How Marvel Heroes feel about Phase 4

We had to get Every Hero's opinion about Marvel's Phase 4, and while some people are glad to get some shine others had a few things to say.
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Mark Phillips - @SupremeDreams_1
Affiong Harris - @CleanUniform
Desmond Johnson - @l0v3andpeac3
Leland Manigo - @23_Is_Leland
Dylan Patel - @dylanpatel4_
Benjamin Skinner - @Ive_Ben_Jammin
Johnathan Newton - @playthatjohn


  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld1Yil oldin

    Wassup y’all I know y’all want the main skits but you know in production! Let’s get this video to 75k likes and 3k comments for Blade!

  2. Davion Wells

    Davion Wells14 kun oldin

    @Brian Aden Yea, I have been using flixzone for months myself :)

  3. Brian Aden

    Brian Aden14 kun oldin

    Pro trick: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies recently.

  4. BTD_Rez and BTD_x

    BTD_Rez and BTD_xOy oldin

    @7777 7777 mine too

  5. BshaqIso

    BshaqIsoOy oldin

    You should make one with DC characters now that Snydercut Justice League is out do it for the DC fans please 😅🙏🏻

  6. Byosplackavellie Griffin

    Byosplackavellie Griffin3 oy oldin

    The IRS is going to be the new villian coming harder than thanos

  7. Imam Hasan

    Imam Hasan34 daqiqa oldin

    What u mean moon knight can't defeat hawkeye he could wield mjolnir

  8. Swagule Mihawk

    Swagule Mihawk2 soat oldin

    that falcon america segment aged like fine wine LOL

  9. lucien75

    lucien755 soat oldin

    Um, why do they keep saying Blade didn't have a TV show? Yes, he DID have one. Dumb.

  10. GoblinPunch

    GoblinPunch10 soat oldin

    Held up good over the last few years! Keep up the good work!

  11. Eric Hagen

    Eric Hagen12 soat oldin

    to answer moonknight....jeremy renner is asking fer a hawkeye movie lol

  12. Camauri Williams

    Camauri Williams14 soat oldin

    Ain't punisher MCU

  13. Camauri Williams

    Camauri Williams14 soat oldin

    Hawkeye is good in the show avengers assemble

  14. GM Admin

    GM Admin17 soat oldin

    Why is Shang Chi dressed like Captain Picard?

  15. Rafael Rocha

    Rafael Rocha17 soat oldin

    phase 4 is all about social justice,Steve and Tonny will be missed

  16. jordan b

    jordan b18 soat oldin

    "I did not know I came here to get disrespected I swear to god" Punisher 😂

  17. spiffysniff

    spiffysniffKun oldin

    those blade movies were some of my favorites as a child

  18. Brian Lingden

    Brian Lingden17 soat oldin

    Me too man, even though I was a kid when avengers were coming out. I was watching old movies, everything back to the 80s.

  19. sadboiclikkie

    sadboiclikkieKun oldin

    7:39 “Blade is every black kids superhero, they all look up to him” “No they don’t.” Who they look up to then?” “Black panther” “🅱️”

  20. Ashod

    AshodKun oldin

    this is hilarious havent laughed so hard in a while 😂😂😂😂

  21. RasTomas Stanford

    RasTomas StanfordKun oldin

    None of them want the smoke from blade. And Pun.

  22. chiliesauce83

    chiliesauce832 kun oldin

    Ghost rider got the worst treatment. Blade 2nd and punisher 3rd.

  23. MrMDMPOfficial

    MrMDMPOfficial2 kun oldin

    Buddy worked the hell out them nunchucks

  24. Brian Lingden

    Brian Lingden2 kun oldin

    Moon Knight cool as hell. So is Blade.

  25. Nathaniel Cockayne

    Nathaniel Cockayne4 kun oldin

    To be fair blade had three films that's pretty respectable

  26. Brian Lingden

    Brian Lingden17 soat oldin

    Childhood poster hero. Love Blade.

