The 5th round in our VS Themes series! The New Anime Theme side has had enough of the Old Anime Theme not giving them enough shine! Who do you think will come out on top??
Zelda Beat At the end: uznick.info/up/video/mKmzrZuQgLmfgZc
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Desmond Johnson - @l0v3andpeac3
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  1. sanaa majeed

    sanaa majeed8 soat oldin

    I gotta stand with the new

  2. Average Awesome

    Average AwesomeKun oldin

    Afte jujutsu kaisen came out, I’d be leaning towards new ones, both ops were fire

  3. Slick Vegeta

    Slick VegetaKun oldin

    Niggas am not going to lie but old anime is the best and am only 13 year's old but new anime have some lit moments

  4. Everett Mead

    Everett MeadKun oldin

    No one punch man? 😔

  5. June Bell

    June Bell2 kun oldin

    New is better My hero, attack on titan, and demon slayer

  6. panda man

    panda man2 kun oldin

    the aot sasageyo opening will never be topped

  7. Jake

    Jake2 kun oldin

    Should’ve played blue bird

  8. Bww_ Jay

    Bww_ Jay2 kun oldin

    Old themes

  9. Anthony Gomez

    Anthony Gomez3 kun oldin

    Bro soul eater go hard why didn’t y’all put soul eater

  10. YRN Squad

    YRN Squad3 kun oldin

    They gotta change that boruto trash now because it’s lit now

  11. Kenko

    Kenko3 kun oldin

    Old themes no comment

  12. Nithish PB

    Nithish PB4 kun oldin


  13. Golden Playhouse

    Golden Playhouse4 kun oldin


  14. Robert Griffin

    Robert Griffin4 kun oldin

    bro if they played blue bird, the old side definetly wouldve won

  15. Sedek Ag

    Sedek Ag4 kun oldin

    old gen better

  16. Proxx LJ

    Proxx LJ5 kun oldin

    Old won

  17. baconater king21

    baconater king215 kun oldin

    really disrespected rurouni kenshin like that

  18. ynw_ shark-Assasin

    ynw_ shark-Assasin5 kun oldin

    Red won

  19. rosey

    rosey5 kun oldin

    where are the mob psycho comments 🧍‍♀️


    EDRICK RICHARDS5 kun oldin

    So was i the only one waiting to hear OPM season 1 opening

  21. カードSake

    カードSake6 kun oldin

    I see alot of People saying boruto trash just cuz its a popular opinion i swear people cant think for themselves these days

  22. Cruel Reality

    Cruel Reality6 kun oldin

    Y’all wild for forgetting sword art online🤦🏾‍♂️

  23. Khalid Abdullahi

    Khalid Abdullahi6 kun oldin

    And boruto not even trash no more y’all saw the new intro that shit heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Khalid Abdullahi

    Khalid Abdullahi6 kun oldin

    Jjk has entered the chat

  25. Brandon Clay

    Brandon Clay6 kun oldin

    Season 2 my hero theme better then season 3 theme. 💯

  26. pushingsincedayone

    pushingsincedayone6 kun oldin

    the facetime between old and new anime themes was just perfect 😭

  27. Roman Torch

    Roman Torch6 kun oldin

    Bitch where was gurren lagann?

  28. TE Xodeth

    TE Xodeth6 kun oldin

    Black clover lol where (7ds):seven deadly sins

  29. aman kadam

    aman kadam6 kun oldin


  30. O. Adebanji Plumptre

    O. Adebanji Plumptre6 kun oldin

    Samurai Champloo!!!!!

  31. Kyree White

    Kyree White6 kun oldin

    New themes better 😏🔥

  32. Killer Fox

    Killer Fox6 kun oldin

    Old themes 2 - new themes 7

  33. Austen Davis

    Austen Davis7 kun oldin

    I didn't realize watching anime made you weak.😅

  34. Radiyt 13

    Radiyt 137 kun oldin

    The changamire is right

  35. Another Beytuber

    Another Beytuber8 kun oldin

    Iron blooded orphans is waiting, so does gundam build fighter and build fighters try.... Not to mention initial D

  36. Ian Ramos

    Ian Ramos8 kun oldin

    No matter what Cowboy Bebop got the best theme of all time.

  37. Manie Agonoy

    Manie Agonoy8 kun oldin

    aot opening 2 overrated

  38. FireBeast

    FireBeast8 kun oldin

    Who tf says super better than z

  39. 9izzy

    9izzy8 kun oldin

    SAO Season 1/ Crossing Field??? WHERE TF IS DAT

  40. Games wit jay Gang

    Games wit jay Gang8 kun oldin

    New dcom vs old dcom???

