How LeBron was after hearing LaMarcus Aldridge Went to the Nets

Why they keep tryna cheat this man LeBron out his legacy man?!?! 😂😂 Y’all STOP THAT
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  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld121 kun oldin

    Another lebron one ! Had to since the Nets cheating 😂😂 y’all like and comment man! Love y’all! Sorry we putting up so much content


    JASON WATKINS22 soat oldin

    @Uncle Jim u do have 2 people making 40+ million dollars plus if u add Kyrie 33 million, joe Harris 16 million, Dinwiddie 11 million, and deAndre Jordan 10 million that’s kinda insane. There whole roster equals 161 million dollars. Lakers have a total of 125 million dollars in there whole roster. The 6 nets players I listed above have almost 20 million more dollars than the whole lakers roster. Like wtf how r they not cheating it’s complete fucking bullshit. Also I’m not a lakers fan or a lebron fan I’m just a basketball fan and I’m just pointing out facts here and if something I’ve said is wrong feel free to correct it.

  3. Rashun Jackson

    Rashun Jackson2 kun oldin

    @ichiraku ramen llll

  4. Ginobili Kenobi

    Ginobili Kenobi2 kun oldin

    Aldridge retired. Can't wait to see what Bron gone say

  5. TACO

    TACO3 kun oldin

    @RBBI PLZZ (:

  6. Certified SWAGGERBOY

    Certified SWAGGERBOY7 kun oldin

    LeBron can kinda blame himself for this though 😂

  7. Dhruv Pathak

    Dhruv Pathak5 soat oldin

    Breaking: The Nets have traded for Steph Curry and Kawhi Leonard

  8. James M

    James M7 soat oldin


  9. John Abbassi

    John Abbassi10 soat oldin

    LaMarcus Aldridge was forced to retire because of a heart irregularity. There happy Lakers fans? LETS GO NETS, DO IT FOR ALDRIDGE!

  10. Joey Wrightsman

    Joey Wrightsman12 soat oldin

    Well this is awkward....

  11. Why so Serious?

    Why so Serious?15 soat oldin

    Now I'm kinda sad and guilty for getting mad at Lamarcus for going to the nets, he retired early.

  12. IAM Atrax

    IAM Atrax16 soat oldin

    😂🤣 brooo this is comedy!

  13. the rock obama

    the rock obama18 soat oldin

    You should do one about Lamarcus Aldridge retiring

  14. Findyification

    Findyification19 soat oldin

    i still hear Kyyyriiiieeeee

  15. Ant1ne

    Ant1neKun oldin

    bru sad now that lamarcus retired

  16. Chris Rhinehart

    Chris RhinehartKun oldin

    And then retired

  17. Itz Mistamistagaming

    Itz MistamistagamingKun oldin


  18. David Gilmore

    David GilmoreKun oldin

    Here this didn’t last long

  19. John Abbassi

    John AbbassiKun oldin

    Space Jam 3 A Better Legacy LOL. They all get their primes back.

  20. Stephen Henken Jr

    Stephen Henken JrKun oldin

    Love these guy's videos they're are hilarious. This one is one of my favorites

  21. Alexander

    AlexanderKun oldin

    At least LaMarcus Retired

  22. Savion Santana

    Savion SantanaKun oldin


  23. Eric Hudson

    Eric HudsonKun oldin

    LMMFAO.. "This Ain't the All Star Game."

  24. bmoneybesteves

    bmoneybestevesKun oldin

    Damn this makes me sad. :(

  25. BoogieBoii

    BoogieBoiiKun oldin

    bron is 36 let him rest lmao it takes a full lineup of allstars to beat 1 of him

  26. TheRealNascar

    TheRealNascarKun oldin

    Whos here after LaMarcus retired?

  27. Miguel Olvina

    Miguel OlvinaKun oldin

    “aDAAAAM!!!” “What??” “gODDAMNIT ADAM!-“

  28. Lil Jam

    Lil Jam2 kun oldin

    Who's here after he retired 😅

  29. jigga bang93

    jigga bang932 kun oldin

    Funny stuff I'm crying

  30. TheUnickewone

    TheUnickewone2 kun oldin

    Well this aged fast asf 🥲

  31. Dark fella

    Dark fella2 kun oldin

    Now hes retired

  32. Just a sober guy

    Just a sober guy2 kun oldin

    Well he just retired so chill Lebron 😂

  33. Filler40

    Filler402 kun oldin

    "so lamarcus will be in his prime?!" really hits different now

  34. Nuclear Boomer

    Nuclear Boomer2 kun oldin

    Lmao Lamarcus just retired. Praying for his health though

  35. Lord Blanc

    Lord Blanc2 kun oldin


  36. t i

    t i2 kun oldin

    Whose here after AL retired?

