How People Who Use Poison be in Anime

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    New videos coming up soon! The long ones! Like league of extra ordinary heroes! That’s probably the next major video coming out! let’s get this one too 200k likes though!

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    Can u do another anime suggestion

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    Desmond was trying so hard not to laugh

  5. Limit Break

    Limit Break11 kun oldin

    Mark : “You just an ignorant villain, but you know that though” Desmond : “yes”

  6. Allasmistakeo

    Allasmistakeo11 kun oldin Death Note

  7. Alexander Tsynkov

    Alexander Tsynkov2 soat oldin

    At this rate I feel like Mark and Desmond have some kinda secret beef going on with how much Desmond is the villain.

  8. Tee ser ies

    Tee ser ies2 soat oldin

    we forgetting that the poison only activates before he does an attack

  9. Benedict Caguiat

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    None of these anime rivalries got anything on Mark vs Leland

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    I love anime


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    I have to win the fight.... AHAH

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    NAH BRO IMA DIEE!!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭"its basiclly poisonous", "my family can die"

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    The manga is a lot better than the anime

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  17. Priscilla Jimenez

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    Amplified the UV What does that mean? Basically poison How? Radiation... Oh Yes and then...cancer

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    This shit so silly 💀💀😭

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    this is how shinobu vs douma really went-

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    Ok so who’s winning in a fight Desmond or Pain??

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    bruh lol. nice lol.

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    Lmfaoooo boy just drops flat

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    you got a family? yes fk em huh they-they-they had to die lmao realist villain

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    So I’m just gonna die? Yes.

  27. SOGXSwayツ

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    Btw he was poisoned 3 times and survived for a while

  28. Charles H.E Elliott V

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    2:09 💀

  29. Diago Arellano

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    With the UV lights should of just said he gave him cancer

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    Yooo this one is it😭 best video you’ve put out since “that one person who takes anime to seriously”

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    How much poison do you have? Desmond: yes

  32. ItzBirb

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    He forgot the fact that the villain was in the sunlight too, why didn't he ask

  33. Caleb The Roblox King

    Caleb The Roblox King2 kun oldin

    “Now my new poison has taken effect. It’s in the core of the Earth, which will eventually explode the planet. And I have the antidote only for me to survive the explosion!”

  34. MarkF.D.B. Anderson

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    Tell him Mark.

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    we need that naruto talk no jutsu

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    “You got a family?” “Yeah” “So just fuck em?” “I had to win the fight” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    He straight up created SCP when day breaks

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    This channel is one of guilty pleasure's.😂

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    Desmond be looking like Biden, staring off like that lmao

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    Leland 😭😂

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    **When the MC have plot to survive 3 diffirent poison**

  44. KingOfDoggos

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    The uv rays would give you cancer so he basically made a cure for cancer

  45. Tanjiro Kamado

    Tanjiro Kamado3 kun oldin

    How they know how many wales it can kill? do thy poison one whale and suck the poison out of it then put it in the next whale?

  46. Yellobook

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    RIP for those 17 Whales

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    Is that bandana on your head and arm your merch? Because is fresh af.

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    You hoed the other 16 whales 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Mark and the gang still showing us the cliche' of anime haha these dudes are LEGENDS

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    I can't with them!! I'm done!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

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  53. First Last

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    His poison is so powerful it actually kills the previous poison before it can do any lethal harm.

  54. Whitebeard is trash

    Whitebeard is trash4 kun oldin

    Boruto is better than naruto

  55. JaysPlaceGaming

    JaysPlaceGaming4 kun oldin

    Pretty much a guy version of Shinobu

  56. Joel Cole

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    " Your gonna kill everybody, its the sun" Toxic cod gamers: "what's a sun?"

  57. zR0 sKillz

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    Me when I have 6 different poison type Pokémon on my team

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    17 whales... 😂😂🤣🤣

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    Who the hell dislikes these videos?

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    i fking died when the guy in the background died randomly, but it would've been more funny if he fell without using his hands

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    Poison users suck

  64. CMNDR Leon

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    LoL, dat Desmond be ruthless!!

  65. Inter Historia

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    When your poison is potent but Talk No Jutsu is much stronger.

  66. David ak

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    Shit so funny

  67. Roar XD

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    Shinobu be like

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    You got a family? Yes Fuck em huh?

  69. Shard Eboran

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    Finally a anime where the "bad guy" wins ! ^^

  70. Ozaru the okerruipe [whomever smelt it delt it]

    Ozaru the okerruipe [whomever smelt it delt it]6 kun oldin

    Frost from dbs in a nutshell

  71. Spleen Doctor 2

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    "do you know what ur talking about" "no" ☠️☠️☠️

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    I’d rather die standing than live kneeling

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    i think it’s imperative dat desmond wins dis fight

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    Sasori Be Like.

  76. Paprikagamezz lols

    Paprikagamezz lols6 kun oldin

    I am over here wondering why the poison in the sunlight didnt affect the vilain

  77. the witchfinder general

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    Do a video about target workers vs Walmart workers

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    Me after eating cucamber : 0:10

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    I’m crying 😭

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    people in cars are fine so not everyone dead

  81. AitLin Of The Rebellion

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    Am I the only one asking myself how he used 1 poison on 17 whales

  82. Simplicity And Death

    Simplicity And Death6 kun oldin

    Amplified UV rays? You gave him cancer?

  83. Mat Ross

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    "You just an ignorant villain.. but you know that huh" _"yes"_

  84. Do Thang Bui

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    Gordon be like:

  85. Chris L

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    Why would you do that to the environment?

  86. king earl

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    Bro when he said that shit really weak 😂😂😂😂 I couldn't stop

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    never mess with chemical mfs

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    Bruh this dude gave everyone radiation poisoning

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    The 18th whale survived lmao

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    dont yall get weird looks

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    Fken dead 😭😭

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    Loved when he shouts REST IN PEACE to the random guy

  94. Some Bored Seal

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    My friend after I explain the plot of When Day Breaks: 3:14

  95. It's Ya Boi

    It's Ya Boi7 kun oldin

    He amplified the uv rays? So like, he gave everyone cancer?

  96. Kevonte Pease

    Kevonte Pease7 kun oldin

    0:09 The villain really went from🧍‍♂️to 🟡



    Yes! You just gonna kill everyone the whole earth? Yes! Lmao this was funny! Love the energy

  98. vess kash

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    The acoustic ounce thirdly beam because parallelogram fittingly clip from a unhealthy step-mother. jaded, cautious macrame

  99. Stefahn Khalid

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    “Ain’t no point in telling you nothing, you ignorant, you just a ignorant villain” 😂

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    When will the super hero skit come out

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    One of the few videos where desmond is calm and collected. Otherwise he be raging xD

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    wthhh lollll how he put it in the sun :/ everyone should be f*ucking die

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    Caustic in a nutshell

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    Sasori vs kankuro be like:

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    So basically he made scp 001 “When day breaks”