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On this episode of Back N Forth we decide who are the top 5 "BEST" characters in all of anime. What do yall think about or list, and who do you think deserves to be in the top 5 of all time.
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Mark Phillips - @SupremeDreams_1
Affiong Harris - @CleanUniform
Desmond Johnson - @l0v3andpeac3
Leland Manigo - @23_Is_Leland
Dylan Patel - @dylanpatel4_
Benjamin Skinner - @Ive_Ben_Jammin
Johnathan Newton - @playthatjohn


  1. Mehkai Harris

    Mehkai Harris2 soat oldin

    This is crazy you guys like vegeta but not my boy son Goku?☹️

  2. magn3ticgaming j

    magn3ticgaming j3 soat oldin

    What about saitama

  3. Flameboy2kxl

    Flameboy2kxl17 soat oldin

    Sorry i live in africa so ill stick to pirating most od my animes

  4. Sadboy Outcast

    Sadboy Outcast23 soat oldin

    I don’t get how you can watch the original dragon ball series and dragon ball z but still hate on Goku, like why do you even watch the show?

  5. Blippy 6182

    Blippy 6182Kun oldin

    My objective list Lelouch, aizen , zoro, luffy , light (maybe l)

  6. N. A

    N. A4 kun oldin

    28:27 took me out

  7. Youri Poorter

    Youri Poorter4 kun oldin

    They all don’t even acknowledge any hxh characters bruh. Damnn

  8. soul

    soul5 kun oldin

    talkin bout the best written characters while throwing around names like naruto and goku, u hate to see it. naruto has a little bit of development and goku's just a dumb anime superman meathead who eats a lot, idk how anyone over the age of 13 can say they're better written than characters like killua, eren, askeladd, reiner, etc.

  9. Jxnuz

    Jxnuz6 kun oldin

    Now i know Eren Yeager would be on this list

  10. chrisssan1

    chrisssan17 kun oldin

    how is this a debate? obviously Vegeta actually has something called character development....

  11. piper piper

    piper piper8 kun oldin

    why yall keep saying Min-not-to instead of Min-uh-to😂😂

  12. Rodney Jenkins

    Rodney Jenkins8 kun oldin

    He's right sesshomaru do bring the smoke

  13. Henry Bolden

    Henry Bolden8 kun oldin

    Good vid

  14. jerami clark

    jerami clark8 kun oldin

    Sleeping on Baki, I also heard somewhere in anime there is “one of hell of a butler “ this list lacking.

  15. The Great kid

    The Great kid8 kun oldin

    Where is saitama from one punch man

  16. Greg T-F

    Greg T-F9 kun oldin

    I'm only here cuz I fucks wit these guys. Idk none of these shows or characters 😂😂😂 well except DBZ of course

  17. PSI Divor

    PSI Divor9 kun oldin

    Jariaya or neither over Itachi

  18. joseph moore

    joseph moore10 kun oldin

    Where is my man piccolo

  19. Javier Lopez

    Javier Lopez11 kun oldin

    Did yall sleep on Almight

  20. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott11 kun oldin

    I have watched all of Naruto, bleach, attack on Titan, dragon Ball z, one piece, JoJo's bizarre adventure, Hunter x Hunter, my hero academy, full metal alchemist. And inuyasha is my favorite out of all them!!!😱😱😁😁 so I really don't appreciate all that inuyasha hating that be going on around here 😅😆😆😆

  21. Malckavelli S

    Malckavelli S11 kun oldin

    I’m picking Jiraiya over Itachi

  22. wordupdog 223

    wordupdog 22311 kun oldin

    Everyone els goofy asf piccolo and vegeta the only serious mfs

  23. Micheal Andrews

    Micheal Andrews11 kun oldin

    I remember when it was just arr and Leland amd mark

  24. Spicer

    Spicer12 kun oldin

    DIO 😑

  25. dee kay

    dee kay12 kun oldin

    This dude has so many personalities/characters lol from LeBron to dragon Ball z

  26. Bee Hates You

    Bee Hates You13 kun oldin

    How about Dragon Ball as a whole - completely sux

  27. FlameVille B.I.C

    FlameVille B.I.C13 kun oldin

    I feel like the debate woulda been better if they set some criteria. Like best written characters

  28. Dekari Garmon

    Dekari Garmon13 kun oldin

    Vegeta is overhyped and just an alright character. *Change My Mind*

  29. soul

    soul5 kun oldin

    ​@Krudley i assume he means that vegeta's character development is too highly regarded, which i agree with. i think people's nostalgic connection to him as a cool character makes them rank him really high in goat conversations but he was really just a pompous, hubristic asshole whose emotional attachments to his family and friends caused him to undergo a change of character in which he retained some of his arrogance and pride but slowly turned into a good guy. like the guy above, i dont think hes a bad character but i dont think he has any business in a goat conversation when characters like eren, griffith, and lelouch exist

  30. Krudley

    Krudley11 kun oldin

    I won't, but I dissagree, and I respect what you think, can you elaborate?

