How Short Songs Are Starting to be

bro why are artists making they songs so short like what is going on!
Link to the beat! It’s fire! :
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  1. Saggazump

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    he back in this bitch

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  3. Hatters

    HattersKun oldin

    Please does anyone have the Genius video where he breaks down the lyrics?

  4. Ahmad Fanari

    Ahmad FanariKun oldin

    Bro the black guy is so funny

  5. Lady Rice

    Lady RiceKun oldin

    And it's always the best songs that are way too short 😭

  6. Chris Pedersen

    Chris Pedersen2 kun oldin

    Yep. They created it, and now they’re rapidly destroying it. Education/ drugs. Pick one.

  7. Emmy JR

    Emmy JR3 kun oldin

    Back in the day when rap songs had 3 full verses and 2 hooks. 4-5 minutes long.

  8. Moadot720

    Moadot7204 kun oldin

    Made on my sister’s birthday in Ryusoulger year 😂😂😂

  9. Austin Allen

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    Oppa stoppa has entered the chat

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  11. Kirby Schmalz

    Kirby Schmalz6 kun oldin

    I mean you only want two and a half minutes if you can get it yknow...

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    "I'm back in this bitch, I'm back in this bi-" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Wrap it up💯

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    YBN really used this 🤣

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    I'm back is this bit, wrap it up 😂😂😂

  18. larry king

    larry king9 kun oldin

    E really be the homeboys fault . They be hyping man's

  19. Edi1111o

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    Hahahaha not me making a short song FUCK YOU UZnick 😆🎤👽👁️

  20. Thomas House

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    Bruh said you the one 💀🤣😂

  21. Desiree Norwood

    Desiree Norwood10 kun oldin

    Put it on repeat 5 times and that's the song

  22. Rajbir Singh

    Rajbir Singh10 kun oldin

    Thanks UZnick for showing this a year later

  23. leihu ch.

    leihu ch.10 kun oldin

    The way He stopped right away is stacked in my head making me laugh out of nowhere.

  24. Abdulnasir Bushra

    Abdulnasir Bushra10 kun oldin

    But fr tho remember back in the day when songs used to be like 4-10 minutes

  25. Mudy Omene

    Mudy Omene11 kun oldin

    Sixnine ALL songs

  26. • Nagito Komaeda •

    • Nagito Komaeda •11 kun oldin

    And it's always the good songs too🙃 Meanwhile anime intros:

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    FRESH LIFESTYLES12 kun oldin

    This shit funnyyy bro

  29. Sadboy Express

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    Tay-K’s songs be like:

  30. Mikki

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    WRAP IT UP 😂

  31. joshua bolton

    joshua bolton13 kun oldin

    Compared to Papa Is A Rolling Stone with a 10 minute intro lol

  32. thecalmbro

    thecalmbro13 kun oldin

    25 more of those and this album is ready to go

  33. 2X Records

    2X Records13 kun oldin

    Bars lowkey hit 😭

  34. Dustin Wilson

    Dustin Wilson13 kun oldin

    str8 up droppin ring tone length tracks in the stood

  35. Alex Rivers

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  36. Andres

    Andres14 kun oldin

    When he said "bitch".. I felt that

  37. LegendaryAlex

    LegendaryAlex15 kun oldin

    The way he said "that shit crazy as hell"

  38. Unga_99

    Unga_9915 kun oldin

    Facts music today is garbage.

  39. Kratos Aurion Plays

    Kratos Aurion Plays16 kun oldin

    That's kinda long though lol

  40. Loofy

    Loofy16 kun oldin

    Why it accurate

  41. Caden Becker

    Caden Becker16 kun oldin

    they made it out with that one

  42. Derek L

    Derek L16 kun oldin

    is the title (how short) songs are starting to be, or how (short songs) are starting to be? this video has been recommended to me literally 10 times and i can't figure it out

  43. sKILLER007

    sKILLER00716 kun oldin

    ˡᵉˢˢˢˢˢˢˢˢˢ ᵍᵒᵒᵒ

  44. Swifta

    Swifta16 kun oldin

    Why that still better than 99% of rap music 😂

  45. Quang Minh Nguyen Hoang

    Quang Minh Nguyen Hoang17 kun oldin

    Listened to Drake What's Next after seeing this. Deadass the same shit

  46. Amanda A

    Amanda A17 kun oldin

    Exactly how it is with dance choreographies too 😂

  47. xJaySupreme

    xJaySupreme17 kun oldin

    0:01 when we thought coronavirus was gonna be over by 2021

  48. J Luis

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  49. Se

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    this is literally lil yachty 😭😭😭

  50. 4 Ward

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    “Wrap it up”😂

  51. Michael Jacobs

    Michael Jacobs18 kun oldin

    He just gotta add the sample sound of someone shaking a styrofoam cup filled with ice and water. Then someone sipping it and make that smacking noise with their tongue when they got a good sip.

