I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT LEBRON NOT ONLY WATCHED OUR VIDEO BUT RETWEETED IT!!!!!!! THIS IS CRAZY Man we had to show our appreciation fr, we're so grateful for y'all spreading our content around this would be possible if it wasn't for y'all!!! THANK YOU 🙏


  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld13 oy oldin

    We could cry right now we still in disbelief 😭

  2. GutiePie TTV

    GutiePie TTV17 kun oldin

    After the murder of her baby, a black woman rises up in ranks and becomes the first female black president of America, at first she's nice and stands up for plenty of causes until she's elected president and all goes downhill for the men and white people all together... www.wattpad.com/story/162617355-this-president-is-a-black-girl Idea for this story is from my mom, surprisingly. O.O 22K

  3. NinjaAimless

    NinjaAimlessOy oldin

    Killing It!

  4. Ninja Pikachu

    Ninja PikachuOy oldin


  5. Skippy_ Plays

    Skippy_ PlaysOy oldin

    Number 1

  6. spiralsnipes

    spiralsnipesOy oldin


  7. delstephen123

    delstephen1237 soat oldin


  8. Jay Mae

    Jay Mae4 kun oldin

    When is Anime house 6

  9. Mason Click

    Mason Click7 kun oldin

    Love the videos man keep up the good work

  10. Henry-Bart

    Henry-Bart7 kun oldin

    this is like what white people would act like if jesus retweeted them

  11. jeniel cross

    jeniel cross14 kun oldin


  12. J Gaming

    J Gaming17 kun oldin

    bro i been watching y’all since i been in middle school bro i graduated from high school in 2020 y’all really used to make my day at school watching y’all videos

  13. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff17 kun oldin

    These dudes just brings happiness joy and excitement

  14. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy17 kun oldin

    It wasn't LeBron it was he's ppl u think James on Social media 24/7 😄

  15. James Benedict Garcia

    James Benedict Garcia17 kun oldin

    Stop asian Hate, All lives matter no matter what race you are.

  16. James Benedict Garcia

    James Benedict Garcia15 kun oldin

    @Love Is Everything. I mean if anyone who can read this, let's spread positivity.

  17. Love Is Everything.

    Love Is Everything.15 kun oldin

    I didn’t hear anything about Asians..

  18. Osiya Pratt

    Osiya Pratt17 kun oldin

    Dis was inspiring 💯

  19. Dodis Lucian Dragan

    Dodis Lucian Dragan17 kun oldin


  20. Micheal Drew

    Micheal Drew19 kun oldin

    you guys deserve everything that comes your way. your better then sketches on TV. good shit guys. you gained a new fan here.

  21. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin Hernandez19 kun oldin

    No cayup

  22. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan20 kun oldin

    0:17 Maseesee Good Job

  23. TeeSmoove

    TeeSmoove21 kun oldin

    How did 925 people dislike this smh. RDCworld1 🤙🏾💪🏾💪🏾 4lyfe

  24. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha21 kun oldin

    Yessir I did tweet about y’all lol

  25. Finn Left

    Finn Left21 kun oldin


  26. Micah Cornel

    Micah Cornel21 kun oldin

    Man y’all really deserve everything y’all got y’all seem like some humble and genuine ass guys keep it up y’all never fail to make me laugh ❤️

  27. black jack1171

    black jack117122 kun oldin

    I just caught up to your new videos, I just want to say congratulations to you guys. I've been following you guys since anime went too far

  28. LuchTV

    LuchTV22 kun oldin

    Me when I get to be the pastor of church

  29. Muhammed Mehmedić

    Muhammed Mehmedić23 kun oldin

    These guys have one of the best like to dislike ratio

  30. Slatwtw

    Slatwtw25 kun oldin

    Best channel

  31. Sean

    Sean27 kun oldin

    Legend says they currently making a Lebron reacting to Blake griffin trade 🥴🥴

  32. marcus burns

    marcus burns28 kun oldin


  33. TheNextLegend

    TheNextLegendOy oldin

    Peep how they was doing anime house-

  34. PogChamp

    PogChampOy oldin

    Man I've been watching you guys since when you take anime too seriously video, proud of you guys to finally get this far.

  35. Kenshin

    KenshinOy oldin

    Lmao Near just walking around

  36. Billy Cypher

    Billy CypherOy oldin

    hell yeah! RDC getting acknowledgement and shiz!

