How Networks be when you Black and Try to Pitch a Show

😂😂😂😂 why every black show gotta have certain things in them bro let us make what we want!!
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  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld124 kun oldin

    Why can’t they just give black people regular shows lol 150k likes?! THUMBS UP MY PPL

  2. Sénior Jáva

    Sénior Jáva3 kun oldin

    Congrats on my man Leland for officially completing the the 4 Kage set of RDC acting. You came along way from the early skits and this right here complete the set. Wark, Wesmond, Wen and WeWand. Cash Money Productions nigga 😂😂Keep up all the great work, Dream Gang gonna keep looking y’all out regardless 💯

  3. Joan Edward

    Joan Edward4 kun oldin

  4. Another random guy

    Another random guy4 kun oldin

    @Michael J. Smothers What anime do you watch where a character DOESN’T have a weird hair color? I’m not sure where you got the super power thing from either.

  5. Puud DoKtR

    Puud DoKtR8 kun oldin

    Keep making good content! U have my support brethren! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  6. NK Allday

    NK Allday10 kun oldin

    Because they make garbage shows

  7. Vfaulks88

    Vfaulks887 soat oldin

    This is hilarious lol

  8. Nathaniel Sablan

    Nathaniel Sablan9 soat oldin

    They act like black people aren’t just normal people bruh

  9. Assassin Styles2099

    Assassin Styles209912 soat oldin

    This is less of a parody, and more of a accurate video. Hollywood trying to stereotype black people.

  10. Jerry Fleming

    Jerry Fleming12 soat oldin

    Don’t forget the police brutality that motivated them to travel in time to escape from their adversities

  11. Arizz '

    Arizz '17 soat oldin

    Hey man we love the script and everything but (flips through papers) where’s the part where you guys get shot by the police?

  12. The Star Wheeler

    The Star Wheeler17 soat oldin

    When you hear "What did I do wrong im just calling it like I see it?" ..

  13. P Maloba

    P Maloba18 soat oldin

    nigga said youd play a mean django

  14. Afwillia 3

    Afwillia 3Kun oldin

    That script scratched his eyes! 👀 🤣🤣

  15. Opinion OfOnion

    Opinion OfOnionKun oldin

    Bruh I swear people think history and slavery began when the United States became a thing 😂 heads so dense

  16. nobody

    nobody18 soat oldin

    While i don't think any one but the insanely ignorant thinks that history or slavery started with the United States. There is a lot of societal problems with the U.S and slavery. one being that most black people never got over it, some think only blacks were slaves and only whites were slave owners, And that the biggest problem is that the U.S is stuck in the past. After all you don't normally hear about other countries horrible histories unless your trying to learn about them while America just loves to talk about it.

  17. Mya Breezy

    Mya BreezyKun oldin

    Bro y'all ain't finna whitewash my shxt is what he should have said

  18. Mya Breezy

    Mya BreezyKun oldin

    Tyler Perry is typing...

  19. montblanc noland

    montblanc noland2 kun oldin

    Hahahaha wtf man it be like that hahaha

  20. Snapped

    Snapped2 kun oldin

    There goes Falcon and the Winter Soldier too.. “wOuLd I cAlL yOu BLaCk KiD?” and the fucking cop and bank scenes too. Corporations trying to be your friend is so weird.

  21. jackster Dopeman

    jackster Dopeman2 kun oldin

    This sounds like Netflix

  22. EyenI

    EyenI2 kun oldin

    I LITERALLY SCREAMED at the first joke (and kept laughing after). Fantastic job both of you!!! Comedy has extra bite when people are acting out real situations like this, you can SENSE it through the screen

  23. Hecuz

    Hecuz2 kun oldin

    The scream tho 😂

  24. Quinton Johnson

    Quinton Johnson2 kun oldin

    Too funny! Perfect!

  25. Ya Friendly Neighborhood Q

    Ya Friendly Neighborhood Q2 kun oldin

    Lol none of us is rapping Nigga!

  26. Ty

    Ty2 kun oldin

    This sht so funny bruh 😂

  27. Puud DoKtR

    Puud DoKtR2 kun oldin

    *slap* stop playin wit me!! This part killed me 🤣☠️☠️🤣

  28. Kingj42j

    Kingj42j3 kun oldin

    Who’s here after that show Them on Amazon I’ve not seen it but damn Hollywood keeps putting these shows/films out and its exhausting.

