When A restaurant only has Off Brand Drinks

Man everybody know about these type of restaurants they always got the wrong drinks!
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  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld14 oy oldin

    150k likes? And I promise we working on anime house and hood avatar we ain’t forgot they just higher production more time

  2. totally

    totally3 kun oldin


  3. Nondescript Name

    Nondescript Name21 kun oldin

    @The Legend ¹

  4. Nondescript Name

    Nondescript Name21 kun oldin


  5. Shantell aka Lady Persephone

    Shantell aka Lady Persephone21 kun oldin

    @Joshua let’s play 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They must have connections in FL cuz we have the blue and red ones

  6. Joseph Hicks

    Joseph Hicks23 kun oldin


  7. Walter D Brown

    Walter D Brown4 soat oldin

    This y’all best short 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Jalen Bennett

    Jalen Bennett4 soat oldin

    Dr.Pepper> Mr.Pibb

  9. emily firi

    emily firi11 soat oldin


  10. Ethecks

    Ethecks14 soat oldin

    This is basically south Carolina summed up.

  11. AntonioOnItOfficial

    AntonioOnItOfficial14 soat oldin

    Rc is lit

  12. Todd Howard

    Todd Howard23 soat oldin

    No one disses RC cola and I'm not joking that shit good

  13. Epix Fusion

    Epix FusionKun oldin

    They got good acting tho fr

  14. Houston Lee

    Houston LeeKun oldin

    but mello yello is amazing...

  15. Yasmin

    YasminKun oldin

    "walgreens ass candle..." 😭😭😭

  16. Opinion OfOnion

    Opinion OfOnionKun oldin

    Bruh Mello Yello is a vibe

  17. Son Wells

    Son WellsKun oldin


  18. Knightofjustice

    Knightofjustice2 kun oldin

    Wait but Mellow Yellow was boot leg MT dew. It’s a coke product lol

  19. Raheem Nimmo

    Raheem Nimmo2 kun oldin

    Y’all got porn? “No we have only fans”

  20. Almightydre 150

    Almightydre 1502 kun oldin

    Literally had to go look up quench 😂😂

  21. DELA_V

    DELA_V2 kun oldin

    Dr Thunder , lmao

  22. Quintin Harrell

    Quintin Harrell2 kun oldin

    "Yall got French Montana?" "Nah, but we got Spanish Wyoming. Everybody listens to that."


    GERALD BLACKWELL2 kun oldin

    I've watched this shit bout 12 times and laughed at it 13 times!!!! 😂

  24. ItzDuhneh

    ItzDuhneh2 kun oldin

    Do you have Stephen Curry? We don't, but we have Damian Lillard

  25. RLens

    RLens3 kun oldin


  26. MK

    MK3 kun oldin

    Rc slaps tho

  27. 9GANG

    9GANG3 kun oldin

    “Lemme talk to your manager, you have a manager?” “We got an assistant manager”

  28. Joey Anastasio

    Joey Anastasio3 kun oldin

    You guys are funny love it

  29. Sayj

    Sayj4 kun oldin

    if you don’t know what rc is you weren’t raised right

  30. Jojo Wrld

    Jojo Wrld4 kun oldin

    Fr mom always had that

  31. Perfect Dancing

    Perfect Dancing4 kun oldin

    Fake ass Dr. Thunder LOL

  32. Midnight Raven

    Midnight Raven4 kun oldin

    This full Karen mode. Or... Maren.

  33. Orzono Robinson

    Orzono Robinson4 kun oldin

    LeLand trynna see the KICK in the Dr. Thunder

  34. Withered

    Withered5 kun oldin

    RC isn’t off brand, it’s better than both coke and Pepsi in my opinion


    Real NEWSCRUISE5 kun oldin

    Dr. Thunder is awful

  36. Robert Thompkins

    Robert Thompkins5 kun oldin

    Y'all got publix brand soda Sorry we got winn dixie soda

  37. 3KBS Channel

    3KBS Channel5 kun oldin

    Aye you got Pepsi? Wanna drink Simp Blind?