  37. Urn Turn

    Urn TurnOy oldin

    Oh wow another human being tweeted you no way

  38. TheOnlyHumanBeing

    TheOnlyHumanBeing26 kun oldin

    It's their inspiration and idol lmao

  39. Alejandro Blanco

    Alejandro BlancoOy oldin

    Nah bro you guys are working to make money lol, you don’t give a fuck about the world laugh lol. About time they close all this media shit and you guys actually do something purposeful in life.

  40. Reel

    ReelOy oldin

    This the set of Anime house 6?

  41. .

    .24 kun oldin


  42. Brad Yoka

    Brad YokaOy oldin

    I’m genuinely happy for y’all bruh fr

  43. PeekaPoop

    PeekaPoopOy oldin

    Look at the crepe he is wearing 😂😂😂😂

  44. Hinata’s Simp

    Hinata’s SimpOy oldin

    This reminds me of unspeakable‘s house for some reason

  45. Mike C.

    Mike C.Oy oldin

    Update the video. Blake just signed with the mets...i mean the Nets haha

  46. kinglion Stevens

    kinglion StevensOy oldin


  47. extrarice 9000

    extrarice 9000Oy oldin


  48. Jesse B

    Jesse BOy oldin

    He just quote tweeted, you have almost 5m followers this really not a big deal tf 😂

  49. Jesse B

    Jesse B19 kun oldin

    @Obsolete This happens all the time on Twitter. These dudes are famous. Fan behaviour isn't it.


    MISORPPO PLT DINO J. MAGNO27 kun oldin


  51. Obsolete

    ObsoleteOy oldin

    Yes it is. The most famous sports star next to Tom Brady quoted them of course they gonna be excited doofus

  52. Larry Legend

    Larry LegendOy oldin

    Who are 900 people that disliked this video??? Smh haters

  53. Rare AJ

    Rare AJOy oldin

    Let’s just respect how long it took them to make anime house 5

  54. BrokenAccount

    BrokenAccountOy oldin

    Free views from lebron

  55. alex the wise45

    alex the wise45Oy oldin

    What vid was it

  56. KrIsPy KuTtY

    KrIsPy KuTtYOy oldin

    They was Fr filming anime house 5 and started making this vid 😂

  57. walter hank

    walter hankOy oldin

    IM THIRTY SIXX !!!!😂😂😂😂

  58. Boii xerxes stark ASMR

    Boii xerxes stark ASMROy oldin

    Hell nah he didn’t NIGGA HOW


    MISORPPO PLT DINO J. MAGNO27 kun oldin

    Stop saying nigga dweeb

  60. KaioCrap

    KaioCrapOy oldin

    The GOATS ❤️🤟🏽

  61. Dan McGuire

    Dan McGuireOy oldin

    This is amazing!!

  62. kyle hackney

    kyle hackneyOy oldin

    LeBron is a crybaby who blames his team for his own problems gtfo my recommendations 😤

  63. Dashxr-

    Dashxr-Oy oldin

    Who asked

  64. Omar

    OmarOy oldin

    Did anyone ask?

  65. Carti

    CartiOy oldin

    Money never changed them they are happy for every single thing that happens to them (grateful)

  66. thatkidLonnie

    thatkidLonnieOy oldin


  67. AyeAye Ron

    AyeAye RonOy oldin

    I knew bring was watching these shits ain't no way Bru be matching that nigga perfect 🤣

  68. Tug Speedman

    Tug SpeedmanOy oldin

    For anyone wondering, I'd never heard of this guy but I saw a google card about lebron's tweet and watched the video, it was hilarious start to finish. And that's rare in this age of over farmed content. Good for you guys.

  69. Charles Turner

    Charles TurnerOy oldin


  70. Della Waifu Senpai

    Della Waifu SenpaiOy oldin

    Kings ❤🖤💚👑👑

  71. Sweeneytv

    SweeneytvOy oldin

    So dope

  72. IDAN 051

    IDAN 051Oy oldin

    Who tf disliked

  73. Just some guy who needs a mustache

    Just some guy who needs a mustacheOy oldin

    Yo that’s lit and all but we’re you guys filming anime house 5? Oh never is I just got to the part we’re they said we were filming anime house

  74. Jason Ramos

    Jason RamosOy oldin

    You guys deserved this 🙏🏻

  75. SFC

    SFCOy oldin

    You guys are GOATS no caps !!! You cant even imagine the difference you make in my life and probably thousands more in theses depressing days. You guys are the definition of a TEAM, big respect bros 💯🙌🙌

  76. Cap Nuge

    Cap NugeOy oldin


  77. kobe wei

    kobe wei2 oy oldin

    yall straight comedy bruh keep it up, love your channel!