  27. Lego Batman

    Lego Batman4 kun oldin

    like how hawkeye is just a stoner with a bow

  28. Lego Batman

    Lego Batman4 kun oldin

    im still confused as to who blade is

  29. Keshane Campbell

    Keshane Campbell4 kun oldin

    Hits different now that Sam Wilson is now the new Captain America.........

  30. Aaron Chow

    Aaron Chow4 kun oldin

    Blade has a point

  31. Jay Chitalia

    Jay Chitalia4 kun oldin

    When Shang Chi is acc getting a movie... LOLLLL

  32. The Law_v1001

    The Law_v10014 kun oldin

    I feel like this phase 4 gonna be tuff. It’s gonna be like ant man joining the Avengers

  33. Lovleen

    Lovleen4 kun oldin

    Ppl about to ride Moon Knight's wave when his show comes out next year

  34. Kaimana 2x

    Kaimana 2x4 kun oldin

    Moonlight would beat Hawkeye

  35. JCL Productions

    JCL Productions4 kun oldin

    The most impressive thing about this is how they played the avengers theme song the whole video and didn’t violate any copyright laws.

  36. Bebop

    Bebop5 kun oldin

    Ayo we need another one of these man

  37. Sarwin Raaj

    Sarwin Raaj5 kun oldin

    I don't wanna see Dark characters like Moon Knight, Blade, The Punisher and Ghost Rider to be in the MCU I just want them to have their own TV show Universe

  38. Richard B

    Richard B5 kun oldin

    I honestly dont know who moon knight is

  39. Brian Lingden

    Brian Lingden17 soat oldin

    If you wanna get started on Moon Knight.

  40. Bradley Marsh

    Bradley Marsh6 kun oldin

    The Falcon part really came true huh

  41. Marcus And The Bag

    Marcus And The Bag6 kun oldin

    Interviewer is major disrespectful

  42. Jumpman056

    Jumpman0566 kun oldin

    Didn’t the first avengers come out in 2012

  43. killerB 187 R.O.D stunna

    killerB 187 R.O.D stunna6 kun oldin

    Blade is the best coochie coochie coo

  44. lanz ortiz

    lanz ortiz6 kun oldin

    I didn't know i came here to be disrespected. 😂

  45. asdf

    asdf6 kun oldin

    I love how they support diversity by actually having Shang-chi being casted by an actual Asian in this

  46. Ronald Smith

    Ronald Smith6 kun oldin

    Umm Aquaman right? 😂😂😂💀

  47. Scrape Smith

    Scrape Smith7 kun oldin

    The karate nigga had me weak 😂😂

  48. The Outsider

    The Outsider7 kun oldin

    Finally been waiting for the first asian Main MCU character

  49. catchy_tennis

    catchy_tennis7 kun oldin

    people watching after fatws

  50. Bolo Don

    Bolo Don7 kun oldin


  51. lord_mobi

    lord_mobi7 kun oldin

    Shang-Chi got in. Meanwhile, everyone else gotta wait a few more years.

  52. Marquis Bean

    Marquis Bean7 kun oldin

    Phase 4: Black Widow - July 9, 2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - September 3, 2021 Eternals - November 5, 2021 Spider-Man: No Way Home - December 17, 2021 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - March 25, 2022 Thor: Love and Thunder - May 6, 2022 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - July 8, 2022 The Marvels - November 11, 2022 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - February 17, 2023 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - May 5, 2023 and the Fantastic Four.

