How Rappers Be In The Studio Doing too much on the Ad-Libs

man I promise some rappers be just saying anything on they adlibs 😭😭Like, Comment, and Tag some friends and rappers!

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  1. Griller's Paradise

    Griller's Paradise2 soat oldin

    i watch this video every day

  2. MasterGamer15

    MasterGamer1511 soat oldin

    whenever i see the new SHEEESH meme I think of leland at 0:26

  3. AseeF

    AseeF16 soat oldin

    LMFAOOO he got the heat in that singing voiceee..

  4. WJen8

    WJen820 soat oldin

    Lmao that's why I started doing my own adlibs on a separate recording and just overlay it

  5. Dinoerwin Pfeifer

    Dinoerwin Pfeifer20 soat oldin

    Mal ehrlich heißt es nicht eclipse?

  6. jason trar

    jason trar22 soat oldin


  7. F Faris

    F Faris23 soat oldin

    Joyner lucas revenge

  8. Balboa Nutrition

    Balboa NutritionKun oldin

    Sounds relevant. Shouts out the suka busta migos

  9. Clayton Montgomery

    Clayton MontgomeryKun oldin


  10. Queen-Beulah Official

    Queen-Beulah OfficialKun oldin

    LMAOOO the last guy is actually fire though 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥. I played that pt like 20 times.

  11. Sitra

    Sitra2 kun oldin

    00:27 SHEEEESH!!

  12. Indigo OG

    Indigo OG3 kun oldin

    0:38 he tried so hard to fix his mistake 🤣🤣🤣

  13. baller Rodriguez

    baller Rodriguez3 kun oldin

    Meek mills of comedy

  14. Ahupum X

    Ahupum X4 kun oldin

    Get over here

  15. INSANEhs

    INSANEhs4 kun oldin

    How about just not doing ad libs at all and avoid having your trash song sounding like all the rest

  16. Kyle James

    Kyle James4 kun oldin

    Call an ambulance!!! 🚑 😂

  17. T W.

    T W.5 kun oldin

    The 3rd guy got me in tears 😂😂

  18. ForevaVlone

    ForevaVlone5 kun oldin


  19. IcyWinterX

    IcyWinterX5 kun oldin


  20. Seven Aries

    Seven Aries6 kun oldin

    Those car sounds were lit af tho

  21. astroth4nder

    astroth4nder6 kun oldin

    The last one bro 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez7 kun oldin

    When you realize after your 5th time watching that the lyrics were actually 🔥

  23. Shacone

    Shacone7 kun oldin

    Aye! Let’s go Mavs!

  24. captmajmusiq

    captmajmusiq7 kun oldin

    “Dirk (Damn Dirk don’t play nomo) I mean Luka....BELICHECK" LMAOOOOOOOOO

  25. play030

    play0308 kun oldin


  26. Leo Fiori

    Leo Fiori8 kun oldin

    This has to be their best sketch 😆😆😆

  27. Aubrey Jr

    Aubrey Jr8 kun oldin

    “Forn, forn”

  28. Dhanin Putra

    Dhanin Putra9 kun oldin

    Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep, I’ll search for this video just for the “NYAH”. Slept like a baby

  29. HeavyHitta TX

    HeavyHitta TX9 kun oldin

    Ayeeee mavs shoutout

  30. juancro001

    juancro0019 kun oldin

    xD xD xD XD XD XD XD

  31. Evan Hilsenrath

    Evan Hilsenrath10 kun oldin


  32. Anxme. Chxld

    Anxme. Chxld10 kun oldin

    I was dying from the 2nd guy doing it at the end 😂😂

  33. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith10 kun oldin

    The first part was solid 🤣🤣

  34. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne11 kun oldin


  35. Glory Compass

    Glory Compass11 kun oldin

    0:07 my Kid Brother with His Hot Wheels Car Toy


    ABDUL MAJEED12 kun oldin

    I went from rags to riches........

  37. Kori Grey

    Kori Grey12 kun oldin


  38. Nima shre

    Nima shre12 kun oldin

    That engine sound murdered me😂


    BRZRKRĐ12 kun oldin

    Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!

  40. joshua bolton

    joshua bolton13 kun oldin

    Why is this Migos lol

  41. obi wan shinobi

    obi wan shinobi13 kun oldin

    I mean Luka 😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Emilio Medina

    Emilio Medina13 kun oldin

    You do the verse first then as Libs dumbass

  43. TetrisTech

    TetrisTech13 kun oldin

    “Damn Dirk don’t play-“

  44. dani davis

    dani davis14 kun oldin

    Lmaoooo the second dude just putting the headphones down like he knows it was bad and the third guy just singing his heart out hahaha so good!

  45. Militant -

    Militant -14 kun oldin

    If Desmond kept making the vrrm noise that would’ve been dope af

  46. Believer's Pride Developers

    Believer's Pride Developers14 kun oldin


  47. Christopher Jongte

    Christopher Jongte15 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I couldn't breathe for a while

  48. Chris

    Chris15 kun oldin

    Desmond is funny as hell.

