How Hard Fighting Game Combos used to be

Man has anybody noticed fighting game combos are basic as hell ! Like they used to be so complex and now they just so damn simple this is what we think happened 🤣🤣 Like,Comment And Tag 3 FRiends!
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  1. Blast

    Blast7 soat oldin


  2. King Feliciano II

    King Feliciano II8 soat oldin

    I'd rather button mash then do those stupid combos.

  3. Recorded Beast44

    Recorded Beast4412 soat oldin

    2:04 i remember this music but cant recognize where its from, does anybody know?

  4. Almightydre 150

    Almightydre 1502 kun oldin


  5. JUICE

    JUICE2 kun oldin

    When I started to play ninja storm 4 this is how I felt

  6. Morgan Evora

    Morgan Evora3 kun oldin

    Ig thats how Katarina and Noctis from Tekken came to be

  7. robert sims

    robert sims3 kun oldin

    mortal combat for the nes was stupid hard to do as a kid for the fatality moves

  8. John Jones

    John Jones3 kun oldin

    this is me when i forget the combo the second i exit the combo list.

  9. Brody Humphrey

    Brody Humphrey4 kun oldin

    How the finishers in mortal kombat be

  10. El Williams

    El Williams7 kun oldin

    My greatest accomplishment as a kid was learning Hercule’s combo in Dragon Ball Z Called a present for you. game ender.

  11. camz_mrk _

    camz_mrk _8 kun oldin

    At the end he described Naruto strom 4

  12. Lost One

    Lost One9 kun oldin

    Throwing the controller involves breaking a corner off of it.

  13. Neptos Fire

    Neptos Fire9 kun oldin

    How jax be in mk11

  14. Moses Monarez

    Moses Monarez9 kun oldin

    i love how he makes a cry sound in his voice because it sounds really realistic

  15. Kenrich Gumanid

    Kenrich Gumanid9 kun oldin

    That sinister laugh tho.

  16. YS1 Fromthe5

    YS1 Fromthe510 kun oldin

    Nah the controller throw is killing me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. YoI'mLucas Pinho

    YoI'mLucas Pinho10 kun oldin

    Smh you could just put the controller settings on stylized

  18. Dragon fan Kami

    Dragon fan Kami10 kun oldin

    I already know where he got the idea from. Dragon ball fighterZ

  19. TX Void

    TX Void10 kun oldin

    Naruto storm creators watching tis be like: 👁👄👁

  20. The Forcelock Gamer

    The Forcelock Gamer11 kun oldin

    This is why I only play fighting games from Nether realm studios because when it comes to other games there’s like 1 million tasks to do a combo

  21. Deandray Cowling

    Deandray Cowling12 kun oldin

    I said wtf to🤣


    ANDREW VEGA12 kun oldin

    *Slowly looking at Athena's Max 2 in KOF2K2UM*

  23. Samuel Loveless

    Samuel Loveless12 kun oldin


  24. Virginia

    Virginia12 kun oldin

    You know this guy loved DBZF and BB Cross Tag

  25. MazdaChief

    MazdaChief12 kun oldin

    Where the DBZ heads at? Who remembers PPPPE?

  26. Jonathan Kadiri

    Jonathan Kadiri13 kun oldin


  27. EmんEm

    EmんEm13 kun oldin

    He threw the controller 3 times actually 😂

  28. TheMadBear87 -

    TheMadBear87 -13 kun oldin

    1:06 LOL

  29. Nightcore Bloodcore

    Nightcore Bloodcore13 kun oldin

    Mortal kombat X brutalities be like

  30. Issac Blevins

    Issac Blevins14 kun oldin

    I swear those game combos be harder than beating Dark Souls with a USB steering wheel

  31. marco mj

    marco mj14 kun oldin

    Love the HunterxHunter music at 2:05 lmao

  32. cah K

    cah K14 kun oldin

    RDCworld slick look like Bernie Mac

  33. Darth Nihilus

    Darth Nihilus14 kun oldin

    he a villain

  34. heartsore

    heartsore14 kun oldin

    They have a point👽

  35. ROYAL93 ENT.

    ROYAL93 ENT.14 kun oldin

    90s mk lol

  36. Scrull

    Scrull14 kun oldin

    He skipped over the super combo when it’s the easiest one lmao

  37. Deo Alrego

    Deo Alrego14 kun oldin

    The new combo is actually the “to be continued “ combo

  38. Elijah Shaka

    Elijah Shaka15 kun oldin

    Mortal Kombat days 😂🤣😂. I used to hit combos and wonder how come I couldn’t do it again. I was known as a “button smasher” 😂🤣😂 it wasn’t that I’ll just figure out a combo you couldn’t stop and “cheeze you” wit it 😅😅😅.