  53. danger_darkness\lil 40.

    danger_darkness\lil 40.8 kun oldin

    Making a new ghost Rider project

  54. danger_darkness\lil 40.

    danger_darkness\lil 40.8 kun oldin

    Are we gonna forget about ghost Rider 😐

  55. OLYMPUS Rec

    OLYMPUS Rec8 kun oldin

    It’s crazy how falcon and winter soldiers was exactly why he didn’t take the shield

  56. Rae Dawn C

    Rae Dawn C9 kun oldin

    Best part: “I can whoop Hawkeye and you at the same time, Interviewer!” - Moonknight 😂 😭 How is it possible that we can actually hear Mark scratching his chin and tucking his bottom lip up a bit 😂 @2:57 - 3:06 Also... Black Widow can’t hang with Bucky in a group, let alone by herself. Meanwhile, one of the Dora Milaje literally disarmed him. Black Widow not fucking with any super humans. 😂 She certainly not hanging with no fucking Proxima Midnight. And she is not a super soldier 😂 Folks taking mad liberties with the source material in the comments 😭 I love how Leland the Interviewer is uniformly disrespectful. They all did some of their best work in this skit.

  57. aahmeer

    aahmeer9 kun oldin

    Little do they know, Shang-Chi getting a movie released in September 3rd, 2021

  58. Snoofy Air

    Snoofy Air9 kun oldin

    It’s funny because Nick Fury got Secret Invasion show, Ghost Rider has a movie coming lol

  59. Louis Guardado

    Louis Guardado10 kun oldin

    Ngl at 1:30 got me dead I had to look it up and it’s true he is on top of some list 😂 also he’s getting a tv serious on Disney plus, it popped up also

  60. Mal

    Mal10 kun oldin

    ghost rider swea somebody actually need him🤣🤣you not even worth the call bro lmao

  61. wldlvr o

    wldlvr o10 kun oldin

    Ayo whoo thee fuuck is Moon Knight 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. NJDFAN76

    NJDFAN7610 kun oldin

    The first Avengers came out 2012 not 2008

  63. David Siwale

    David Siwale10 kun oldin

    Another would slap my gees

  64. Stanton thorne

    Stanton thorne10 kun oldin

    We need another one of these asap 😂🤣 just watched this ish 3x and it's still Funny af

  65. Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith11 kun oldin

    Unc been missin' out

  66. Titanicus Knight of the Kaiju

    Titanicus Knight of the Kaiju11 kun oldin

    7:20 7:40 9:15

  67. Solomon Jones

    Solomon Jones11 kun oldin

    was clean asf when dylan caught the nunchucks in his arm 😭

  68. Anish Vattappara

    Anish Vattappara11 kun oldin

    Dylan is still the funniest part of this 🤣

  69. Whitelight Entertainment

    Whitelight Entertainment12 kun oldin

    Nick Fury is getting his own show

  70. Ferdinanmagelen

    Ferdinanmagelen12 kun oldin

    I want punisher and blade in the same room doing the same interview

  71. Alan Flores

    Alan Flores12 kun oldin


  72. Background Fish

    Background Fish13 kun oldin

    Now we need that reaction from Moon Knight since he’s getting in the MCU!

  73. Frost Pat

    Frost Pat13 kun oldin

    Why is Paul Mooney Blade lol!

  74. Kuro Zumi

    Kuro Zumi13 kun oldin

    I mean people don't have anything to say about heroes being black, it ain't a problem for most people for obvious reasons

  75. Levi Tinney

    Levi Tinney14 kun oldin

    Ghost rider tv show could’ve been good

  76. Acerry Reborn

    Acerry Reborn14 kun oldin

    They called it before anyone else!! Shang Chi is getting a movie!

  77. Daudi Ford

    Daudi Ford14 kun oldin

    Moonlight ran up on him Quick....I like that dude

  78. Othaeron Ross

    Othaeron Ross14 kun oldin

    It’s crazy to think that blade saved all of marvel and the only reason the avengers movies are a thing is because of blade

  79. Mikail Thomas

    Mikail Thomas14 kun oldin

    They even said in the show that they would never let a black man be Captain America, suit still looks clean though.

