If Fights were like RPG Games

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    Hey guys leave a like and a comment! We got some more videos coming out soon turn on post notifications cause they heat! Also download the game for us if y’all can link in description.

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    @Crunchyroll But better [

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    @Crunchyroll But better >

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    GUY ewww (I do too)

  6. Bro

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    Random thought: RDC World reminds me a lot of Earth Wind and Fire and the main singer in that group reminds me particular of a Desmond in his late 30's if he was living in the groovy times! Just search on UZnick "Boogie Wonderland" and tell me that dude in the thumbnail doesn't match this description

  7. L Lasha

    L Lasha2 soat oldin

    Felt bad for Dylan

  8. Terrick Lawrence

    Terrick Lawrence7 soat oldin

    Lol. This was great to see.

  9. ice hotdog

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    And I got the Jordans!

  10. Mario & Sonic Productions

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    When you fighting someone with “???”, you already lost 😭😭

  11. Mark Waldo

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    Yall should have shown them respawning at the nearest town💀

  12. Antione Hokage Thornton

    Antione Hokage Thornton2 kun oldin

    I’m trying to make a game do anyone knows coding

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    This is fuckin hilarious 😂😂😂

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    Y’all should make a game

  15. Floyd A. Lane Jr.

    Floyd A. Lane Jr.3 kun oldin

    How Mark at lvl 7 hit and his boy missed at lvl 12 ? Plus his other boy hit a crit for 2 after his other boy got one shorted?! I’m dead lmao

  16. infurnofury3054 battles

    infurnofury3054 battles3 kun oldin

    the depise on mark face when dylan got killed had me dead

  17. Tyree Russell

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    This is one of they best videos 😭😂

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    Why is this too fucking accurate?

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    Lmao I knew the crit was gonna do 2 damage

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    Ahahaha this made 🤣

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    This one was def one of your best! 😂

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    Them 10s hurt huh 😂😭😭😭😭... I beat him out the jays... Ayo when he brought the party wit him that shit took me out 😂😭😂😂😂

  23. DTwelve

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    1:25 fighting izanami in persona 4 be like

  24. Lil Cumstain

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    Ay can someone tell me the name of the windbreaker in the skit?

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    Aye that's some funny shi

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    Yall gotta make this a video game

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    When you enter pvp area

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    1:12 0:16 1:46 2:11

  29. GodGanji's TreeOfLife

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    2:10 the sense of false hope before he died🤣😂

  30. Tashayne Laing

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    Naruto impact how they enter a fight

  31. Wrist

    Wrist6 kun oldin

    Using that undyne ost tho

  32. Steven Green

    Steven Green6 kun oldin

    what it feels like to win a hard fought RPG fantasy battle and get some good loot. But your character is injured and a much stronger enemy attacks you before you can get to a save point. :P

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    hahahahahahah. , omg.. so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This gives me FFVII flashbacks lmao

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    The way Desmond squared up on Mark with them glasses 😭😭😭😭

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    He talm bout you got eyes nigga look it’s question marks🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Here's what I don't get... your boy have the option to use spells... Where are your spells bro?? Lol In fact you all had the opportunity to use spells LOL come on now

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    He is a hacker simple

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    They fighting one punch man....lol

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    The one with the question marks is a hacker lol

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    This was hella funny great content guys keep them coming

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    Well explained

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    They really make a series out of this 😂😂

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    plot twist he was using a gamepass that boost your strength by ten times

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    Most epic shit I've ever seen 😭🤣🤣

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    lmao Desmond always the villain or insanely powerful

  50. x_ quail

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    LMAO i had my anime playing in the backround and was wondering why you guys were talking Japanese XD

  51. Jonathan Doesepth

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    This is basically running from a frost bear in Skyrim and your level 7

  52. Shaquon Howard

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    Des a villain lmfao

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    that ooooooo when he sees the lvl has me crying 🤣

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    I can get a crit lmao

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    Bro I need that yuyu Hakusho poster gat damn

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    After careful analysis I've decided this was not shot in England.

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    Yakuza: Like a Dragon. (2020)

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    bruh this sung jin-woo vs anyone

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    Just like Ichiban always wanted.

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    I'm surprised there wasn't a "Fear" or "Despair" status applied after that one-shot lmao

  62. Wal Gamer

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    Or cursed status(dark souls)

  63. Jeff Handon

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    So funny.

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    2:15 Mark did that Will Smith look. Lol😂😂

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    Didn't know GTA 6 is a turn based RPG.

  66. Dani Tho

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    Why do they call Mark Jay sometimes?

  67. primer being

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    @ReaIities- oh I thought that was just his nickname

  68. ReaIities-

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    His full name is Mark Jay Phillips so they call him Jay.

  69. BlacBushido

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    Imagine Desmond didn’t drop anything after he was defeated

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  72. Listen2 TheLink

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    The nigga with the ??? Smh it be like that

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    this is gold, damn creative work!

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    Bro this has to be one of your funniest skits lol

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    Yo Desmond is my favorite out of the whole crew. He killed a pit bull with his bare hands and has a metal plate in his jaw.

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    Gta online lol

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    Des was throwing straight haymakers 😂

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    It'd be pretty cool if you guys did an rpg series

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    Desmond is IT.

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    Bro how am I just seeing this

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    Crit dont do shit!!

  85. O.G Rio

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    Dem 10s hurt dont they.💀

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    Omgg!! This video had so much potential... I could watch an entire series of this, or at least a 20mins clip😭😂😂💀

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    I hate how when you run from an enemy then suddenly a run into a enemy in front of you

  88. MewTical

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    I mean.. if they have to wait until you make a move cant you just go and just do whatever you want for like 50 years until you make a move?

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    Aye man! You're vidoes genuinely have be crackin up!

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    My man said one punch

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣it be like that

  92. BlueCrys

    BlueCrys12 kun oldin

    Bro when dude was chasing him I felt that. I swear, in Dragon Quest 11 they will chase you down if they sense, smell, feel a hint of weakness and will chase you down.

  93. Merc

    Merc12 kun oldin

    What was the music in the beginning?

  94. Christian Kantoba

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  95. Master Ultra instinct Shaggy

    Master Ultra instinct Shaggy12 kun oldin

    There's always a character with a low level

  96. Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.

    Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.12 kun oldin

    I mean ... Desmond's the protagonist of course his level is high

  97. Mister Spider The Magnificent!

    Mister Spider The Magnificent!12 kun oldin

    That wasn't even his final form!

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    I cried from laughter this whole video

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    Yo how y’all get square to sponsor y’all?! Keep going higher!!!

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    i DIED laughing when he just starting haymakering people out of existence lol

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    The dude had glasses, which is a limites item from the event from the first season, so we know the dude is a hardcore gamer

  102. Virgo Durai

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    Points for the Undyne theme

  103. Yoshi Bonez

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    If you never take your turn... He can't hit you.

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    Them 10s hurt right?!

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    IM dying lol hahah

  107. Conch Boy Animations

    Conch Boy Animations13 kun oldin

    How it feels when you can’t “run” from a Pokémon battle

  108. Conch Boy Animations

    Conch Boy Animations13 kun oldin

    Dylan level of acting improving each video

  109. Denzel Fowler

    Denzel Fowler13 kun oldin

    Gets hit for 5 DMG, does about 5% on life bar. Gets hit for 15 DMG, does 65% on life bar. Explain this game logic🤔