How Game Developers feel when a Simple Game Blows Up

Imagine you put BLOOD SWEAT and TEARS for YEARS into a game & get showed up just because a simple game went viral! 😂 Mann I won't mention any names but we've seen this time & time again.

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  1. RDCworld1

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    200k likes is the goal! I really hope you guys like the video the amount of heat we have stored up for y’all is crazy we just putting on finishing touches and filming a few extra scenes stay safe out here in this crazy world 😁 DREAM GANG!


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  3. World Comics Review

    World Comics Review14 kun oldin

    I was going to like this video you put a lot of work into, but some guy filmed his cat falling off a chair on this phone. I liked that instead, it was funny as fuck!

  4. Bro

    Bro25 kun oldin

    @DBXATZ Here is the game, I hope you enjoy it

  5. Bro

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    @DBXATZ yeah... I made Stick Man but the files are corrupted, I will have to rebuild, redownload and everything so I will brb


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    @Bro u back?

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    Put out the DLC 😂😂😂

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    I'll buy it ON god👌

  10. Gwen Allare

    Gwen Allare5 soat oldin

    The menu sound effect is gta sa

  11. Bimo Rajjaz

    Bimo Rajjaz14 soat oldin

    This is among us and fall guys in a nutshell

  12. Fattymixthingwitsin

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    The new decision based game

  13. Dewey ClanYT

    Dewey ClanYTKun oldin

    So funny lol

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    Stickman OST some 🔥🔥🔥

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    Friday Night Funkin be like 😂

  16. MadManPete

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    “This a ad 🤨”

  17. AidenGoesHam

    AidenGoesHam2 kun oldin

    Among us vs cyberpunk 2077

  18. qtRxyal

    qtRxyal2 kun oldin

    How did Minecraft get famous in 2 years back than it was shit and now look famous 😂

  19. Vertex Chazz

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    Among us lmaooooo

  20. Adam Barras

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    I laughed so hard I was crying at 4:27

  21. CodeSpazz

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    no cap that stickman game do be lookin kinda fun

  22. Damu Damu

    Damu Damu3 kun oldin

    Friday Night Funkin in a nutshell

  23. eliguah

    eliguah3 kun oldin

    How the devs of cyber Punk was after the flop

  24. SMUG

    SMUG3 kun oldin

    and this is how I felt when I worked on a rhythm game for 10+ years just to be passed by a flash game shoved on steam.

  25. Evin Grindle

    Evin Grindle3 kun oldin

    A game doesn’t even have to be good, but one streamer says “screw it” and plays it as a joke, a meme is made, and BAM, a popular game is born 🤦‍♂️

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    Ima knock your BA out...🤣🤣🤣🔥💥

  27. nazrin chai

    nazrin chai3 kun oldin

    Watching this honestly makes me feel bad for the people who spend so much effort into their games while simple games like Among Us are getting a lot of attention.


    DEADEYEHIKI4 kun oldin

    I just noticed the map shows that he's in the middle of the street. his house was in the dead center in the street.

  29. Yung Lean

    Yung Lean4 kun oldin

    When you ask what time dinner service is during a funeral 2:22

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    That's an ad? That's the game!!! 😂😂😂😂

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    Who would dislike this come on now 13k that’s cold 🥶

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    I love how mark sounds like he's gonna cry. Then the "Imma Knock yo B*tchA$$ Out!" was the icing on the cake for me.

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    Dylan: "this the ad?..."

  34. Chris brown Son

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    Stick man is just like fall guys

  35. Yaseen Ali

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    This how Marvel Avengers be dipping hard after a month


    SEARCH JOHNNY X 1007 kun oldin


    SEARCH JOHNNY X 1007 kun oldin



    SEARCH JOHNNY X 1007 kun oldin

  39. we suck l e m o n s

    we suck l e m o n s7 kun oldin

    Lmaoo this is literally what the developer of Cyberpunk felt like when Among us got more popular than them

  40. KemetBrotha17

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    Among Us

  41. Michael Culpepper

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    What you wanna do? “Die idk”

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    Here goes a like for stickman

  43. Black Royal MG

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    bruh wtf im deadddddddddd

  44. Herm P

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    🤣415 million dollars to make a game that flopped. Bruh ya FIRED!