  38. Eldo Ca

    Eldo Ca5 kun oldin

    “Dr Thunder? THE KICK!? The kick is amazing!” “I’m bout to kick one of y’all niggas!” That was too funny 😂💀

  39. Lonely Togetherness

    Lonely Togetherness5 kun oldin

    thats NOT how math works lol

  40. FadeMovin

    FadeMovin5 kun oldin

    this shit had me dying

  41. MVL

    MVL5 kun oldin

    You guys got Air Jordan’s? Nah, we got Water Gordons everyone loves those

  42. William McKibbin

    William McKibbin5 kun oldin

    “Do you have a coke?” *”We have Pepsi”*

  43. uhavemooface

    uhavemooface5 kun oldin

    This was hilarious.

  44. Chanel Martin

    Chanel Martin5 kun oldin

    Lmaoooo watching this at 8am ROLLING

  45. Terry Bynum

    Terry Bynum6 kun oldin

    "Y'all got Honey Buns?" "No, but your girl does and literally everyone is hittin' that!"

  46. 716killakev

    716killakev5 kun oldin

    @Terry Bynum you gotta just quit sometimes my man... the comment game didn’t choose you

  47. Terry Bynum

    Terry Bynum5 kun oldin

    @716killakev And that's what they call her! 3 out of 4 people!

  48. 716killakev

    716killakev5 kun oldin


  49. Sandbagg

    Sandbagg6 kun oldin

    “Man who tf is dr thunder” that’s Soo funny😂😂

  50. Patton Dunahoo

    Patton Dunahoo6 kun oldin


  51. Samuel Haines

    Samuel Haines6 kun oldin

    Mellow yellow is phenomenal imo

  52. Francis Shot-gunn

    Francis Shot-gunn6 kun oldin

    Dr thunder is da trufe

  53. tamim24

    tamim246 kun oldin

    The “we got assistant manager” part killed me lol

  54. yngreezidachamp

    yngreezidachamp6 kun oldin

    Why you bein a Karen bruh?

  55. Lucas B

    Lucas B6 kun oldin

    Maaaan dr thunder and mellow yellow slaps

  56. takigan

    takigan7 kun oldin

    I love the Quench reference. Quench is an HEB Grocery brand, which means these guys are from Texas. It's not quite as good as Powerade but it's pretty damn close and half the price.

  57. George Brown

    George Brown7 kun oldin

    He said them barber shop drinks lmfao

  58. Goro Shigeno

    Goro Shigeno7 kun oldin

    "I'm about to kick y'all" 🤣

  59. Mark Esmeralda

    Mark Esmeralda7 kun oldin

    Hoodie 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Phillip Feital

    Phillip Feital7 kun oldin

    RC cola at a restaurant, is that even legal?

  61. Travis Smith

    Travis Smith7 kun oldin

    We got RC 😂😂😂😂 I'm dead

  62. Frank Maphoto

    Frank Maphoto7 kun oldin

    “THAT’S NOT how math works, nigga you know that.”

  63. lilstaargirl

    lilstaargirl7 kun oldin

    3/4 people drink Quench 🤣



    POV: You’re shopping at an Aldi in America

  65. Christopher Mendoza

    Christopher Mendoza7 kun oldin

    All your videos hit 😂😂

  66. Ethan Holshouser

    Ethan Holshouser7 kun oldin

    Sierra Mist is the off-brand Sprite lol, Mello Yello is off-brand Mountain Dew.

  67. R R

    R R7 kun oldin

    Do you have Hawkeye? No, we got Moon Knight tho. Aight, you got Winter Soldier? We got The Punisher? You got Black Panther? Nah, we got Blade?

  68. Goodboy

    Goodboy7 kun oldin

    Yooo, the “ We have an assistant manager “ line really got me laughing with tears

  69. Greg Hajjar

    Greg Hajjar8 kun oldin

    Y'all got Dragonball No but We got Naruto everybody watches that

  70. DirtySouthSOHK

    DirtySouthSOHK8 kun oldin

    But RC and Mello Yello are name brand...

  71. 716killakev

    716killakev5 kun oldin


  72. Vikkor Heel

    Vikkor Heel8 kun oldin


  73. RudysseuS

    RudysseuS9 kun oldin

    “Y’all got Trix” “No we have Pranks”

  74. T.R.O.YAH!!!!!! Music

    T.R.O.YAH!!!!!! Music9 kun oldin

    On the cool them sodas be hitting mark tripping

  75. peepster _

    peepster _9 kun oldin

    yall giving niggas water out the sink? why wouldnt we? 😭😭😭😭

  76. Dungeon Mathematician

    Dungeon Mathematician9 kun oldin

    mellow yellow better than sprite though

  77. Jaylen Lorquet

    Jaylen Lorquet9 kun oldin

    ¨can i have a sprite please¨ ¨sure thing¨ *brings out a sierra mist*

  78. Lorenzo james

    Lorenzo james9 kun oldin

    I literally went to Wendy’s and asked for sprite. She said “ sorry we’re out of sprite but we have mello yello “ I can understand Sierra Mist but Mello Yello is not even similar lol