  29. Jarod 1999

    Jarod 19993 kun oldin

    I’d love to watch a show about a group of friends who time travel.

  30. nobody

    nobody18 soat oldin

    Time warp Trio.

  31. Andy Kaliko

    Andy Kaliko3 kun oldin

    "How are you guys gonna stay as a sports team?" LMFAOOOOOO

  32. Dustin Maxwell

    Dustin Maxwell4 kun oldin

    That's Black Lightning in a nutshell. I never could figure out why people liked it. Supergirl's saving the planet Bl's fighting drug dealers in the hood. And they were honestly ready to cut BL out of it altogether.

  33. nobody

    nobody18 soat oldin

    and Luke Cage

  34. Dontever touchmyhat

    Dontever touchmyhat4 kun oldin

    You're asking your enemy to tell your story. What would you expect?

  35. Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby4 kun oldin

    This is funny as hell but not nearly true

  36. Mbali Xhakaza

    Mbali Xhakaza5 kun oldin

    "Pleasure doing business with you" Oh my God 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  37. Ashley Emanuel

    Ashley Emanuel5 kun oldin

    The accuracy 💯

  38. Bayk3rr

    Bayk3rr5 kun oldin

    Colonist wondering how they will get all the construction done= 0:24

  39. Eric Riley

    Eric Riley5 kun oldin

    "Like get out?" "No, someone already made get out, aye look im finna get out. It ain't finna be no get out." Pause.🤔😂😂

  40. Abdul Khan

    Abdul Khan5 kun oldin

    Calling your show 'Black Time' may not be the best idea if you don't want to bring attention to your race.

  41. Arne Wats

    Arne Wats5 kun oldin

    Y'all are the funniest ppl on UZnick 😂😂💯

  42. Depressed Glub

    Depressed Glub5 kun oldin

    I love how he starts screaming at the end

  43. Rayelity Check Ministries

    Rayelity Check Ministries6 kun oldin

    Pretty much....

  44. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama6 kun oldin

    He also should’ve added “And this contains a tragic twist ending where none of the characters live past 35 right?”

  45. Michael Callahan

    Michael Callahan6 kun oldin

    I know this is just a skit but maybe don't call the show "BLACK Time" if you want it to just be a regular show without racial elements.

  46. Mikail Thomas

    Mikail Thomas6 kun oldin

    "DID I say slaves?!"

  47. Spiritual Goodness

    Spiritual Goodness7 kun oldin

    Pleasure doing business with you😂😂

  48. Lesedi Ramokgopa

    Lesedi Ramokgopa7 kun oldin


  49. Dee Blacc

    Dee Blacc7 kun oldin

    Bro i swear he can be another chris tucker bro funny

  50. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop7 kun oldin

    took me all day to Just realised that it was a parody of "Golden Time"

  51. nobody

    nobody18 soat oldin

    sounds more like "time warp trio" to me

  52. Just-In-Time

    Just-In-Time7 kun oldin

    "But if you guys get split up how are ya gonna remain a sports team?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go7 kun oldin

    This is my new jake and amir

  54. Babi Dai

    Babi Dai7 kun oldin

    Yo no cap that sound like a good ass show

  55. Nw izg

    Nw izg8 kun oldin

    Pleasure doing business with you 😂

  56. Emanuel Tesfai

    Emanuel Tesfai8 kun oldin

    LMAOOO AS A RAP GROUP oh man...

  57. Herm P

    Herm P8 kun oldin

    Black people are not given there own shows to create because you would think positively. See if the show is positive then the viewer's mind set will be positive. White network executives takes over the content of Black creators and spin it on the negative so the viewer's can think negative. This is why we are given shows where we are gangstas and drug dealers and beat down Slaves. I hope these guys get there 🙏 own show someday and they can spin the narrative of our people back in a positive light.

  58. Herm P

    Herm P15 soat oldin

    @nobody Trust and believe I haven't forgotten about black sellout executives. They are there for the money. But to answer your questions about the ratings. These shows are put in front of the viewer's even if doesn't get any ratings 🙄. The executives have all the control. There main focus is negative influence. If they want they can spin the influence positively. But the goal is to destroy psyhchy and spirit. And the executives are doing a good job at it.