  45. The Blue Drawer

    The Blue Drawer8 kun oldin

    That would be hit everyone would just shoot everyone and be a dictator

  46. Riot Kidz

    Riot Kidz8 kun oldin

    My dude got kicked out the house went home and made a better game 😂

  47. Speed Striker

    Speed Striker9 kun oldin

    i liked the video the moment i heard bonetrousle

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  49. Experienced Optimist

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    "Thirst quenched"

  50. Retro Progress

    Retro Progress9 kun oldin

    When these things happen I think "Fuck it, these retards want a stupid gacha game so I'll bleed them dry when I make my own game"

  51. plush god

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    Undertale music is beautiful 1:50

  52. Francisco C.

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    “This an ad?” 💀💀💀

  53. Judah

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    Simple games is where it’s at u feel like u playing as yourself rather than some other character

  54. 10k killerz

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    I love the claim music while he was threatening him to get out his house

  55. Lezz p

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    this nigga stay having me dying laughing bra

  56. John Sebastian

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    120,000,000 lmao

  57. Khamyking

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    Aka a mf game named roblox made with fucking clay blocka

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  60. •Plzfy•

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    Game developers when among us came out

  61. Marigi 201

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    Now you know what art is

  62. Jaxcraft 28

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    Among Us developers in a nutshell. 😆

  63. Ronald from McDonald’s

    Ronald from McDonald’s12 kun oldin

    “I put my house into that”, “I put my kids tuition in to that”.

  64. TH3 PHAZE

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    4:28 Ben trying to hold his laugh in 😂😂

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    Bro now I want to play Life Days

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    GTA vs Fortnite😂😂😂

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    415 million

  69. Krys Jakubowski

    Krys Jakubowski13 kun oldin

    Funny lol. I watched it several times and I noticed viewers was spelled wrong when the guy was playing stickman lol

  70. Kyle Thompson

    Kyle Thompson13 kun oldin

    Y'all. I've seen a ton of jokes about walking into the wrong house on different channels. How often does that actually happen? I never had that shit happen. 🤣

  71. Nube Man247

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    I like how in the stream chat someone says “Ayo play stick man” 😂😂😂

  72. Ibrahim Hameedi

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    Did anyone else notice that in the first part it on the mini map it says the character is on the road even though he is in the house????

  73. Toxic_jaygaming

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    How cyberpunk was

  74. Mark Adonis

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    Among us maker:

  75. Torin O'Connor

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    0:37 But those commands change depending on the situation you are in

  76. Torin O'Connor

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    Is this joy?

  77. I’m just me Ok

    I’m just me Ok13 kun oldin

    I would quit as soon a I see what the game is

  78. Rae Dawn C

    Rae Dawn C14 kun oldin

    How I miss this one?! 😭 I support them and all their endeavors. Proud to have been a supporter since damn near the beginning, lol.

  79. Shawn Waggoner

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    vSerie A

  80. Ghost afk

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    1:39 a bit of comments 1:49 comments are going crazy

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    “Imma knock ya bitch ass out” lmaoo

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    Cyber punk vs among us lol

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    Ha hilarious

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    Friday Night Funkin' be like:

  85. Yippi Yip

    Yippi Yip14 kun oldin

    This is true ! I don't know how these old simple games get famous like crazy !!! Take pubg, for example. Or fortnite. Looks like, people lost sense and game devs are taking advantage of that !

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    “That game looks kinda live”

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    "imma knock your bitch ass out" 😂

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    I know i'm late. But... nobody mentioned the air pump next to the tnt🤣

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    -on me! -on me. Fucken stupid as hell Lmmfao 😭

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    Why are they overreacting when their game was just released lol

  91. sean666999100

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    fuckin movie games, no wonder simple games are better

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    Among us in a nutshell

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    Democracy is broken

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    How everyone reacted when Minecraft dropped LMAO

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    This got more views than Stickman.

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    We really did something amazing here. No game is going to top this. 😂🤣

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    The sims hud and a GTA map LMAO

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  100. Stxticszn

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    I came to rewatch this and it is funny how flowlucci is just know blowing up and you guys been following him for a minute

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    Who’s that Arab Indian dude?

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    lmao is this an ad?

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    “this a ad”? LMFAOOO

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    Flappy bird be like

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    Ben was gonna laugh. Lmaooooo