  49. JD Linton

    JD Linton15 kun oldin


  50. Alberto Estrada

    Alberto Estrada15 kun oldin

    0:07 when the side character tries to be the main character

  51. icebreaker

    icebreaker16 kun oldin

    Dirk LUka Doncic

  52. Tom Martin

    Tom Martin16 kun oldin

    Dude funny as hell

  53. syon thapa

    syon thapa19 kun oldin

    Why is that like fire tho the dirk shi hit

  54. light

    light19 kun oldin

    *sheeee* *errrrrrr* *NOOOOOOOOOOhooo* *Ooohooo* *Ooohooo* *He got the heeeaaat* *stay in the streets*

  55. Marceline Abadeer

    Marceline Abadeer19 kun oldin

    I CAN'T 😂😭

  56. That Guy On Everything 64

    That Guy On Everything 6420 kun oldin

    TRUE BRO they might as well let them rap

  57. submissions72

    submissions7222 kun oldin

    Tbh these adlibs were on fire...I find myself reenacting this script randomly lmfao

  58. Xx STLxX

    Xx STLxX22 kun oldin

    Anniversary of one of their top videos in the new crib💀💀

  59. I AM CAT

    I AM CAT23 kun oldin

    The 3rd guy started singing opera

  60. Sir Starks

    Sir Starks24 kun oldin

    Leland was low key fire

  61. OsoAries

    OsoAries24 kun oldin

    0:49 omg aff part got me crying

  62. Ser Albatross

    Ser Albatross25 kun oldin

    That luca doncic shout out is fucking hilarious

  63. montblanc noland

    montblanc noland25 kun oldin


  64. Neo xTV

    Neo xTV26 kun oldin


  65. Adarsh kumar Bag

    Adarsh kumar Bag26 kun oldin


  66. submissions72

    submissions7227 kun oldin


  67. Flyfox C

    Flyfox C27 kun oldin

    As soon as he started revving up I was dead 💀

  68. Jonathan Hankieson

    Jonathan Hankieson27 kun oldin

    Ain't playing no games! Get over here!😂😂😂

  69. Noah NTG

    Noah NTG27 kun oldin


  70. 184 ADJ

    184 ADJ27 kun oldin

    Release a full rap

  71. Niyol

    Niyol28 kun oldin

    Leland’s was the funniest🤣🤣

  72. Sancheezzzy

    Sancheezzzy29 kun oldin

    "NYAHHH" lmfaoo

  73. Courtney Jones

    Courtney JonesOy oldin

    Every Foogiano song 😆

  74. Vikkor Heel

    Vikkor HeelOy oldin


  75. macnolds

    macnoldsOy oldin

    Leland is hilarious in this one.

  76. Walid Shahin

    Walid ShahinOy oldin

    End my boy said nigga we out

  77. Rod Joseph

    Rod JosephOy oldin

    Is Mark wearing a Karl Kani shirt?!😮😮😮

  78. Timothy Grier

    Timothy GrierOy oldin

    "i went from rags to riches" "NYAHHH"

  79. The Joker

    The JokerOy oldin

    0:47 yoo that shit is hard no cap 😂😂

  80. MMS-MeditateManifestSuccess

    MMS-MeditateManifestSuccessOy oldin

    Desmond had the best ad libs

  81. Subin K

    Subin KOy oldin

    Scorpion be like 0:04 for no reason

  82. Addison Saengsavath

    Addison SaengsavathOy oldin

    Now I know where Haiti Babii got his inspiration for his freestyle from hahaha

  83. Dojo Works

    Dojo WorksOy oldin

    Tony Yayo both likes and dislikes this video.

  84. Markjames James

    Markjames JamesOy oldin

    The last one LOL

  85. J Peart

    J PeartOy oldin


  86. Blissfulgia

    BlissfulgiaOy oldin

    Honestly, this is my calling in life. I want to do the amigos Ad-Libs.... 🗣Mamaaaaaa

  87. Fr0stB!tt3n

    Fr0stB!tt3nOy oldin

    Last one started preaching the gospel 😂

  88. Derpy

    DerpyOy oldin


  89. gido0471

    gido0471Oy oldin


  90. RoyalGobah

    RoyalGobahOy oldin

    Mans Was Breathing In 0:27

  91. Klassik Frescobar Official

    Klassik Frescobar OfficialOy oldin

    but I liked the 3rd guy

  92. Dan McGuire

    Dan McGuireOy oldin

    I don't always listen to rap, but when I do, it's these m-ad libs.

  93. Jennifer Leal

    Jennifer LealOy oldin

    The last dudes lmao

  94. King

    KingOy oldin

    Desmond is so fkn funny i can‘t

  95. Anime Waifu

    Anime WaifuOy oldin

    MMMMMMmmmMMMMmmmMmmMmmMmmmmmmm BOOOM

  96. Xeirux

    XeiruxOy oldin

    "21 21, on god, straight up"

  97. Jaiden

    JaidenOy oldin

    This gotta be the video idea Kendrick gave y’all

  98. Rizki Xd

    Rizki XdOy oldin

    Make part 2 please

  99. stdunston

    stdunstonOy oldin

    🤣🤣🤣I got 500 4da outtakes

  100. Juan Sebastian

    Juan SebastianOy oldin

    Lol the last one was the funniest lol.

  101. 17 Bullets

    17 BulletsOy oldin

    “Somebody call the ambulance.”