  59. nobody

    nobody18 soat oldin

    So are you just going to ignore the fact that their are Black Network executives too? the only reason black shows focus on gangster's, drug dealers, rappers, sports, etc... is because the shows get views when people stop watching them the shows will change and non black people also watch these shows.

  60. Shawn Ransom

    Shawn Ransom8 kun oldin


  61. Infinity and Boiss

    Infinity and Boiss8 kun oldin

    It’s called Black Time but has nothing to do with black people The name should be White Time. Or history Time

  62. Michael Datuin

    Michael Datuin8 kun oldin

    this is some of your best work. good job ya'll

  63. diana ;-;

    diana ;-;8 kun oldin

    That yell at the end tho 💀

  64. Zan

    Zan8 kun oldin

    Why even emphasise the "Black" part though. Like who cares if the cast is Black or White or fucking Red. You just want a story with no stereotypes right?

  65. Harlem

    Harlem7 kun oldin

    @Zan i guess is simply laughing at society

  66. Zan

    Zan7 kun oldin

    @Harlem It's not a dumb comedy video if it's trying to make a point

  67. Harlem

    Harlem7 kun oldin

    It's meant to be a comedy video

  68. Turbo Pole

    Turbo Pole8 kun oldin

    "This sound just like remember the titans, coach Carter " had me weak lmao

  69. Spitz Phire

    Spitz Phire8 kun oldin

    Lol 😂 this is a fact bruh

  70. J V K K V R C H i V E

    J V K K V R C H i V E8 kun oldin

    on the real doe django 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Quinton Johnson

    Quinton Johnson8 kun oldin


  72. Izrael To'o

    Izrael To'o8 kun oldin

    the way his enthusiasm drops dramatically every time the dude cuts in 🤣🤣🤣

  73. jervis love

    jervis love8 kun oldin

    As a white person I think this guy's on point. I feel like I would feel like this guy

  74. G Airy

    G Airy8 kun oldin

    I feel like this could be a whole episode in Atlanta

  75. Skinny Alien

    Skinny Alien8 kun oldin

    “So we rapping” lol

  76. King William

    King William9 kun oldin


  77. Experimental Logic

    Experimental Logic9 kun oldin

    Lol the rapping is extremely accurate. Anything in the modern day is always rap though.

  78. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith9 kun oldin

    "This is all new to me." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Saboth

    Saboth9 kun oldin

    That's the real problem with black TV shows and movies. What gets greenlit from networks and studios is stuff about slaves, hip hop, baby mama, sports, inner city, cops, criminals. I don't care about ANY of that (and preachy crap and drama like Tyler Perry makes). If you made black shows about ninjas, time travel, comedy, robots, monster hunters, super heroes, and stuff like that, I'd watch it!

  80. Waffle fawffle Mc dooodat

    Waffle fawffle Mc dooodat9 kun oldin

    i love how he gets more angry as it goes on.

  81. Marquis Harrison

    Marquis Harrison9 kun oldin

    Aye they should really do movies 😂

  82. The Dude

    The Dude9 kun oldin

    Maybe it is just the child in me but shows with dinos, robots, ninjas,.. still do it for me

  83. Elijah

    Elijah10 kun oldin

    “I’m finna get out”😂😭

  84. Eugena Jones

    Eugena Jones10 kun oldin

    Glad somebody said it 😄😄

  85. Yoel Iskindir

    Yoel Iskindir10 kun oldin

    "pleasure doing business with you!" *summons spell*

  86. JP Beastmode

    JP Beastmode10 kun oldin

    What about the pimps and the jive talk

  87. Jaion Cebollero

    Jaion Cebollero10 kun oldin

    “How the fuck this shit sound like remember the Titans?” Lmaoooooo 😂😂😂😂😃

  88. ITZTemp

    ITZTemp10 kun oldin

    This video made me hella heated like a lot of white people honestly just think it’s funny to crack jokes because you’re black, and I also hate the ignorant ass people that be like “you can’t be racist towards white people” YOU CAN BE RACIST TOWARDS ANY RACE! Calling a white a person a c word is disrespectful towards whites making it racist because you’re not of that race they have the right to feel offended tf same with them calling us the n word. I swear people need to be more liberal fr

  89. Jesus Bourne

    Jesus Bourne10 kun oldin

    I should not have been drinking water watching this shit "pleasure doing business with you"

  90. Don Fierro

    Don Fierro10 kun oldin

    Hahahahahahaha 😂🤣🤣😂

  91. K1llerK1ll

    K1llerK1ll10 kun oldin

    So basically the plot to Time Bandits?