  39. Phantom9587

    Phantom958715 kun oldin

    Good i keep my Soul Calibur 4 ps3 and NEVER get other fighting game

  40. Poetic Writer

    Poetic Writer15 kun oldin

    That's what happens when you use a PS motion controller.

  41. Wyatt Howard

    Wyatt Howard15 kun oldin

    X,X,X,X,Y combo tho😳😳

  42. Junpei Sanada

    Junpei Sanada15 kun oldin

    1:37 with that effort, he is only doing basic punches lol XD

  43. Indrid Cole

    Indrid Cole16 kun oldin

    Ninja gaiden 2 was like that them combos hard as fuck

  44. Ty

    Ty16 kun oldin

    Boy you got 5mil dolo in 7momths.... Bruh

  45. QuaBotPrime

    QuaBotPrime16 kun oldin

    X, RT, RT, LT, LT Break the analog stick & fix it Y, Y, LT

  46. Yvng Thugbob

    Yvng Thugbob15 kun oldin


  47. Lego Batman

    Lego Batman17 kun oldin

    i used to pause the mortal kombat game to check the moves list all the time

  48. João Bertoncini

    João Bertoncini17 kun oldin

    Weĺl, could be worse... at least there isn't any "hold diretion for 2 seconds".

  49. Obama Barack

    Obama Barack17 kun oldin

    Smash bros players be like, a, a, b, home button, x, a

  50. VAN FLY

    VAN FLY17 kun oldin

    Throw the controller 2 times 🤣 To be continued 😭😭 The heck is that combow? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. bobby shmurda

    bobby shmurda17 kun oldin

    Mortal kombat 💀🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥

  52. Reggie Torian

    Reggie Torian17 kun oldin

    Look like KOF trials lol

  53. kaptainkaboom

    kaptainkaboom17 kun oldin

    Oh I got a little hot at the end there. Cause every fighting game is like that now!!! Lol

  54. DrDarkShadow

    DrDarkShadow18 kun oldin

    Its like learning piano

  55. Generic

    Generic18 kun oldin

    "He really threw the controller two times" 🤣

  56. Cameron Roman

    Cameron Roman18 kun oldin

    I swear some designers were actually salty like this and thats how we ended up with the killer instinct remake.

  57. English Jona

    English Jona18 kun oldin

    Yea it’s just fifa now days

  58. Reaper23

    Reaper2318 kun oldin

    Did anyone else notice that he actually threw the controller 3 times instead of 2?

  59. Agent Arav

    Agent Arav18 kun oldin

    Getting some bloodrayne 2 flashbacks here

  60. Yosefhouser

    Yosefhouser18 kun oldin

    Or just complain on Twitter until they make the games easier for you.

  61. Sampson Ray Simon

    Sampson Ray Simon18 kun oldin

    Straight sinister!

  62. Ayesha Lyles

    Ayesha Lyles18 kun oldin

    Lucky for me I don't look at combos 😈

  63. Mr Bare Foot Bogan

    Mr Bare Foot Bogan18 kun oldin

    You've clearly never played Tekken. That Combo looks easy ;)

  64. zero 0ne

    zero 0ne18 kun oldin

    My favorite games.


    RTXZAYWRLD18 kun oldin

    That's killer instinct all day 😂

  66. Cierra Hauck

    Cierra Hauck18 kun oldin

    There was a a lull, and I had no idea where we were going. But that ending was amazing🤣🤣

  67. SeventyTew

    SeventyTew18 kun oldin

    Are you referencing Dragon Ball FighterZ?

