How Dangerous Anime Tournaments be for Spectators

This is exactly why I could never live in an anime without powers! You can't say the crowd don't act like this 🤣🤣😭 like,Comment, and Tag 3 friends bro
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  1. My name Lil' Darryl

    My name Lil' Darryl3 kun oldin

    But the spectators pull up still every time 😂😂

  2. Rocky Revolution

    Rocky Revolution4 kun oldin

    YYH dark tournament in a nutshell

  3. Harsh Garg

    Harsh Garg4 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who needs subtitles on these videos?😭

  4. Isaiah Balahadia

    Isaiah Balahadia5 kun oldin

    This arena is huge

  5. Puud DoKtR

    Puud DoKtR6 kun oldin

    🤣🤣 deleted all his homies 🤣🤣💯☠️

  6. Lowkey Loki

    Lowkey Loki7 kun oldin

    "where to friend at?!" "He killed em!" "...." "......." "Ayeeee!!!" Lmfao

  7. POW3r Patroller

    POW3r Patroller7 kun oldin


  8. Steven Green

    Steven Green8 kun oldin

    Anime tournaments are the only sport where before fans are allowed into the arena. They have to sign a waiver and give proof of life insurance. 😛

  9. Justin Hansen

    Justin Hansen8 kun oldin

    Yugioh being the hypest

  10. ?

    ?9 kun oldin

    Gotta have a certain power level to even be in the audience! Lmfao 💀

  11. Kryptus Year 1

    Kryptus Year 19 kun oldin


  12. Jayla Gaskins

    Jayla Gaskins9 kun oldin


  13. Anime, Anime I love

    Anime, Anime I love9 kun oldin

    I question anime tournaments every time a tournament gets mentioned, imagine Saitama using a serious punch in the martial arts tournament.

  14. joshua tamayo

    joshua tamayo10 kun oldin

    Those demons in Yuyu Hakusho either getting nuked by demonic radiation or having a piece of the arena land on top of them

  15. Seymour Butay

    Seymour Butay10 kun oldin

    I guess this is like a dolphin show in the zoo or some shit and people expect to get splashed in the front rows, except in these cases they get splashed with energy blasts.

  16. X X

    X X11 kun oldin

    Yuyu hakusho audience be like lol

  17. Royal Alchemist

    Royal Alchemist11 kun oldin

    This skit never going away, revamp for new stories delete my comment if need be. This is going to be a classic.

  18. AscendantStoic

    AscendantStoic11 kun oldin

    Anime Tournament Rules:- 1-The safety of the audience is not a priority at ALL. 2-There is usually more to the tournament than just fighting. 3-The hero or one of his friends will most possibly win. 4-The is usually a supervillain somewhere in the tournament to test the hero or show off.

  19. Bmovinz

    Bmovinz11 kun oldin

    Lol black folk make everything fun I always thought like that kinda funny tbh .. yea might want to get some more color on these anime shows cough cough Crunchyroll

  20. OhJadan

    OhJadan11 kun oldin

    "HE KILLED HIM..." *proceeds to watch the tournament after dabbing each other up and getting even more hyped over it*

  21. EmんEm

    EmんEm12 kun oldin

    Annnnnnnnnd we'll never know what happens

  22. Illiptical TM

    Illiptical TM13 kun oldin

    The chunin exams during boruto

  23. DemiGodWill03

    DemiGodWill0313 kun oldin

    Why am I just seeing this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Luke Swift

    Luke Swift13 kun oldin

    Remember when Todoroki froze half the stadium lol

  25. Stephen A Spliff

    Stephen A Spliff15 kun oldin

    Imagine being in the audience watching Chrollo vs Hisoka 😳😭 iykyk

  26. 7Seven

    7Seven15 kun oldin

    Baki audience left the chat

  27. Tekeon

    Tekeon15 kun oldin


  28. Katkrasherpb

    Katkrasherpb16 kun oldin

    Hisoka vs Chrollo fight be like

  29. Rich GLO

    Rich GLO16 kun oldin

    Hisoka vs chrollo must of felt something like this

  30. Dougie Weinmann

    Dougie Weinmann16 kun oldin

    Majin vegeta vs goku.... what abt those fans.....