  92. George Freeman

    George Freeman10 kun oldin

    “Childhood trauma.” “Racist white people.” “How y’all gunna be a sports team.” Y’all covered every black movie in a video except horror movies cuz we all know what happens.

  93. chuckg130

    chuckg13010 kun oldin

    “I’ll slap yo bitch ass if wasn’t for no lawsuit”! 🤣🤣

  94. I remain Unimpressed

    I remain Unimpressed10 kun oldin

    U mean no father abandoned you issues..

  95. Xman

    Xman11 kun oldin

    What if...this was the pilot of the show?

  96. Kinda Somthing

    Kinda Somthing11 kun oldin

    Legit that is a really cool concept just people time traveling and shit. This could be a really cool animated show and it could be stylised like denzel curry's unlocked or some rick and morty episodes, where each episode has a different animation style based on it's inspiration. Like an caveman one in some sort of cave drawing, eygpt/roman/greek take place inside old art(heiroglyphs/potery for egypt, tile mosaic/paintings for rome, some sort of 3d animation of scultures for greece) that would be awsome.

  97. Jeremy Harrington

    Jeremy Harrington11 kun oldin

    “Pleasure doing business with ya” 😂 I woulda lost it

  98. macarthur andrews

    macarthur andrews11 kun oldin

    Should have been “Black in time” TBH

  99. Stimmy

    Stimmy11 kun oldin

    We need our own networks

  100. Fluttershy Luva

    Fluttershy Luva11 kun oldin

    Whatever happened to regular TV no matter what race you were (maybe it never existed). Just let all of us be creative and don’t interfere. It’s like when the studio interfered with a Ridley Scott movie. He Directed Alien and Blade Runner just let him do what he wants!

  101. Roshad Lamar

    Roshad Lamar11 kun oldin

    Just watched this again. I freaking DIE when he throws that paper! 🤣🤣🤣

  102. coolyco

    coolyco11 kun oldin

    So, you aren't letting white folks take your swag and slang?

  103. X_2waveyy

    X_2waveyy11 kun oldin

    Soooo they aren’t selling drugs..??

  104. Gabe Rich

    Gabe Rich11 kun oldin

    The way he screem when got hit with paper

  105. Marco Frazil

    Marco Frazil11 kun oldin

    sad but true everytime theirs black shows and black movies you have to have rap , sports and slavery or some other things related to black culture

  106. Freaky Splashh

    Freaky Splashh11 kun oldin

    We need more Ice Cubes and Eddy Murphey’s and less Tyler Perry’s writing black entertainment. Everything doesn’t have to be traumatic or woke.

  107. Lop Pop

    Lop Pop11 kun oldin


  108. here2watch08

    here2watch0811 kun oldin

    I would for real watch that show. WITHOUT all the stereotypical storylines. As a white person, I sympathize cuz all that is bs and I would like to watch the shit y'all wanna produce. I'm sick of all the stereotypes too!

  109. Levi DaLamb

    Levi DaLamb11 kun oldin

    How he slap him with the script got me week af 🤣😂😭

  110. V Barle

    V Barle11 kun oldin

    If the rings like too much of tv today, check out Demand Africa. A streaming service for the modern African.

  111. A1 Music

    A1 Music11 kun oldin

    Bruh 😂😂😂

  112. chriskeepit100

    chriskeepit10011 kun oldin

    When you walked back up to dude and he yelled at the end 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  113. Cypher160 Manny

    Cypher160 Manny11 kun oldin

    I would love a movie where a black guy is an astronaut he saves the world and nobody comments that hes black or faces racism by his peers or some shit just and average well trained man trying to save the world

  114. Lucy Lawless

    Lucy Lawless11 kun oldin

    Real talk tho this is all white people doing because they are the ones who write them stereo type crap because thats the way they want to potray us to the world making everyone think that all black people do drugs or join gangs its our fault as black people for excepting them roles