  31. Тунгалагтамир

    Тунгалагтамир13 kun oldin

    Bruh mark is sleeping on spike

  32. Roger Williams

    Roger Williams13 kun oldin

    Zoro for best side character

  33. Roger Williams

    Roger Williams13 kun oldin

    Bam for best protagonist

  34. Roger Williams

    Roger Williams13 kun oldin

    Dio for best villain

  35. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez14 kun oldin

    Bran, had a better story

  36. joshua duenas

    joshua duenas14 kun oldin


  37. House Of Cotes

    House Of Cotes15 kun oldin

    The reason why I even start watching naruto and now it is my favorite anime of all time is bc ofc the rock lee fight against gaara haha. So rock lee did make me love the show tbh

  38. Ty

    Ty15 kun oldin

    Des saying nigga WAAAAAAAYYYYY too much

  39. Ryoga

    Ryoga15 kun oldin

    so they just gonna forget about female characters or what

  40. This is Just an illusion

    This is Just an illusion15 kun oldin

    20 minutes into the video and I still don’t understand the criteria lol

  41. GodlyYama

    GodlyYama16 kun oldin

    Im not gonna lie I personally think simon from guran lagan is really well written character

  42. GodlyYama

    GodlyYama9 kun oldin

    @Nico Pascual oh yeah for sure 🔥💯

  43. Nico Pascual

    Nico Pascual14 kun oldin

    For real one of the best imo

  44. Del-Leon Panuelo

    Del-Leon Panuelo16 kun oldin

    Goku meeting zaraki kenpachi would be the best day of his life

  45. BiiGBxii Rell

    BiiGBxii Rell13 kun oldin

    He would kill kenpachi very quickly but it would be very entertaining

  46. Del-Leon Panuelo

    Del-Leon Panuelo16 kun oldin

    Yall really ain't goin say Zaraki Kenpachi

  47. Timothy Hayden

    Timothy Hayden16 kun oldin

    The cowboy bebop the episode caring pearls before swine best of the show


    SUWOOHSHAWDY16 kun oldin

    Full metal alchemist

  49. Dillon Dufford

    Dillon Dufford17 kun oldin

    Ay yall ain't seen ol boy wit the grey hair on The Promised Neverland??????? THAT BOY THA TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!! NORMAN IS GOAT and Riley or Huey? Idk who id pick over the other

  50. Dillon Dufford

    Dillon Dufford17 kun oldin

    and don't forget Goku was so real when nobody else had it in them, Goku always put all the weight on his shoulders no matter how goofy he was no matter what he had goin on, he done what he needed to do. That's real af and he inspired many young people to no matter what it is to do what it takes. Vegeta was just written differently. He was never as real as Goku. He was always behind his own bros back plotting. Vegeta was cool in some lines n all that but don't forget he was the jealous ass character who was always in 2nd place...n the writer chose that for a reason. #Goku

  51. Nudist King

    Nudist King17 kun oldin

    No Kenpachi??

  52. Nudist King

    Nudist King17 kun oldin

    No Griffith or Guts, how??

  53. Bnvablick Bang

    Bnvablick Bang17 kun oldin

    Bash the stampede

  54. weird drama

    weird drama17 kun oldin

    No cap we all miss alf tell that man to tag out with mark or desmond

  55. K Skye

    K Skye17 kun oldin

    Nobody in Naruto is over Itachi. No, fuck no, hell no, NIGGA NEVER IDC! 😂

  56. K Skye

    K Skye17 kun oldin

    Sesshomaru is the Itachi of Inuyasha

  57. K Skye

    K Skye17 kun oldin

    So y’all just gonna forget when Sesshomaru used the Inuyasha sword to kill 100 demons with one swing and destroy the mountain

  58. Raffdaone

    Raffdaone18 kun oldin

    Y’all sleeping on Baki

  59. deepon05

    deepon0518 kun oldin

    Who is this man trying to deny Jotaro in the pool discussion? Fucking pleb.

  60. Silentype Student Producer

    Silentype Student Producer18 kun oldin

    Y'all should've broke this down to top 5 anime, top 5 characters from each anime, and then chose 1 character from each top 5 list to make the top 5 characters. Would've been more sorted that way.

  61. JayR 5mitty

    JayR 5mitty19 kun oldin

    Breeeeehhhhh.... FKKKKKK Naruto bruh!! Itatchi

  62. Smash Mouth Egg

    Smash Mouth Egg19 kun oldin

    Nobody do da ads like ben

  63. Caden Holmes

    Caden Holmes19 kun oldin

    No one punch man or jerin

  64. Danny H

    Danny H19 kun oldin

    Damn an hour and no smoke breaks.