  37. Dre

    DreKun oldin


  38. Prince Trabado

    Prince Trabado2 kun oldin

    Who's here after LaMarcus retired?

  39. Joshua Ornelas

    Joshua Ornelas2 kun oldin

    Now he’s retired

  40. Alexander Vincent Nabong

    Alexander Vincent Nabong2 kun oldin

    Here after Aldridge announced his retirement

  41. iiKiller568

    iiKiller5682 kun oldin

    Here after he retired because of health conditions

  42. Leo B

    Leo B2 kun oldin

    He retired lol

  43. Robert Ravelo

    Robert Ravelo2 kun oldin

    LeBron took care of aldridge🤣

  44. Jiazheng Ren

    Jiazheng Ren2 kun oldin

    This didn't age well

  45. Pj Holcomb

    Pj Holcomb2 kun oldin

    Make a video about him retirement


    99AL FAILI WAQAIN2 kun oldin

    😂 Lololol. Well Aldridge is retiring and hope he gets better soon....

  47. Trevor Dent

    Trevor Dent2 kun oldin

    Who's here after LMA's retirement?!

  48. Andrew Ball

    Andrew Ball2 kun oldin

    Now you guys got to make lamarcus Aldridge retired

  49. Dismal

    Dismal2 kun oldin

    LeBron be thanking the gods right now

  50. KingKing_sheen

    KingKing_sheen2 kun oldin

    This shit be funny asf

  51. Darin Candelario

    Darin Candelario2 kun oldin

    who’s here after lamarcus aldridge just retired?

  52. Soup Time

    Soup Time2 kun oldin

    How Lebron be like after Lamarcus retires 💀💀💀

  53. D1 Osi

    D1 Osi2 kun oldin

    Who here after he just retired😔

  54. Valley of Gold

    Valley of Gold2 kun oldin

    He s retired

  55. Tom Yamaguchi

    Tom Yamaguchi2 kun oldin

    Man I mean how many of these can u make? It’s always the same shit, the guy yelling really really loud.

  56. John carlo Gonzales

    John carlo Gonzales2 kun oldin

    Oooooo... Aaaaaaaa O A

  57. Lakanus

    Lakanus2 kun oldin

    This really needs a part 2 of Lebron reacting to the retirement announcement 😂😂

  58. Hilton Young

    Hilton Young2 kun oldin

    Who's here after he announced his retirement?

  59. rushilb6

    rushilb62 kun oldin

    This hits different now that he announced he’s retiring

  60. Swiper

    Swiper5 soat oldin

    @TakeThis 1 Lebron won’t retire when he’s 3,000 points shy of surpassing Kareem as all time scoring leader

  61. TakeThis 1

    TakeThis 19 soat oldin

    @Swiper i just thought he meant lebron is retiring

  62. Swiper

    Swiper9 soat oldin

    @TakeThis 1 yes Lamarcus retired due to a heart concern

  63. TakeThis 1

    TakeThis 122 soat oldin

    do u mean lamarcus?

  64. kaim cruz

    kaim cruzKun oldin

    @Therapist Abe la got an irregular heartbeat announced it 2 days ago i think

  65. Ayman Riki

    Ayman Riki3 kun oldin

    To be honest, so far the Nets don't really seem all that good. You can have the best players but chemistry can always mess up. They literally lost by 25 against Lakers without AD or Lebron in a regular game

  66. CK ThePlug

    CK ThePlug3 kun oldin

    What’s next y’all gone put 6 players on the court 😂😂😭💀

  67. The LO_Down On Cubing

    The LO_Down On Cubing3 kun oldin

    LOL "I am 36 cmon"

  68. LW Tracker

    LW Tracker4 kun oldin

    Kobe turn into a zombie and joins the nets

  69. Juan Aguilera

    Juan Aguilera4 kun oldin

    My man over here has to lose his voice after every one of these videos 🤣😂

  70. JaysPlaceGaming

    JaysPlaceGaming4 kun oldin

    Rip to the phone 2021-2021

  71. Strapped Xal

    Strapped Xal4 kun oldin

    "this aint pace jam" lmaoo

  72. Jack Banner

    Jack Banner5 kun oldin


  73. Jay0705 Sm

    Jay0705 Sm5 kun oldin

    Hood avatar

  74. Jessa Climaco

    Jessa Climaco5 kun oldin

    You look like udonis haslem

  75. Moorrada

    Moorrada5 kun oldin

    eh well the lakers just beat the nets by 20 so i wouldn't be worried

  76. sunny robinson

    sunny robinson5 kun oldin

    This is the reason why I SUBSCRIBED to see him SNAP🤬😂😂😂😂

  77. GamerGee

    GamerGee5 kun oldin


  78. Jared Banks

    Jared Banks5 kun oldin

    It would be fucking hilarious if LeBron was really like this behind the scenes lmaooo. Mark be putting his heart and soul into being LeBron.

