How Hood N****s finna be on December 21st after they Get their Powers

Why do I feel like I can see this happening Tommorow man Fr if somehow black people get powers it’s gone be some ignorant stuff going on 🤣
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  1. dan coll

    dan collKun oldin

    Lmfao what yall did to use in the 1700 we gon do to yall 😂😂😂 i felt that

  2. R J

    R J2 kun oldin

    Everytime i see some racist shit gotta come back to this video gives me hope 😂

  3. Vroom

    Vroom4 kun oldin

    Damn can’t believe y’all all got COVID.Hope y’all make it through and stay positive.

  4. Justin Frazier

    Justin Frazier4 kun oldin

    “Yea we got hero names, what you think mines is HEAT TA”😂😂😂😂👀

  5. Worldline Zero

    Worldline Zero5 kun oldin

    I forgot about this whole thing.

  6. TotallyNotMusic.

    TotallyNotMusic.7 kun oldin

    Just wait till they realized that on the next december 1st, the white people will get their super powers

  7. TotallyNotMusic.

    TotallyNotMusic.7 kun oldin

    That Tetsuo cape on the other dude though

  8. Relax & Heal Radio

    Relax & Heal Radio9 kun oldin

    This would be a nice reality

  9. Deity Saturn

    Deity Saturn9 kun oldin

    Jump man jumped into the stratosphere

  10. Christy Rose Muir

    Christy Rose Muir11 kun oldin

    Just subscribed 🤣😆😂😜

  11. Ron Kraftwerk

    Ron Kraftwerk11 kun oldin

    Gone! Gone! Lol

  12. rapidashing frog

    rapidashing frog12 kun oldin

    I knew we where getting super powers in 2020 I new it.

  13. MiuKing Jay

    MiuKing Jay12 kun oldin

    The pants is 🔥

  14. The vibing Gay

    The vibing Gay12 kun oldin


  15. H Dan

    H Dan12 kun oldin

    Ayo that Pillowcube ad almost had me, until I saw the price 😂

  16. Meeno Lane

    Meeno Lane12 kun oldin

    Bro when Desmond jus hopped off the screen the second time I lost it lol


    BIBLE DEFENDER 14412 kun oldin



    THE BAREBACC PODCAST13 kun oldin

    This is only a joke for now....if only 1% of united white people could rule the world imagine what 5% of what unified blacks could do.. Iove this shit yall niggaz are hilarious

  19. Kyle Thompson

    Kyle Thompson13 kun oldin

    "How y'all gonna stop us?" I mean.... bullets exist. 🤣 That's what I love about superhero/ magical stories set in the real world. "I AM A GOD!" Can you be hurt? "Well, yeah, but no one gonna try to hurt me cause I am a GOD!" *Nobody tries shit.* *Dude becomes tyrannical leader of the world.* *Other dude in the corner.* Yo.... what if we just like....shot him?

  20. Ray

    Ray13 kun oldin

    So when’s that sweatshirt dropping

  21. Arys Forbin

    Arys Forbin13 kun oldin

    Desmond “you stupid?”

  22. O G

    O G14 kun oldin

    What happens to mixed people do they just crappy powers or what

  23. Montrell Benjamin

    Montrell Benjamin14 kun oldin


  24. Jaylen Duncan

    Jaylen Duncan15 kun oldin

    Nah fr I wanna write a comic about these 3

  25. Jaylen Duncan

    Jaylen Duncan15 kun oldin

    We need The New Justice League to return stg

  26. A M

    A M16 kun oldin

    S TIER

  27. Terence Hunt

    Terence Hunt16 kun oldin

    Revelation 13:10, KJV: "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

  28. DeathBloodFunnyGuy

    DeathBloodFunnyGuy17 kun oldin

    😂😂😂 ya don’t even realize how true this skit boutta be... return to the Most High, the true children are being raised up 🔥🔥🔥 APTTMH

  29. DBZ Timmy

    DBZ Timmy18 kun oldin


  30. enriched macaroni product

    enriched macaroni product19 kun oldin

    lets be honest RDC just learned how to use after effects and wanted to make a video

  31. Chan Star

    Chan Star20 kun oldin

    "gone gone"

  32. Redninja 007

    Redninja 00720 kun oldin

    What is this a reference to?

  33. PrettySailorMoon7

    PrettySailorMoon720 kun oldin

    Still waiting for that comic book release📚🧝🏿‍♀️🦄🌈 black nerds unite

  34. Octopus Guy

    Octopus Guy20 kun oldin

    Justice Hood.

  35. Yung Illie

    Yung Illie21 kun oldin

    The best skit I ever seen since Dave Chappelle days man I hope they make a skit with him that be fire n funny as hell - @iamyungillie

  36. heven daniel

    heven daniel21 kun oldin


  37. Anthony Cucinella

    Anthony Cucinella21 kun oldin

    let him come back 💀

  38. Somu Ikeotuonye

    Somu Ikeotuonye21 kun oldin


  39. Reese Jordan

    Reese Jordan22 kun oldin

    Yooooo lmao

  40. TylerC41

    TylerC4122 kun oldin

    If John was interviewing y’all yea that shit not gone make it to the news 😂

  41. BlackGreninja1

    BlackGreninja122 kun oldin

    The Boys Season 3 looking fire

  42. Oscar Mulumba

    Oscar Mulumba22 kun oldin

    The repairing begins now

  43. Bumbus

    Bumbus22 kun oldin

    As funny as this is I mean are they justice league when they enslaving everyone but blacks cuz everyone was doing it

  44. Quesadity

    Quesadity23 kun oldin

    lmfaoo u can still hear leland running

  45. AaronGamez

    AaronGamez23 kun oldin

    I do not like your cut g

  46. Don Jour

    Don Jour23 kun oldin

    ...the first 3 members of the *Black Justice League*

  47. Rodwell Mark

    Rodwell Mark24 kun oldin

    RDC Worid: Snyder Verse

  48. Phil’s Builds

    Phil’s Builds24 kun oldin

    When you realize we never got the powers 😂

  49. NateJGainz

    NateJGainz24 kun oldin


  50. LoneWis3

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    I AM THE ONE WHO COMMENTS!!!25 kun oldin

    Who's y'all?!