  65. Techno Blast

    Techno Blast19 kun oldin


  66. Eren_Jaeger

    Eren_Jaeger19 kun oldin

    Vegeta all day

  67. trist c

    trist c19 kun oldin

    Piccolo is definitely one of the best characters

  68. Chaze Benson

    Chaze Benson19 kun oldin

    42:51 fr fr 90% of this video has been them arguing over that

  69. Willking 01

    Willking 0119 kun oldin

    Before we start I better see pain up there

  70. Hamakua Sledgehammer

    Hamakua Sledgehammer19 kun oldin

    So, no Guts? One of the coldest, most complex characters around.

  71. Blake Bailey

    Blake Bailey19 kun oldin

    Lelouch Lamperouge one of the best IMO

  72. WonkUWonki

    WonkUWonki19 kun oldin


  73. Fuzzy_Lumkins001

    Fuzzy_Lumkins00119 kun oldin

    Honestly best character growth in dbz was bulma because she changed the most over the whole series and that wasn't that great vegeta went from bad guy to sticking around just to beat goku to being a dad and married and wanting to beat goku still but semi good guy

  74. Fuzzy_Lumkins001

    Fuzzy_Lumkins00119 kun oldin

    Vegeta has better character growth but tell me you were not hooked on that 20 episode fight between goku and frieza lol one of the most iconic fights and drawn out 5 minutes in anime ever but vegeta is still crying about being the prince when his dad is dead and he would be technically king and crying about being better than kakarot while losing time and time again lets all face it dbz doesn't have character growth

  75. Dante

    Dante19 kun oldin

    a minato project would be so amazing omg

  76. Boogie Builds

    Boogie Builds20 kun oldin

    What about jiren cuhh 🤔🤔

  77. Powermitts

    Powermitts20 kun oldin

    I’m tryna go to a barbershop where we having these debates

  78. Conch Boy Animations

    Conch Boy Animations20 kun oldin

    Bruh I was saying they better say Aizen and mark said him first, my guy 😭

  79. F Ram

    F Ram20 kun oldin

    They didn’t even mention Madara Uchiha just for fun. I wouldn’t have put him on the list but the guy was mad strong.

  80. Winston Mcleod

    Winston Mcleod20 kun oldin

    What happened to Saitama?

  81. Joshua Jackson

    Joshua Jackson21 kun oldin

    I have never understood how vegeta is ever considered slept on if you pay attention vegeta is always the strongest character people mistake that goku is the strongest just because he is one arguably the main character of the show (in reality he is just the finisher and usually only made possible because of something vegeta does to set him up kinda like nba players do the starter does the work and the finishers come off the bench to end the game) there is not any characters that goku has defeated that vegeta doesn’t become stronger than right after the threat is ended he essentially surpasses that enemy simultaneously with goku that’s why every time a saga is ended and you come into the next saga and vegeta is on gokus level and usually the only individual that is sparring with goku or doing his own kinda training which once we come to the previous season baddy he’s beneath vegeta because vegeta just like goku is working on his next level and I’m guessing this has to do with the saiyan blood because each loss saiyans take they get stronger I’m guessing that being a starter and taking the beating before letting goku finish in its own way beefs him up so js every time vegeta and goku goes at it vegeta wins look it up that’s facts and also even in spurts vegeta has shown his capabilities in lower level saiyan forms surpasses capabilities of goku’s higher forms like when beerus slaps Bulma is a perfect example and in saiyan 2 form gets a punch in on beerus’ face which goku had be god level I believe in order to land a shot on beerus

  82. danga lang

    danga lang21 kun oldin

    Vash the stampede over spike any day fight me

  83. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo21 kun oldin

    John the goat was actually right about Gohan in DBZ. He was actually suppose to beat buu but the fans rejected him and so they changed it to Goku.

  84. Momo the one

    Momo the one21 kun oldin

    Light and death note is getting live action like its not such a bid deal,mascot of 2020 olympics if virus wasnt around,thats top tiee

  85. Momo the one

    Momo the one21 kun oldin

    Dude goku was gonna be the mascot for 2020 olympics,spike can have live shows all he wants he aint seeing that

  86. Logan P

    Logan P22 kun oldin

    Samurai champloo ?