  31. Linkleas

    Linkleas16 kun oldin

    bet one punch man reaction was the best

  32. ygbiz_inc

    ygbiz_inc17 kun oldin

    Hilarious bro

  33. Danny Luxray

    Danny Luxray17 kun oldin

    Nobody The crowd in DB tournaments :

  34. Luis X. Rivas

    Luis X. Rivas17 kun oldin

    He got dem Nike Air Max 270 React Bauhaus doe

  35. Akali'i Maene

    Akali'i Maene17 kun oldin

    I want u guys to do a star wars anime one

  36. Darc Shinobi

    Darc Shinobi17 kun oldin

    Millions died in the YuYu Hakashu Dark Tournament

  37. Brainkiller 750

    Brainkiller 75017 kun oldin

    The dragon ball super fight where hit and goku broke the dome and everyone got sucked into space

  38. Nam Kwok

    Nam Kwok17 kun oldin

    Hunter x hunter sky tower tournament: literally using audience as weapons Audience: use me

  39. AbbyBReviewing

    AbbyBReviewing17 kun oldin

    This would be so true irl 🤣

  40. Rex Imingan

    Rex Imingan18 kun oldin

    Reminda me of Yu Yu Hakusho.

  41. shade

    shade18 kun oldin

    Nobody took the time to appreciate how them chairs they was sitting on didn't even take a scratch

  42. AUsDorian

    AUsDorian18 kun oldin

    His FBI agent must be scared

  43. Kimoujai _

    Kimoujai _18 kun oldin

    I am watching Yu Yu Hakusho at the moment and this popped up on my mind

  44. Lemon Boy

    Lemon Boy18 kun oldin

    Records of ragnorak

  45. Empress Onye

    Empress Onye19 kun oldin

    It didn't get animated yet but I really felt for the audience in Hisoka vs Chrollo lmao that battle alone made me imaginarily choose to never go to epic fights Togashi did the same thing in Yuyu dark tournament tho he just likes tormenting his audience

  46. Unhipsnow633476

    Unhipsnow63347619 kun oldin

    I like how stupid the setting for yukiyukite senshadou is, its literally ww2 for high school girls with war crimes and death and everyone doesnt care

  47. Seth Ebbett

    Seth Ebbett19 kun oldin

    King punch from dressrosa

  48. DemonKillr

    DemonKillr19 kun oldin


  49. Cheizean

    Cheizean19 kun oldin

    half of the DBZ and Dark Tournament getting blasted to death and the tournament in MHA with half of them probably getting froze to death by Todoorki comes to mind

  50. AllmightyGir

    AllmightyGir19 kun oldin

    1:11 Straight up when Deku and Todoroki clashed. A lil kid yeeted out of the stands xD.

  51. ishaun harris

    ishaun harris20 kun oldin

    Reminded me of yu yu hakusho 🤣🤣

  52. Evasion

    Evasion20 kun oldin

    Desmonds voice is hilarious

  53. Jamil Taylor

    Jamil Taylor20 kun oldin

    Where did Desmond get that shirt? Real dreams change the world.. I'd rock that!

  54. AJ Aponte

    AJ Aponte20 kun oldin

    imagine if Garra went crazy on the crowd using sand bullets

  55. stan clark

    stan clark20 kun oldin

    dragon ball z spectators haha those poor people.

  56. RDC Clips

    RDC Clips20 kun oldin

    Bruh in naruto world they watch kids fight almost to the death for entertainment

  57. AON JACk

    AON JACk21 kun oldin

    it took me a year to get this is from YUYU

  58. Sōsuke Aizen

    Sōsuke Aizen21 kun oldin

    prime example: yu yu hakusho

  59. God

    God21 kun oldin

    I finally understand this after watching the dark tournament on Yu Yu Hakusho😂😂😂

  60. Underlaw41

    Underlaw4121 kun oldin

    When you've been seeing these fights for so long you can read the fighters' movements

  61. kids pattillo

    kids pattillo21 kun oldin

    literally the spectators when deku and todoroki fight

  62. Mike Kim

    Mike Kim21 kun oldin

    why is Desmond always the one fighting? lol

  63. Crazze

    Crazze21 kun oldin

    Hunter x hunter audience with chrollo vs hisoka lmaoao

  64. _____dre_______ _

    _____dre_______ _21 kun oldin


  65. Banana Man

    Banana Man21 kun oldin

    Hisoka vs Chrollo

  66. rik rob

    rik rob21 kun oldin

    Liked this video before watching.

