terrence Hudson

    Terrence Hudson9 kun oldin

    1:08 Ben was with hottest nigga 😂😂

  54. kthaanos

    kthaanos9 kun oldin

    Murdeeer! Baby

  55. Giovanni Alexis

    Giovanni Alexis10 kun oldin

    Everyone leaving and producer bounc8ng his head🤣

  56. I Play All Day

    I Play All Day10 kun oldin

    If Vine was still alive all these skits would be on trending!!!


    D.T.R PRODUCTION10 kun oldin

    Mark: muuuurrrdddaaaa baby!!

  58. Ben Rost

    Ben Rost10 kun oldin

    Lmfao this was on point 😂😂😂

  59. Nikhil Trivedi

    Nikhil Trivedi11 kun oldin

    Bobby still livin in 2013😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  60. Lance Handy

    Lance Handy12 kun oldin

    👋 "hottest nigga?" 🖐

  61. Ramkiller1

    Ramkiller112 kun oldin

    Personally, I would liked to get a full song of this.

  62. FN snipeZ

    FN snipeZ12 kun oldin

    Imagine if Bobby did a beatbox freestyle

  63. Austin Turner

    Austin Turner13 kun oldin

    Lmao at 0:50

  64. Keepit Ahunnid

    Keepit Ahunnid13 kun oldin

    Funniest part is seeing Bobby in the comments laughing

  65. Jalen Grant

    Jalen Grant13 kun oldin

    “hot?” 💀💀

  66. Manny

    Manny13 kun oldin

    I hope we get that (Hotter N*gga) remix

  67. Jack Flashh

    Jack Flashh14 kun oldin

    I don't care what bobby drop... we gone listen 😴

  68. Karim

    Karim14 kun oldin

    Is this an unconnected TELEFUNKEN microphone and youre using it for rap? Nothing makes sense lol

  69. Yoboy Bigsexy

    Yoboy Bigsexy14 kun oldin


  70. D-Up Comix

    D-Up Comix14 kun oldin

    That’s a dope hornets hat

  71. Izayah James ARP

    Izayah James ARP14 kun oldin

    Lol was waiting on the drill beat

  72. Terryn Moore

    Terryn Moore14 kun oldin

    Murdaaa babyyy

  73. Iroh Ehm

    Iroh Ehm14 kun oldin

    0:00 Why is this good for no reason? 1:15 Also the new shit is fire for no reason as well

  74. Robert Almond

    Robert Almond14 kun oldin

    His hands tho! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. sean simpson

    sean simpson15 kun oldin


  76. Mikail Thomas

    Mikail Thomas15 kun oldin

    What about "I'm back in this b*tch?"

  77. Sabrina عبدي

    Sabrina عبدي15 kun oldin

    “What about fetty? come in there like MUUURRRRDAA BABYYYY” 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  78. 54k DripGod

    54k DripGod16 kun oldin

    Bobby Shrmurda in 2014: *Raps Greatly* Bobby shrmurda in 2021 : *Says the same thing* *Everyone has left the room*

  79. LvnUs

    LvnUs16 kun oldin

    Get you a friend like Ben.

  80. J.J Jackson

    J.J Jackson16 kun oldin

    Should've said coldest nigga

  81. Special-Zixy

    Special-Zixy16 kun oldin

    Bobby still looking for the vine app on his phone

  82. Kelshawn Miller

    Kelshawn Miller16 kun oldin

    Ben at the end bro 😭😭😭

  83. Kelshawn Miller

    Kelshawn Miller16 kun oldin

    Bro this nigga Mark is hilarious 😭😭😭

  84. NIVANO

    NIVANO16 kun oldin

    Murdaaaaaaaaa BABYYYYYYY

  85. Detektiv Conan

    Detektiv Conan16 kun oldin

    1:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  86. Ali Kone

    Ali Kone17 kun oldin

    That was fire

  87. Melly Wts

    Melly Wts17 kun oldin

    0:31 😂😂😂

  88. Tajon Williams

    Tajon Williams17 kun oldin

    Murdaaa baby!😂😂😂😂

  89. Sarah Monae

    Sarah Monae17 kun oldin


  90. Viktor Velasquez Gustavsson

    Viktor Velasquez Gustavsson17 kun oldin

    Yooooo why he yelled BOOBY! when the beat drop

  91. Nadir seay.

    Nadir seay.17 kun oldin

    Music really has changed since then 😂

  92. Abang Ersyaied Ezmeer

    Abang Ersyaied Ezmeer18 kun oldin


  93. Blue Blade

    Blue Blade18 kun oldin

    How this have more views than Anime House 5??????

  94. Steven Sandoval

    Steven Sandoval18 kun oldin

    Anyone one know the last instrumental

  95. Vizio 8

    Vizio 818 kun oldin

    😂 “Hottest Nigga”

  96. Jonathan Fabietti

    Jonathan Fabietti18 kun oldin


  97. Money Man

    Money Man19 kun oldin

    Its murder lol that's funny good job making this skits

  98. Turbodaspykid 223

    Turbodaspykid 22319 kun oldin

    He said hotter nigga 😂😂

  99. Matthew

    Matthew19 kun oldin

    I ain't gonna lie, but that loud "Bobby" shout actually sounded good

  100. Raysellz Everything.

    Raysellz Everything.19 kun oldin

    Aaaahhhhaaaaa my laugh for this one.

  101. Jalen Reed

    Jalen Reed19 kun oldin

    I wish it was still 2014 that was the year it just hit different

  102. Jalen Reed

    Jalen Reed16 kun oldin

    @Indrid Cole Sorry to hear that really but for me it was successful

  103. Indrid Cole

    Indrid Cole16 kun oldin

    That time period was hell for me

  104. Shawn

    Shawn20 kun oldin

    😂😂😂 Mark lowkey got too hype and stuttered at the end 😂😂😂

  105. John Smith

    John Smith20 kun oldin

    "Fetty finna be "SHMURDA BAAAAAYBEEE" I fucking died

  106. Braden Landefeld

    Braden Landefeld20 kun oldin

    when he said rich homie quan i died laughing lol

  107. Rain N Moon

    Rain N Moon20 kun oldin

    LOL 😂 y y'all gotta do em like that!

  108. XxYoungAchieverxX _

    XxYoungAchieverxX _20 kun oldin

    Bobby... Bobby, Bobby!!

  109. Carlos Villarreal

    Carlos Villarreal20 kun oldin

    Name of song in the ending

  110. MarsLife The Nation channel

    MarsLife The Nation channel20 kun oldin

    Bro I lost it at 1:25 😂

  111. MarsLife The Nation channel

    MarsLife The Nation channel20 kun oldin

    Lol this man been in jail too long thinking about all these old rappers

  112. Orpha

    Orpha20 kun oldin

    I thought that was a ps5 in the thumbnail

  113. Homeless to Greatness

    Homeless to Greatness20 kun oldin

    Man's locked up for 6 years and was able to stay relevant like a politician.

  114. ReW aND

    ReW aND21 kun oldin

    Even bobby was heading out(and ben still vibing) I'm dying

  115. Mauro Silva

    Mauro Silva21 kun oldin

    It’s been a minute since he got out and hasn’t dropped anything what’s the hold up?