  79. Gabriel Cross

    Gabriel Cross9 kun oldin

    I never caught the "I just bought that" under his breath. Amazing

  80. BOOM BRO

    BOOM BRO9 kun oldin

    “That’s four of us, that’s 3 out of 4 people that drink it” HAHAHAH BROOOO 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  81. GamingCMK

    GamingCMK10 kun oldin

    I like RC

  82. chriskeepit100

    chriskeepit10011 kun oldin

    ”yall giving niggas water out the sink?"😂🤣😂🤣😂

  83. K. Ø

    K. Ø8 kun oldin

    "Why wouldn't we?" 😭

  84. Its weeb Romulo

    Its weeb Romulo11 kun oldin

    Yall got steve rogers We got john walker

  85. JIB23

    JIB2311 kun oldin

    I have a 12 pack at home lol !!!!

  86. Josuke Higashikata

    Josuke Higashikata11 kun oldin

    "Now who the fuck is Dr. Thunder?"

  87. Chi A

    Chi A11 kun oldin

    Where in the world do you get Quench 🤣🤣🤣

  88. xau

    xau11 kun oldin

    “Y’all got Amazon here?” “Nah, but we have Wish, everybody uses that around here.”

  89. YoungBlaze

    YoungBlaze11 kun oldin

    Yall got Avengers?

  90. Rill P

    Rill P11 kun oldin

    Wtf😂😂😂😂😂 this shit just popped up on my phone and i was just listening like 😆😆😆😆😂🤣🤣

  91. Splat on your head

    Splat on your head11 kun oldin

    Dr.Thunder got me lmao 😂

  92. here2watch08

    here2watch0811 kun oldin

    Sounds like my sister. "I really wanna get a Birkin bag eventually." "A Birkin?!" "Ya, everybody has one of those."

  93. Tamara Mazzoccoli

    Tamara Mazzoccoli11 kun oldin

    Dr. Thunder. Laughed so damn hard. Sierra Mist though. None of that shit is good.

  94. LH -Xain

    LH -Xain11 kun oldin

    We have assistant manager 🤣

  95. Johnny Joestar

    Johnny Joestar12 kun oldin

    I drink dr.thunder everyday idk what dr.pepper is it sounds like an off brand version of dr.thunder pop

  96. 9aracna TM

    9aracna TM12 kun oldin


  97. Joshua Chan

    Joshua Chan12 kun oldin

    RC 😂😂😂😂

  98. jamespanda 2000

    jamespanda 200012 kun oldin

    Rc cola smacks tho... Don't disrespect

  99. Franky Perez

    Franky Perez12 kun oldin

    Rc cola slaps

  100. Kevante

    Kevante12 kun oldin

    "Yall giving niggas water out the tap"😂

  101. John Garcia

    John Garcia12 kun oldin

    0:51 godbless man you had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  102. hcdashadow80

    hcdashadow8012 kun oldin




    bro im crying

  104. ebrahim gilani

    ebrahim gilani12 kun oldin

    throat babyy

  105. Jonah Price

    Jonah Price12 kun oldin

    “I have a 12 pack at home actually” 😂

  106. enriched macaroni product

    enriched macaroni product12 kun oldin

    a few years ago i started asking for sierra mist instead of sprite cause they never had sprite but then they stopped having sierra mist too

  107. D. Rodgers

    D. Rodgers12 kun oldin

    I love this clip yo 😂.. I thought them was local drinks

  108. L Lasha

    L Lasha12 kun oldin

    We have an assistant manager 3000 iq play

  109. jdabgohan

    jdabgohan12 kun oldin

    Icy crisp and they are alright

  110. Herofromthe_90s Movies

    Herofromthe_90s Movies12 kun oldin

    This by far my favorite vid. The way he looked at when he said Dr.Pepper and the writer we have Dr.Thunder. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I die everytime

  111. Mr. Stone

    Mr. Stone13 kun oldin

    "Ok ik Yall Got Fanta Grape Just Give Me That" "We got grape juice sir......"