  67. andrew jones

    andrew jones21 kun oldin

    And you wonder why in anime all the seats at arenas are so far away

  68. negao360

    negao36021 kun oldin

    “THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!” Hardly watches the fight Died in vain

  69. Noah Masi

    Noah Masi21 kun oldin

    In these tournaments, you friends ashes are like a home run ball.

  70. Johny No Way

    Johny No Way21 kun oldin

    And this is why you have a magic barrier just in case. Also...i guess nobody noticed that the audience wasxsitting indoors while they fought outdoors

  71. zly moon

    zly moon21 kun oldin


  72. Maverick Hunter 8

    Maverick Hunter 822 kun oldin

    0:49 Their responses makes it seem like they came there wanting to die 😂.

  73. Georgie Dodge

    Georgie Dodge22 kun oldin

    Rip headphones 0:33

  74. Animewatcher36

    Animewatcher3622 kun oldin

    This is all tournaments except the tournament of power in dbs

  75. Niko What Ifs

    Niko What Ifs22 kun oldin

    Who else voted dillan

  76. OG Gamez

    OG Gamez22 kun oldin

    Lmao. Pokemon S/S was smart and made those hologram shield things for the gigantimax battles

  77. keema315

    keema31522 kun oldin

    I think of goth white kids when I think of anime lol

  78. marcus

    marcus22 kun oldin

    Yuyu Hakasho and Dragon Ball Z were proof of this

  79. Nightcore34

    Nightcore3422 kun oldin

    Imagine being a survivor from this. Everyone else be partying because their family died and that is apparently a good thing, while you go home in shame because you're alive. Your partner and kids look at you with disappointment.

  80. iamaweeb

    iamaweeb22 kun oldin

    The spectators be taking more damage than the actual fighters

  81. Tenshi Li

    Tenshi Li22 kun oldin

    Flame of recca 🤣😂🤣😂

  82. DamnNoah

    DamnNoah23 kun oldin

    The moment you realise your just a extra character just to fill up the seats and give over exaggerated reactions because you just a ordinary nigga from the village

  83. Mr_ 0n10n

    Mr_ 0n10n23 kun oldin

    Hisoka Vs Chrollo spectators in a nutshell

  84. Michael Madness

    Michael Madness23 kun oldin

    So we ain’t gonna talk about how Piccolo obliterated an entire Island at the 23rd tournament?

  85. Dame Forever

    Dame Forever24 kun oldin

    THEY DEAD !!?

  86. Terrence Hughes

    Terrence Hughes24 kun oldin

    Bakugou blast rocks into the air. Rocks fall down.....

  87. Awsomepablo2012

    Awsomepablo201224 kun oldin

    UFC for anime

  88. HWBT Grim

    HWBT Grim24 kun oldin

    why desmon look like a pissed toddler who lost his bottle

  89. DangerProneDIDI

    DangerProneDIDI24 kun oldin

    Y’all crazy 😂, I’m watching from the next town over 🤣

  90. J P

    J P24 kun oldin

    Nothing beats how Toguro casually flexing/breathing caused niggas to die.

  91. Reya na

    Reya na25 kun oldin


  92. onimu$ha

    onimu$ha25 kun oldin

    Spectators from Pokémon and yu gi oh animes are all good in the hood

  93. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob25 kun oldin

    Who won

  94. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan25 kun oldin

    Came back 6 months later cuz y'all content is that fire!! 😂 Bro love y'all fam y'all held it down Pandemic or not! Thanks for all the laughs I'm off to see the sword guy.😂

  95. Frisk Truepower

    Frisk Truepower25 kun oldin

    0:36 perfect block, but you don't take advantage of it and get guardbroken.

  96. super gohan

    super gohan26 kun oldin

    God loves you enough to put his son on the cross in order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW.

  97. super gohan

    super gohan26 kun oldin

    God loves you enough to put his son on the cross in order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW.

  98. idkchocolate

    idkchocolate26 kun oldin

    Tournament of power whole universe

  99. Rice Soup

    Rice Soup26 kun oldin

    UA Sports Festival

  100. Dabowler68 ch.

    Dabowler68 ch.26 kun oldin

    My Hero did a perfect job of at least addressing the possibility of people being hurt during a super powered tournament