  80. Armani74

    Armani7415 kun oldin

    Almost a year later and so far the tv shows have been better than some of the movies

  81. Aaron Barrera

    Aaron Barrera15 kun oldin

    Nobody talking about that flawless Wesley snipes impression

  82. Al Kohilic

    Al Kohilic16 kun oldin

    HawkEye didn’t get a movie tho...

  83. AgeDrain

    AgeDrain16 kun oldin

    Never seen moon knight in any marvel comics I’ve read. I still don’t know why people want him in a movie.

  84. Armani Victor

    Armani Victor17 kun oldin

    This reporter just shits on everybody's day😂

  85. • weresolovely •

    • weresolovely •17 kun oldin

    *welp Shang Chi is getting a movie now-*

  86. Mercury The Sun warrior

    Mercury The Sun warrior17 kun oldin

    Falcon ain’t even take captain America role I’m on on episode three

  87. Chris Reese

    Chris Reese18 kun oldin

    Hella accurate with MK bro 😂😂😂

  88. ree ee

    ree ee18 kun oldin


  89. J

    J18 kun oldin

    Dylan with the Kung Fu Spazzes 😂

  90. Edlingson Dumeus

    Edlingson Dumeus18 kun oldin

    Shang Chi finally got that movie

  91. Kronos

    Kronos18 kun oldin

    Well looks like chang chi got his movie after all

  92. JBSoDope87

    JBSoDope8719 kun oldin


  93. Charles Ramsey

    Charles Ramsey19 kun oldin

    Rewatching the falcon interview with the show out rn hits different 😂!

  94. The Lone Wolf

    The Lone Wolf19 kun oldin

    Here after Moon Knight trailer

  95. Noedale Flowers

    Noedale Flowers19 kun oldin

    LMFAO @ I don't wanna see moon knight get mopped

  96. kosxGamer

    kosxGamer20 kun oldin

    Man that "plus he's white" comment aged pretty good lol.

  97. the.memphis massage.therapist

    the.memphis massage.therapist20 kun oldin

    “cause guess what.....I GOT GUNS.....” ~punisher

  98. the.memphis massage.therapist

    the.memphis massage.therapist20 kun oldin

    got damn hilarious bruh!!! BRAVO YOUNG KINGS!!! we need a movie

  99. Carlos Haddmann

    Carlos Haddmann20 kun oldin

    “I got guns so let’s get to these question, the right way”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  100. William Drake

    William Drake21 kun oldin

    "Bring winter soldier in here then see if he shoots like me!"😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭💀💀💀💀

  101. Grimm

    Grimm21 kun oldin

    *So the Shang-Chi movie trailer dropped*

  102. Connor Terry

    Connor Terry21 kun oldin

    Marvel needs to have birdman, his super powers consist of, breaking a brick down faster then anybody else and has superhuman eyeballing ability, is a real OG, has the ability to talk every form of slang known to all streets including foreign, gets all the bad bitches (including yours) flew off the porch at the age of 6 (he didnt need to hop) is a beast at everything except being broke, pull out game is strong 💪, he's gucci manes plug, but his mightiest power of all is the inability to take Ls being the inspiration behind the song all I do is win win in no matter what. Birdman the mightiest hero of them all

  103. Brit Muffin

    Brit Muffin21 kun oldin

    how they know the plot of the falcon and the winter solider

  104. Ty Ang

    Ty Ang21 kun oldin

    @rdcworld1 put shang-chi on now he got a marvel deal hang in there moon knight lol

  105. origTacoking

    origTacoking21 kun oldin

    Shang Trailer just dropped

  106. AYDINN

    AYDINN21 kun oldin

    Hilariously, the shang-chi trailer came out today, so that’s nice that he does have an actual movie now.

  107. XxShanexX

    XxShanexX21 kun oldin

    Came back after the Shang Chi trailer

  108. momo momomo

    momo momomo21 kun oldin

    Who’s here after Sang Chi trailer dropped?