  79. KakaToc

    KakaToc5 kun oldin

    I had to turn on subtitles but not even subtitles could understand what this dude was screaming

  80. Jared Flores

    Jared Flores5 kun oldin

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Nets will sign in all of the Denver Nuggets stars at this point

  81. Ra-Hham Eysh George

    Ra-Hham Eysh George6 kun oldin

    RDCworld ft. Longbeachgriffy needa happen. 💯 The yelling that would take place. 😂😂😂

  82. Kou

    Kou6 kun oldin

    If lakers won the Finals again. againts the Nets, my respect for LeBron will go even higher.

  83. King West 7

    King West 76 kun oldin


  84. Atfguddaxl Lewis

    Atfguddaxl Lewis6 kun oldin


  85. Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez6 kun oldin

    Lebron has made a career going to super teams lol

  86. Captain Light

    Captain Light6 kun oldin

    Lebron need ray allen to come out of retirement for this one

  87. Kid Vader

    Kid Vader6 kun oldin

    1:19 That phone turned to dust “GODAMIT ADAM!!!!!” 🤣🤣🤣

  88. moses jerico

    moses jerico6 kun oldin

    He caught an Alley!

  89. AitLin Of The Rebellion

    AitLin Of The Rebellion6 kun oldin

    LeBron: **scores 30-point triple-double in the returning game** The entire Nets team: Ayo Mike you wanna get another ring?

  90. Jon Pena

    Jon Pena7 kun oldin

    This isn't space jam! Lol it is now

  91. Nuclear Sonic

    Nuclear Sonic7 kun oldin

    Who's here after Lakers blew out Nets without LBJ, AD, Kuz, Marc Gasol and Wesley Matthews?

  92. game time

    game time7 kun oldin

    this aint space jam lmaaaaoooooo

  93. Cuba D

    Cuba D7 kun oldin

    Everybody get there prime?😂🙌

  94. Boogie

    Boogie7 kun oldin

    Breaking News: Kobe has come back from the dead and joined the Nets

  95. Rip MGK

    Rip MGK4 kun oldin

    Too soon my friend. Not cool

  96. Sara Ilustre

    Sara Ilustre7 kun oldin


  97. patrick gagaza

    patrick gagaza7 kun oldin

    I’m Only One Person..😂😂😂

  98. Leon Bryant Jr.

    Leon Bryant Jr.7 kun oldin

    ADAM!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  99. Joel Avalos

    Joel Avalos8 kun oldin

    Where you buy your shirt at?

  100. Yebok U

    Yebok U8 kun oldin

    James sg Kyrie pg kd small foward blake power foward lamarc center game over

  101. Anthony Panama214

    Anthony Panama2148 kun oldin

    Adam Silver Lowkey Black Brotha😂✊🏾

  102. Anthony Panama214

    Anthony Panama2148 kun oldin

    What Happened 2 The Injury Lebron😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  103. J So Toxic

    J So Toxic8 kun oldin

    This not space Jam 😂

  104. Infinity and Boiss

    Infinity and Boiss8 kun oldin


  105. Falkon

    Falkon8 kun oldin

    This is some funny shit. But they need better sound quality and his buddies need to be more louder just to be heard

  106. Razz Beatz

    Razz Beatz8 kun oldin

    He got his prime back🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  107. chamberlain wonder

    chamberlain wonder8 kun oldin

    Oooohhhh lol this is exactly how emotional lebron is when his carrier.

  108. Dylan Sandoval

    Dylan Sandoval8 kun oldin

    He gon be bodying everybody up at center 🤣🤣

  109. Shaquon Howard

    Shaquon Howard8 kun oldin

    And he’s been hurt every since lmaoo

  110. B Boon

    B Boon8 kun oldin

    Yall forgot. They was talking about Vince Cater coming out of retirement to join the nets remember.

  111. staticbb

    staticbb8 kun oldin

    LA out here went and stole curry's powers shooting 80% from three in his first 4 games on the team. These niggas out here doing the most to beat LeThanos. I hope they succeed because who knows what the fuck else they will pull to take him down. Maybe send Delonte West back in time to seduce mama james, create an illigitimate light skinned lebron to claim the throne in the future.

  112. W. Smalls

    W. Smalls8 kun oldin

    I am at work crying man!!!!! Excellent work bro...

  113. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla8 kun oldin

    How on earth did I not know about these guys???? ahahahahahaha Im dyinggggg lolll.. "Is Adam in on this? get Adam on the phone" lollll