  87. QT Quirky

    QT Quirky22 kun oldin

    If u ain’t watch it watch. Food wars

  88. Sensei Glitch

    Sensei Glitch22 kun oldin

    11 minutes in and niggas got goku, vegeta,gohan, and piccolo but have yet to bring up broly???🤦🏾‍♂️🤨🗣🤝

  89. D.K Hashiriya

    D.K Hashiriya22 kun oldin

    Des ain't seen Bleach, that's hella surprising

  90. Crid Taylor

    Crid Taylor22 kun oldin

    I wish all my homie like anime like i do ☹️ so we can have a conversation like this

  91. Necrocyde

    Necrocyde22 kun oldin

    Vegeta and Rurouni Kenshin (from his past in Samurai X and through the series) are my top 2 anime characters

  92. Low God

    Low God22 kun oldin

    What about nagato he literally destroyed a whole nation and brought it back to life

  93. Chapo x ABK

    Chapo x ABK22 kun oldin

    Like pretty much everything

  94. Caleb.

    Caleb.23 kun oldin

    That castle crashers music been hittin different

  95. ThaRealRuth

    ThaRealRuth23 kun oldin

    Itachi should have been top five.

  96. iEnvvyRuss 2x

    iEnvvyRuss 2x23 kun oldin

    MIGHT GUY wacthing this: "and i took that shit personally"

  97. Sedrick Santiago

    Sedrick Santiago23 kun oldin

    I really sat here for a whole hour listening to a bunch of grown men talk about anime..... and I’m completely satisfied 😂

  98. Karthus

    Karthus23 kun oldin

    Kiba: literally no backstory and no character other than "dog" Aizen: I'll admit, as a Bleach anti-fan he's pretty cold Itachi: I'll admit, as a Naruto anti-fan he's pretty cold Piccolo; pretty good, good character development up until when he stops doing shit Naruto: actively harms the franchise with how badly written he is Rock Lee: I'll admit, as a Naruto anti-fan he's my favorite from pre-Shippuden, but the one guy who mentioned a lack of growth is right Lelouch: haven't seen Code Geass in a while, I think he was alright Goku: pretty good, but I'd only put him in top 5 if you count the original Dragon Ball. Vegeta: pretty good Yusuke: decent Gohan: pretty good, until after the Cell saga, blue jacket guy is right the company said "no, bring back Goku, fans want Goku not more Gohan" Minato: decent, but no backstory and is a bit too "perfect" imo Kakashi: I'll admit, as a Naruto anti-fan he's pretty cold. My problem with him is that he's Sasuke Beta Test version based on his backstory. Jotaro: Good, but a bit bland until you realize that he's a goofy sob who's worried about his self-image. I agree with the pick, not with the motive. Levi: good, and despite me liking him better I admit Sesshomaru would clap anyone from AoT. Combat strength-wise, AoT is weak. Erwin: good Meruem: good Edward: good Sesshomaru: I disagree but I admit it's completely by personal opinion on this one rather than due to what I perceive as a fault in the series Kuwabara: decent Spike: agreed, though I don't know about top 5. Top 5 series, probably, but not top 5 characters. I haven't seen the series in a while though, so idk Luffy: agreed Zoro: good, but not over Luffy and not in top 5. Maybe top 50? Jimbei: I like him more than Zoro personally but at this current point I can't say he's better written than Zoro, much less Luffy. L: agreed Light: agreed, but yea L and Light are kinda one character in terms of why they're good. Ichigo: I... don't know why people like Ichigo other than his powers and the design of his powers. If anyone wants to inform me, please lmk.

  99. Reiji Arisu

    Reiji Arisu23 kun oldin

    In dbs, it feels like Vegeta is becoming more like Goku.

  100. Diondre Mapp

    Diondre Mapp22 kun oldin

    No 😂 they are 2 different characters vegeta does not going around asking to train with randoms

  101. FrankLogicTV

    FrankLogicTV23 kun oldin

    Top 5 Protags Goku Yusuke Amuro Ray Killua Mugen (Samurai Champloo Top 5 Antagonist Younger Toguro Char (Casval) Perfect Cell Itachi Chrollo Lucifer

  102. Mukasa Dulex

    Mukasa Dulex23 kun oldin

    Wheres my boy Ash Ketchum

  103. Thomas Ryan

    Thomas Ryan23 kun oldin

    PROBABLE LIST: 1) Kenshin Himura 2) Rock Lee 3) Guts (Berserk) 4) Sango (Inuyasha) 5) Monkey D. Luffy Hon. Mention: Joe/Junk Dog (Megalo Box)

  104. vLONEx xPAPi

    vLONEx xPAPi24 kun oldin

    I’m going “ Vash The Stampede “ Trigun will forever be my jam love that guitar intro 🔥

  105. Tom Zampiga

    Tom Zampiga24 kun oldin

    Goku is honestly just a really misunderstood character. Seth the programmer made a video on it called the strength of Son Goku and he breaks down his development and character. It's really good and I recommend it

  106. Jay Akki

    Jay Akki24 kun oldin

    Was waiting for someone to SAY the guy from FMA thank you

  107. Fly E Shuford

    Fly E Shuford24 kun oldin

    Zukos sister before she went crazy