  41. Olisa Ezeobi

    Olisa Ezeobi8 kun oldin

    Aot opening came in and trampled all😂

  42. Sir Handsome

    Sir Handsome9 kun oldin

    Fire Force intro kills most of these except for Cowboy Bebop

  43. Rinnegan

    Rinnegan9 kun oldin

    Aot is trash

  44. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    Woah calm down aot is not bad

  45. Wofa Annan

    Wofa Annan9 kun oldin

    No sasageyo

  46. Firezz is bad at cod Yes

    Firezz is bad at cod Yes9 kun oldin

    Suprused they didn’t throw out blue bird or cruel angels thesis

  47. Toki War

    Toki War9 kun oldin

    No fire force opening?? 👌

  48. tokyobassist

    tokyobassist9 kun oldin

    Starting with Samurai Champloo was overkill. Should've just ended the video there lol. Can't believe y'all left out Cowboy Bebop'a OP.

  49. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    Wym it's at the end

  50. Johnny Thomas

    Johnny Thomas10 kun oldin

    Old themes

  51. Sin

    Sin10 kun oldin

    One of the reasons new gen lost is because they didn't usr Delete for Seven Deadly Sins and didn't use Shinzou Wo Sasegeyo for Attack On Titan Also its funny how the New Gen try to say One Piece can't get new heat hahahaha Share The World ate them alive Odd Future was a good try tho

  52. Mczyking

    Mczyking10 kun oldin

    Me wondering where jujutsu kaisen and black clover op 10 at and also all the other extremely hype new themes at wait it would be over to quickly but the songs was still live new gen won

  53. Mczyking

    Mczyking9 kun oldin

    @warjoeplayzs12 2.0 and I do watch old gen

  54. Mczyking

    Mczyking9 kun oldin

    @warjoeplayzs12 2.0 I don’t think that bruh i love old gen ops most are more hype then new gen but the ones that were in this vid were hype it’s just the the new gen ops in this vid I liked them more but that doesn’t mean old gen isn’t hype it’s mostly more hype then new gen just not in this vid

  55. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    @Mczyking I'm not triggered it's just the fact that you think that new gen has better hype ops then old gen which is clearly false you would know that if you watched some of the older versions of anime you clown 🤡

  56. Mczyking

    Mczyking9 kun oldin

    @warjoeplayzs12 2.0 why is you so triggered like all I said was where the other new gen op at ok I didn’t know this came out before jujutsu Kaisen and no way am I a boruto fanboy just because of my pfp you can stay triggered little goofy

  57. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    Tf you mean those are ops that came out a few months ago this video came out a year and a half ago old themes one you Boruto fanboy you just keep digging yourself a bigger hole

  58. D No

    D No10 kun oldin


  59. D No

    D No10 kun oldin


  60. D No

    D No10 kun oldin


  61. D No

    D No10 kun oldin


  62. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul10 kun oldin

    AAAAAAAAA I DON'T KNOW WHO TO CHOSE, i mean on one side there is my favorite anime Re:zero, and it's OPs are amazing, BUT JJBA THO

  63. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul10 kun oldin

    He spoke trash about the re:zero oppening, i am personaly offended and shall now devote myself to erasing your bloodline

  64. Clockwork511

    Clockwork51110 kun oldin

    To be fair here, the old theme songs cheated. They use a new theme song (the JoJo's one, even if the original came in the 90's this opening corresponded to the new ones) and at the end, they used 2 theme songs one after the other. Now, in base of taste, to me it's a little even, but I think I'm more inclined by the old ones.

  65. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    Dude JoJo's originally came out in the 90's just as you said so it's technically fair game don't let them remake full you after people in the new generation now wanna hop on the wave

  66. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake11 kun oldin

    Bleach was the anime that everybody should watch inevitably, up there with Dragon Ball and the others

  67. MeGaZ GaMeZ

    MeGaZ GaMeZ11 kun oldin

    Bro old themes literally bodied the new themes

  68. Colby Robards

    Colby Robards11 kun oldin

    Sad they didn’t play Neon Genesis Evangelion

  69. Scott Dungy

    Scott Dungy11 kun oldin

    I feel like both sides skipped over their best themes but I’m giving it to old cowboy and naruto opening alone was enough for the W

  70. Heath Smith

    Heath Smith11 kun oldin

    I love the selection, I was thinking Cowboy bebop but as soon an I thought you presented. I would have liked some gungrave or lupin the third. I know it gives a cartoon feel but I think it suits the anime give


    JANIE RAMIREZ11 kun oldin

    i feel like old won because of naruto, bleach, and full metal alchemist, and cowboy bebop

  72. Nathaniel Abbott

    Nathaniel Abbott12 kun oldin

    do a part 2 !!