  68. kkcamp02

    kkcamp0218 kun oldin

    "My ni$$a not doing it. He only doing punches and kicks. He not doin nothin like that"

  69. Always Living Good

    Always Living Good19 kun oldin

    I just died

  70. Awanta A. N.

    Awanta A. N.19 kun oldin

    Where did you get this lifebar?

  71. Tara Dupree

    Tara Dupree19 kun oldin

    Mortal kombat

  72. kingDom _

    kingDom _19 kun oldin

    Must be playing Tekken

  73. Ethan G

    Ethan G19 kun oldin


  74. k an

    k an19 kun oldin

    Mortal kombat deadly alliance combos were insane


    DEATH IS INEVITABLE20 kun oldin

    Never have i ever intentionally hit a combo it was always a result of button smash

  76. Whyyou lookin at my name lame asss nigg

    Whyyou lookin at my name lame asss nigg20 kun oldin

    Liu Kang old bicycle of of the old mortal kombat used to be like this ⬇️⬆️➡️⬇️⬆️➡️⬅️↘️↙️↗️↖️↔️↕️↩️↪️⤴️🔃🔂🔀🔄🔁

  77. growingoaks productions

    growingoaks productions20 kun oldin

    shoutsout aang for tha shirt

  78. IgotAIDSfromVOX

    IgotAIDSfromVOX20 kun oldin

    This is so true I got my ass kicked a couple days ago in mortal kombat 3. I thought I would be awesome at it since I destroy in most modern fighting games 5 year old me was disappointed that day

  79. Quez leon

    Quez leon20 kun oldin

    Street fighter had the worst combo list of all time lol.

  80. incuration

    incuration20 kun oldin

    What the devs were thinking when they added auto combos to killer instinct:

  81. J0074

    J007420 kun oldin

    Exactly how I felt when I first played Tekken 2 and learned King's combos.

  82. Captain KGeezy

    Captain KGeezy20 kun oldin

    I felt it.

  83. Excalibur01

    Excalibur0120 kun oldin

    This is what happens when you hire the filthy casuals

  84. Kane Hodder

    Kane Hodder20 kun oldin

    Literally Killer Instinct 1 with anybody but Jago and orchid

  85. Just a peace of cake

    Just a peace of cake20 kun oldin

    This is all wrong everyone's knows you're controller has to be backwards

  86. Mastery

    Mastery20 kun oldin

    You know how some people play sudoku to keep the brain fresh? This is also a way to tone your muscle memory. provided you dont go insane attempting it 😂

  87. Mr. Roh

    Mr. Roh20 kun oldin

    That "to be cont." had my dying lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. DrewBias_95

    DrewBias_9520 kun oldin

    Oh okay bro so you're just playing dragon ball fighterz at the end I got you xD

  89. Frank axe

    Frank axe21 kun oldin

    I do that combo wail warming up

  90. Game Smith

    Game Smith21 kun oldin

    Don’t forget the fact if you miss one button you fail or if you’re one second off

  91. conflicc ricks

    conflicc ricks21 kun oldin

    That's why I wasnt big on fighting games...until fight night

  92. cameron irle

    cameron irle21 kun oldin

    They still are good damn how tf does anyone memorize that shit

  93. genlaz1

    genlaz121 kun oldin

    Killer Instinct PTSD

  94. DZ Tuner

    DZ Tuner21 kun oldin

    *THIS COMBO IS IMPOSISSLE!* Daigo umehara: first time?

  95. Makube Gysman

    Makube Gysman21 kun oldin

    Man I think of tekken 3 and tekken 4


    MOHMD ABS21 kun oldin

    THIS IS EXACTLY , what actually happened in mortal kombat and all these games , LMFAOOOOOOO

  97. Clout Lord

    Clout Lord21 kun oldin

    This is what turned me off from mortal kombat games.

  98. Phatbootehjoe

    Phatbootehjoe21 kun oldin

    And thus the auto combo was born

  99. L-Y3T

    L-Y3T21 kun oldin

    He must be playing King of Fighters

  100. TokiBop

    TokiBop22 kun oldin

    wait till you have to figure out a combo without instructions that it even exists

  101. Mclovin

    Mclovin22 kun oldin

    1:18 ... that shit hit 😔