  78. flandre scarlet

    flandre scarlet2 oy oldin

    imagine LeBron start watching anime now

  79. Lektron

    Lektron2 oy oldin

    poor cashnasty, flight and now this lmao hehe

  80. TiredTimer

    TiredTimer2 oy oldin

    Did anyone in the future see this and know this is when they were in the middle of recording anime house 5

  81. Tony Dominguez

    Tony Dominguez2 oy oldin

    After seeing anime house 5 I realized this was behind the scenes

  82. marc cowvins

    marc cowvins2 oy oldin


  83. E. NYGMA

    E. NYGMA2 oy oldin


  84. Kris G

    Kris G2 oy oldin

    They were filming anime house 5 😱😱

  85. Prince Wells

    Prince Wells2 oy oldin


  86. Æilert Argenthorne

    Æilert Argenthorne2 oy oldin

    So they were filming the final intelligent characters scene!

  87. Advanced Game Brothers

    Advanced Game Brothers2 oy oldin

    Anime house 5 teaser it's out now go watch if you haven't

  88. JustZazaToxic

    JustZazaToxic2 oy oldin

    I can see they were in the middle of filming anime house 5

  89. Deandre tube

    Deandre tube2 oy oldin

    Video game 5

  90. Dave Slattery

    Dave Slattery2 oy oldin

    Love y’all! Reason y’all been together for a minute cause you’re about US

  91. SabMelloDY Sabrina

    SabMelloDY Sabrina2 oy oldin

    Im guessing that was happening when they were recording the 5 anime house

  92. Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo

    Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo2 oy oldin

    Kevin Durant! Kyrie Irving! James Harden! I might actually watch basketball this year

  93. Basketball Player

    Basketball PlayerOy oldin

    lol lakers still win tho

  94. Madara Jr. Chats

    Madara Jr. Chats2 oy oldin


  95. F8t3xxy

    F8t3xxy2 oy oldin

    if you ever feel useless. think about the people that disliked this video.

  96. Carlos Acosta

    Carlos Acosta2 oy oldin

    now we know what scene they were shooting


    ANIMExTYLIN2 oy oldin

    Nice 👍

  98. Tika Banks

    Tika Banks2 oy oldin

    Love this! I saw that and was happy as heck for y’all!! Ayyyye anime house.

  99. KangarooCommado

    KangarooCommado2 oy oldin

    I’m more concerned with the fact that bens in a vault suit lol

  100. Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno2 oy oldin

    Hard work pays off! Nothing more satisfying than making it big with your boyz. You guys will have memories for a lifetime. Godspeed.

  101. Chris Phan

    Chris Phan2 oy oldin

    Who else was smiling the entire time through this?

  102. Exclusive Games

    Exclusive Games2 oy oldin

    They growing, they growing, and RDCworld1 don't need to thank us viewers, we need to thank them for who they are and what they do.

  103. Willie Willie

    Willie Willie2 oy oldin

    Hey do a video on the Warriors losing to the mavs . Curry had 57 and green had 2 points. I know u would kill it

  104. elv6n

    elv6n2 oy oldin

    new king bach

  105. David Vasquez

    David Vasquez2 oy oldin

    we see you filming anime house 5

  106. MoCarter Baby

    MoCarter Baby2 oy oldin

    On God I predict someday that lebron recreate some of y'all videos I swear I will die if LeBron, Jr Smith and Kyrie do a video together

  107. Nehemiah Plays

    Nehemiah Plays2 oy oldin

    Me just seeing cash punching his screen and everything around him 😂🤣🤣

  108. Senior Sensei

    Senior Sensei2 oy oldin

    thats live...shoutout from TX..love to see Real Dreamers Change the World while affecting Icons who Change the World..makes sense

  109. yourtrue_kareem

    yourtrue_kareem2 oy oldin

    Y'all made it high enough for the dunkers to notice yessir

  110. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez2 oy oldin

    “We were just filming anime house that’s why we look like that, for everyone wondering ,why they look like that” I was so weak idk why 💀💀🤣

  111. Gator G

    Gator G2 oy oldin

    Just found this out cuz the other gators told me

  112. rabbijoe316

    rabbijoe3162 oy oldin

    If they ever had haters, they can eternally hold this L.

  113. spooky

    spooky2 oy oldin

    mans nate from fallout 4

  114. 個IlKIlRAlI

    個IlKIlRAlI2 oy oldin

    I thought he was gonna take another year to post anime house

  115. EXT Blur

    EXT Blur2 oy oldin

    I’m writing this comment bc I could nit comment on corys reply I’m just saying heyyy Cory


    THEREAL MVP2 oy oldin

    Damn I’m jealous!