  73. Chiff

    Chiff12 kun oldin

    New themes i gotta say were balling at the beginning but old themes came in clutch at the end with cowboy beat bop Old themes with the W🤧

  74. Brick City

    Brick City12 kun oldin

    Old themes win

  75. Brick City

    Brick City12 kun oldin

    Bro where opm and hunterxhunter

  76. Brick City

    Brick City12 kun oldin

    Imma start watching bleach now because of that

  77. Zen tier 10

    Zen tier 1013 kun oldin


  78. Mr Turtledude

    Mr Turtledude13 kun oldin

    Old fans: Plays Cowboy Bebop New fans: Plays My Hero Old fans: You disgrace.

  79. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    Finally somebody gets it

  80. the communist

    the communist13 kun oldin

    i almost cried lol 7:08

  81. the communist

    the communist13 kun oldin

    old anime gang

  82. Mason Duncan

    Mason Duncan13 kun oldin

    The theme for black clover being everlasting shine would have been way better but it’s to recent

  83. Neciu_A

    Neciu_A13 kun oldin

    You should have put the first Attack on Titan theme that is one of the best anime themes.

  84. Jose Santos

    Jose Santos14 kun oldin

    Old better

  85. StelmariaonE7

    StelmariaonE714 kun oldin

    The Erased OP "Re:Re" by AKFG being used by team newschool is pretty ironic. That song came out in 2004 and came out on the same album as OG FMA's "Rewrite" used by team oldschool. Just proof that Ajikan is top tier and transcends time.

  86. reality sauce

    reality sauce14 kun oldin

    That anime opening with the butterfly which one is that?

  87. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    The promise Neverland

  88. Mulugeta Newaye

    Mulugeta Newaye15 kun oldin

    Jojo part 3 ( first one ) entered the chat

  89. Shadow

    Shadow15 kun oldin

    should have done rock the dragon

  90. King Landen

    King Landen15 kun oldin

    Old themes won

  91. Masternoob Junior

    Masternoob Junior16 kun oldin


  92. Dimetry Perry

    Dimetry Perry16 kun oldin

    I thought that new anime won until that jojo started

  93. Lyn B

    Lyn B17 kun oldin

    I woulda hit em with the red swan it’s like sad but it’s fire

  94. AlphaHazeGaming

    AlphaHazeGaming17 kun oldin

    Old gen lost as soon as black clover came

  95. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    Stop the cap

  96. the golden bag of sun chips is dangerous

    the golden bag of sun chips is dangerous17 kun oldin

    I was waiting for dragon ball and aot and cowboy bebop because I only know dose animes but I say old

  97. Brandon Graham

    Brandon Graham17 kun oldin

    Y’all still sleep on Outlaw Star I see

  98. Waito

    Waito17 kun oldin

    old themes

  99. abdzz _779

    abdzz _77917 kun oldin

    so funny

  100. Daron Tolbert

    Daron Tolbert18 kun oldin

    I think we can all agree my hero is a great show but the themes get changed left and right not to mention cowboy bebop has the best theme of all time.

  101. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    My hero's in my opinion could be better if deku would stop crying like a bitch every episode

  102. Steph Hamelink

    Steph Hamelink18 kun oldin

    New case they always impveing

  103. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    Learn how to spell before you start saying dumb shit you clown 🤡

  104. gren

    gren19 kun oldin

    As much as I love the old anime intros like all the naruto's but sorry My Hero Academia Season 1 Opening is my all time favorite

  105. chonkey yoshi

    chonkey yoshi19 kun oldin

    fuckin old themes tf??? But everyone knows boruto trash :/

  106. Mars Morina

    Mars Morina19 kun oldin


  107. Kiwane Brookskeith

    Kiwane Brookskeith19 kun oldin

    Gotta add that JJK opening now

  108. Delwin Campbell

    Delwin Campbell20 kun oldin

    Bro fr Bleach op 1 is goated

  109. Jay Dollar

    Jay Dollar20 kun oldin

    Boruto is not trash it’s just not on naruto level

  110. warjoeplayzs12 2.0

    warjoeplayzs12 2.09 kun oldin

    No no no Boruto is ass

  111. RegularScout0 editing Official

    RegularScout0 editing Official20 kun oldin

    Yall should have done the pokemon theme

  112. AXfusion

    AXfusion20 kun oldin

    Old or new anime changed my life in a single month LITERALLY

  113. TJ Strickler

    TJ Strickler21 kun oldin

    Ah, so they went for “Jiyū no Tsubasa” for AOT. I personally would’ve done “Sasageyo”, (or maybe even “My War”) but that one’s not bad

  114. Anthony Ipi

    Anthony Ipi21 kun oldin

    We all know the old is better