How Fast Anime Characters be Building Friendships

How come every time someone makes a friend in anime they're instantly down? I swear friendships are built x3000 faster than real life 😂
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  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld15 oy oldin

    Can’t wait till y’all see anime House 5 and hood avatar they boxing I PROMISE!

  2. Kazuto

    KazutoOy oldin

    Rdc what happend to black avvengers

  3. Kristian Norge

    Kristian Norge2 oy oldin

    3 mins

  4. Virus World

    Virus World2 oy oldin

    Too many n words from suburb sounding dudes.

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    Anthony bhola3 oy oldin

    Y' all niggas be trippin' on that anime juice dawg!!

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  8. Owen Harding

    Owen HardingKun oldin

    This guy holding the sword like it’s in a hilt but it’s the Bear sword

  9. deadly venom

    deadly venomKun oldin

    LOL i never laughed like this

  10. محمد القذافي

    محمد القذافيKun oldin

    The one with black blade looks like will Smith

  11. TKatGAMING

    TKatGAMING4 kun oldin

    Remember me... i was the guy who looked at you

  12. Itrytoexplainthingsthebestican

    Itrytoexplainthingsthebestican4 kun oldin

    The bad guy shoulda killed himself at the end lol After realizing after such a hard-fought battle that the MC truly is his best friend!

  13. Chillout nate

    Chillout nate4 kun oldin

    so he can just use that slash like it's nothing? damn those blades kinda broken

  14. 817 Texas

    817 Texas4 kun oldin

    I love y’all man texas boys stand up

  15. 817 Texas

    817 Texas4 kun oldin

    😂 Bro y’all so real this shit so accurate bro I’m dead

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  18. Aniruddha Tulshibagwale

    Aniruddha Tulshibagwale7 kun oldin

    I like how their expressions are like anime characters

  19. Naraya Suiryoku

    Naraya Suiryoku8 kun oldin

    demon slayer manga be like .

  20. Stella Wonder

    Stella Wonder8 kun oldin

    Lmaoo just finished Snk good stuff

  21. Steven Green

    Steven Green8 kun oldin

    Anime friendships show a random character one act of kindness. Then they are prepared to die for you. 😆😆😆

  22. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop8 kun oldin

    This is SO accurate!

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    This rest is up to you!!!

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    Bro I'm dying lol

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    August10 kun oldin

    I got the same black katana

  28. V e r i t y

    V e r i t y10 kun oldin

    Can anyone tell me which ost is at 2:26

  29. illstplaya84

    illstplaya8410 kun oldin

    Omfg this shit is fuckin gold !!

  30. wana play

    wana play10 kun oldin

    Im still waiting for an anime vid about how the hero is sometimes more of a villain in anime.

  31. erroneousdays

    erroneousdays10 kun oldin

    So true and yet we still go 😭😭 for the cannon fodder 5 second bffs.

  32. calikatana

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    This is low key the beginning of Code Geass

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    🗣You do not know me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Super Divinus

    Super Divinus11 kun oldin

    This is the best clip i have seen on yt for a Long time

  35. Wakil Ahmed

    Wakil Ahmed11 kun oldin

    This is accurate after seeing Todo and Itadori's friendship Todo: "My besto frendo, bruhda!" Itadori: **visible confusion**

  36. Ezéchiel Fequiere

    Ezéchiel Fequiere12 kun oldin

    The worst thing about this it's so real😂😂😂 for exemple "Gon,Naruto,Luffy"

  37. Lukas P.

    Lukas P.12 kun oldin

    would have been epic, if the villain took the last hit from himself, sacrificing himself for the hero, redeeming himself or something xD Funny video tho, got a sub more ^^

  38. Sarbrinder

    Sarbrinder12 kun oldin

    10/10 would watch this anime.

  39. Matthew Dubeau

    Matthew Dubeau13 kun oldin

    0:48 zentisu be like

  40. Stelaraca

    Stelaraca13 kun oldin

    This is what you call “plot armor”

  41. Stelaraca

    Stelaraca13 kun oldin

    Cmon idiots admit it that you cried.

  42. TJ Grant

    TJ Grant14 kun oldin

    The attack on titan music hit diff when yo fav character die rip Leland (1 min- 4 min)

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  44. Twistify

    Twistify14 kun oldin

    See why they always book you as a side character in this anime you were the main character when they both sacrificed themselves you were supposed to have a power boost and fight or run but you ruined the anime by taking your death

  45. Call Me Price

    Call Me Price14 kun oldin

    The sad aot music gets me the most lmao

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    This is great 👌🏽 lol

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    "You we so kind to me...." "Who are you 😦"

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    1:40 😂😂😂

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    Lol 😂

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    akema ga kill

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    The sky PRO17 kun oldin

    Please make one if ANIME characters become a live

  54. The sky PRO

    The sky PRO17 kun oldin

    That is so much fun 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Hahahhahahahahahhahaha h

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    There's a lesson in this a simple greeting goes a long way ✊🏽🖤💯

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    i read the title and already knew the video was valid 😭

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    Yall stupid lmaoo

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    Why is Desmond always a bad guy

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    Man so original hahaha

  62. Konnos X

    Konnos X18 kun oldin

    And After that comes Grim Reaper blade guy : You were an honorable opponent brother Shadow blade guy : Brother? What are you galking about Grim Reaper blade guy : *cries* WHY WERE WE ON OPPOSITE SIDES? Shadow blade guy : just let me die Grim Reaper blade guy : *screams to the sky* WE BOTH FOUGHT FOR WHAT WE BELIEVED FOR THOSE WE LOVED, IN THE END WE WERE THE SAME

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    I have a chemistry exam tomorrow and know nothing

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    Hell yeah this is so perfect

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    hahaha "the rest is up to you!! "

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    "Nigga i dont know you"

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    Yo they WRONG f'this

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    😂😂😂 I’m hollerin

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    Dame idk

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    The PASHA Of Gaming19 kun oldin

    0:42 I instantly recognized that soundtrack from Akame Ga Kill.

  72. deathpearl360

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    I immediately came here after the Demon Slayer movie.

  73. Rubber Ducky

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    This is how Naruto seemed to me

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    I'm dying

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    😂 so funny

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    Just like us drunks and bar flies

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    "I'm going through a tough time now bro...."

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    STINE CAST20 kun oldin


    STINE CAST20 kun oldin


    STINE CAST20 kun oldin


    STINE CAST20 kun oldin


    SSS_ PUNISHER20 kun oldin

    I like how the other guy who came and sat by him just GRABBED HIS SWORD BY its *STEEL* PART. I mean bro it makes sense like its obvious like duh

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    yo desmond lips are chap azz fuck lol

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    id have left 5minutes before they started talking

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    Brah I'm crying 🤣😂

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    vinland saga was referenced

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    Will revive on season 2

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    that one is literally like the first time Yuji Itadori and todo in jujustsu 2:10

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    Me like that kiritos sword from workshop

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    Forgot to have Leland give him the Frostblade and say "give this to my son"

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