  52. Jacob Barker

    Jacob Barker25 kun oldin

    Shoulda called him “catch these hands” cues he got super speed.

  53. GlinkGlink

    GlinkGlink25 kun oldin

    Dylan the only one without powers in the group lmaooo

  54. IntelleKtual Nupe

    IntelleKtual Nupe27 kun oldin

    1.1K people out there must know what they did to us in the 17 and 1800 hundreds

  55. Holo Dog

    Holo Dog27 kun oldin


  56. Mc. chunky

    Mc. chunky28 kun oldin

    Hello guys.

  57. Mc. chunky

    Mc. chunky28 kun oldin

    Why do random people do this and get over 500 likes but i never get over 500 likes wth

  58. Batman

    Batman28 kun oldin

    Time for a new contingency plan

  59. MrMDMPOfficial

    MrMDMPOfficial29 kun oldin

    4 Flat, Jumpman, & Heater

  60. The Ragestew Channel

    The Ragestew Channel29 kun oldin

    "And every other black person too" lmao

  61. John Sadler

    John Sadler29 kun oldin

    Lemmie come fix that smoke detector! 🤣

  62. EJ10

    EJ1029 kun oldin

    This shit is so funny bruh!!

  63. HBK Dadda

    HBK Dadda29 kun oldin

    “Me? Me? Me?...shiddd!!!” 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Christopher Bello

    Christopher BelloOy oldin

    One jump man?

  65. EYE_Zayah23

    EYE_Zayah23Oy oldin

    Nobody Mark: HEAT UH!!!!

  66. PotHead Music

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  67. j.raimundo

    j.raimundoOy oldin

    Stop play with me part got me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. T W

    T WOy oldin

    "4-flat" lmao.

  69. _BagBabyDoc_

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  70. Hnh MARQUISE

    Hnh MARQUISEOy oldin

    I’ll fold y’all with my ssj 📸💯

  71. ReKe727

    ReKe727Oy oldin

    You said that, you said that, 🔥YOU 🔥SAID IT!!!😭😅😅😅

  72. Ko Blake

    Ko BlakeOy oldin

    4 Flat 😂😂😂

  73. Shy Gibbs

    Shy GibbsOy oldin

    “Not sayin we gon do nuthin”👐🏽🤣🤣🤣

  74. Svave

    SvaveOy oldin

    If y’all did good to use y’all ain’t got nothing to worry about 🤣

  75. Angry Black-Man

    Angry Black-ManOy oldin

    Facts!! Keep doing your thing family. I’m a Fan

  76. Robert Haggins

    Robert HagginsOy oldin

    "Whatchu mean?!" He definitely got that enhanced ignorance quirk activated too, lmao.

  77. Ghost

    GhostOy oldin

    I’m in the justice league

  78. And Le

    And LeOy oldin

    “The days of ninjas explaining ish to y’all is ova!” I heard it.

  79. Shaina Green

    Shaina GreenOy oldin


  80. chase

    chaseOy oldin

    Why black people aint superheros alot of the time

  81. Happy Watermelon

    Happy WatermelonOy oldin

    The effects.........💖 immaculate 💖

  82. TexterEX

    TexterEXOy oldin


  83. gz.1098

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  84. siimptroll

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  85. M M

    M MOy oldin

    Just imagine how fyer the nba would be

  86. Conner Wilson

    Conner WilsonOy oldin

    I need more of this

  87. Jay

    JayOy oldin

    this video gives me huge “peace was never an option” vibes💀

  88. Jasmine Jackson

    Jasmine JacksonOy oldin

    Noooooo not the vid

  89. Alien Chatter

    Alien ChatterOy oldin

    The Boys season 3

  90. OtherGuy

    OtherGuyOy oldin

    A crazy twist would have been if the camera guy had telekinetic powers and just chocked all of them

  91. TJ Amos

    TJ AmosOy oldin

    What YOU MEAN?

  92. Astaroth Amon

    Astaroth AmonOy oldin

    1:09 lol

  93. Astaroth Amon

    Astaroth AmonOy oldin

    I nigga you said ut

  94. Just Noble

    Just NobleOy oldin

    Reall shit

  95. Just Goated

    Just GoatedOy oldin

    It’s been 3 months where are my powers😒

  96. Zane Pope

    Zane PopeOy oldin

    Heater being the equivalent of Superman in injustice

  97. avi g1

    avi g1Oy oldin

    explain your power for good"? - "EXPLAIN??

  98. Tranperuz

    TranperuzOy oldin

    Wow you said the n

  99. TheOnlyHumanBeing

    TheOnlyHumanBeingOy oldin

    They are black

  100. shaq man

    shaq manOy oldin

    So 1s got Pifou's leg strength, another killuas electricity and the chatty patty got the flame like Johnny from Fantastic 4... #Goals

  101. The Cammon’s

    The Cammon’sOy oldin

    Jumpman, Heater, and Foe Flat need a tv show 😭

  102. cubano sleepster

    cubano sleepsterOy oldin

    @1:35 yhal hear the foot steps from old boy running off hahah

  103. Dame28

    Dame28Oy oldin

    Sauce Walka energy