  52. Pedro Polanco

    Pedro Polanco18 kun oldin

    They better stay short if the artist in the song continues singing gibberish, then at leat we can vibe to the track without getting tired

  53. Kel Playz

    Kel Playz18 kun oldin

    u guys should actually make a song

  54. Investment Lugaga

    Investment Lugaga18 kun oldin

    For some reason It's easy short songs that are the best

  55. RIGBONE420

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    "I'm back in this bitch, I'm back in this bi-"

  56. Spam Chan

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    This is how XXXTentacion was gonna be if he was still alive

  57. 死SLASH

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    Why everything they is funny asf 🤣

  58. Syn3rgy

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    Quality > Quantity

  59. Finlay Hamm

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    DAYUM that might be too many bars

  60. John Ruiz

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    D.C.DAREALEST19 kun oldin

    Here I was expecting the song to be as long as the video needless to say it exceeded expectations

  62. Cheeki Beeki Lyk

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  63. Ryan Norton

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    This song is heat

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    He's back in this bi---🔥🔥🔥

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    Lack of talent

  66. Just Some Guy Eating Noodles

    Just Some Guy Eating Noodles20 kun oldin

    rap nowadays

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    he's back in this bi

  68. Gozie Okafor

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    More lit then some rapper these days ngl

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    I Got Freestyle Rap Beats 🔥🔥

  70. That Guy On Everything 64

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    Comethazine been real quiet since this video

  71. High School Graduate

    High School Graduate20 kun oldin

    Everyone acts like this is comedy; but it's actually a masterclass in the versatility of the word bitc.

  72. ava

    ava21 kun oldin

    i love how he didn’t even finish saying bitch

  73. Marcos Baladez

    Marcos Baladez21 kun oldin

    High key lol

  74. Gavin Rains

    Gavin Rains21 kun oldin

    Seriously though, I hate how there aren't many bands that make 10-15 minute songs anymore

  75. Gavin Rains

    Gavin Rains18 kun oldin

    @Freezy Pop I've actually tried giving them a chance multiple times. I just can't get into them

  76. Gavin Rains

    Gavin Rains18 kun oldin

    @Freezy Pop not a Dream Theater fan. I'm a Tool fan

  77. Sandris Poseika

    Sandris Poseika18 kun oldin

    6 - 8 is enough, yea Dream Theater had some long ass songs, i like their music, some songs a lot even but, yea they could feel a bit too long, but some songs today bein just around 2 minutes long can be annoying, not enough time for a song to build up.

  78. Freezy Pop

    Freezy Pop18 kun oldin

    You're like so obviously a Dream Theater fan, tf you need a 10-15 minute song for when 5 minutes do just fine

  79. Dominic Thao

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  80. no

    no21 kun oldin

    Dude's like Lil Darkie: 10 minute songs

  81. iPhone 8

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    That beat tho

  82. digital thought

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    DMCM GAMING21 kun oldin


  84. Joshua Varghese

    Joshua Varghese21 kun oldin

    The Bible says let no unwholesome talk come from your mouth so we shouldn't swear

  85. ThoughtOfLegend

    ThoughtOfLegend21 kun oldin

    this is so true songs now are like barely a minute long and the worst part is the short songs are fire

  86. DanTamm

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    I'm back in this bitch!! Going diamond

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  89. Jswag3p

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    Comethazine literally got 2 hooks in his tracks

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    The video longer than Opp Stoppa

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    Yes men

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    This long ass video for this joke. . .


    JD EXPERT23 kun oldin

    “Wrap it up”

  95. Josiah Ablordeppey

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    This man Desmond rlly said “Billboard, number 1!” I’m dead

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    "Wrap it up"

  97. Hassan Hussein

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    This is actually a good song

  98. Corey Higginbotham

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    All the short songs be lit though

  99. TPHxItachi

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    the boss of this group is too funny, should be an actor

  100. Halo Devil

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    Beat starts .... *too long*

  101. Gatapotata

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    UZnick, "you suffer"...

  102. Shawn Waggoner

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    vJ&J vaccine

  103. Fedsty

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    bro the only person I was thinking of while watching this was ybn nahmir

  104. Noah NTG

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    Ngl thats a good beat