When People Take Anime Too Far Part Two Full Version (ORIGINAL CREATORS) SupremeDreams_1

This is the second part to the highly recognized video: When People Take Anime Too Far. This one is also funny and revolves around using anime to fight and other things in life! Thank you for all of your support; we put a lot of work into this!
If you haven't seen it already, here is a link to the first part! uznick.info/up/video/oqavZKVudZSqsmg
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Affiong Harris - @CleanUniform
Desmond Johnson - @l0v3andpeac3
Leland Manigo - @23_Is_Leland
Dylan Patel - @dylanpatel4_
Benjamin Skinner - @Ive_Ben_Jammin
Johnathan Newton - @playthatjohn


  1. JoshPo78

    JoshPo7810 soat oldin


  2. Connor Terry

    Connor TerryKun oldin

    More.like when people don't take anime far enough 😒 🙄 😑 😤 😪 😐 😒

  3. April Otto

    April OttoKun oldin

    The bland face for every one punch scenes🤣

  4. King Apple Jack

    King Apple JackKun oldin

    Please we need one more of these i wanna see Desmond do a total concentration breathing technique

  5. Desiree Edge

    Desiree EdgeKun oldin

    every one gangster until Mark turns into One punch man and slept two people

  6. Joseph Dogans

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  7. Ryan

    RyanKun oldin

    “Ayy you a crip?” 2:02 had me dyin bruh 💀

  8. Melvin Billones

    Melvin Billones2 kun oldin

    BAN-KAI!. oooh that nigga clean

  9. Abdullah Hamed

    Abdullah Hamed2 kun oldin

    At the end Mark Should've Added JoJo's Bizarre Adventures ended with Jotaro 's Stand Star Platinum 's ORA ORA or DIO 's Stand The World 's MUDA MUDA .. That will be the best ending instead of the DETROIT SMAAAAAAAASSSSHHHH

  10. Graffiti_Soul

    Graffiti_Soul2 kun oldin

    Leland’s commentary during the fight 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Akorede Babajide

    Akorede Babajide2 kun oldin

    you make the puches look so real

  12. Reagan Jones

    Reagan Jones2 kun oldin

    yo, that was whitehall park

  13. dislike

    dislike2 kun oldin

    black one punch man xD if you found this racist it wasn't meant to be

  14. Original Coal

    Original Coal2 kun oldin

    "Its over 9 thousand"

  15. kaden aguirre

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  16. call to serve

    call to serve2 kun oldin

    Imagine what the neighbors were thinking

  17. Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI Help3 kun oldin

    The neighbour is probably like: "Oh this shit again"

  18. Caden Huffines

    Caden Huffines3 kun oldin

    “Ah shit he stole my nigga soul!” I’m done bruh

  19. JohnCena25

    JohnCena253 kun oldin

    Can u do a part 3 with demon slayer in it

  20. Ernest Adab

    Ernest Adab3 kun oldin

    I really liked the music they play when you think its all over , but its not, then out of no where he did destroy smash!, kinda cool

  21. Ernest Adab

    Ernest Adab3 kun oldin

    I like the my hero academia part

  22. TH - 03DM 863821 Britannia PS

    TH - 03DM 863821 Britannia PS3 kun oldin

    anime is only real when u dont believe it so believe it ben-san and the other guy wut.

  23. Salty Cgicken

    Salty Cgicken4 kun oldin

    7:17 anime?

  24. Latisha Baddie

    Latisha Baddie4 kun oldin


  25. Latisha Baddie

    Latisha Baddie4 kun oldin

    i i dont care

  26. Mal_best ll

    Mal_best ll4 kun oldin

    ‘’Hold him off I’ll wish you back with the dragon balls’’ 😂

  27. HAMSER

    HAMSER4 kun oldin

    6:51 full counter deflects all magic attacks no physical attacks and their is a full counter for physical attacks but I forgot the name.

  28. MLGxxxFro

    MLGxxxFro4 kun oldin

    "Aw shit he took my niggas soul!" Best line

  29. spoopyjhope

    spoopyjhope4 kun oldin

    Lmaoo inuyasha

  30. MaceoxUchiha

    MaceoxUchiha4 kun oldin

    "The way you treat my freinds i should" you acting like you didnt drop his freinds with one punch LOL

  31. Kuran Mcqueen

    Kuran Mcqueen4 kun oldin

    10:22 when that song came on... I knew it was over...

  32. Jay Mac Productions L.L.C

    Jay Mac Productions L.L.C5 kun oldin

    The 🐐

  33. Jay Mac Productions L.L.C

    Jay Mac Productions L.L.C5 kun oldin

    The 🐐

  34. Weisa Schnee

    Weisa Schnee5 kun oldin

    I see finally we have a fairy tail and naruto fan yes

  35. Mamoon Nuristani

    Mamoon Nuristani5 kun oldin

    Damn.. That was the greatest anime fight that I have ever witnessed😱😱😱

  36. A Volatile

    A Volatile5 kun oldin

    This is gold 😂

  37. Maurice Posey

    Maurice Posey5 kun oldin

    Yall have it on lock Doc

  38. MisterXD YT

    MisterXD YT6 kun oldin

    shiity mc but overall 8/10

  39. Marcello Figueroa-Tallarico

    Marcello Figueroa-Tallarico6 kun oldin

    Ehh you a crit lol

  40. L Will

    L Will6 kun oldin

    The van at 9:15 was driving slow trying to see wth going on🤣

  41. splashaf

    splashaf6 kun oldin

    I rewatched this to wonder why this video was so good, then I saw it was made in 2016 (the best year of all time) and now it all makes sense

  42. Samurai

    Samurai6 kun oldin

    There neighbors are like Wtf?

  43. Mamoon Nuristani

    Mamoon Nuristani5 kun oldin

    🤣😂😆Of course

  44. ForevaVlone

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  45. avg-life

    avg-life6 kun oldin

    7:43 "Ah shit he stole my nigga soul" that had me weak asf 😂😂

  46. Lyn Uzumaki

    Lyn Uzumaki6 kun oldin

    You’ve gotten stronger i see 😂😂😂

  47. Susmir

    Susmir6 kun oldin

    No Jojo references wtf

  48. Landon The Shinobi

    Landon The Shinobi7 kun oldin

    When he say it’s my nindo my ninja way. I was dying

  49. With The Hat Reviews

    With The Hat Reviews7 kun oldin

    Neighbors watching be like 👁️👄👁️ I know someone already said this comment lemme find them

  50. Ravi singh

    Ravi singh8 kun oldin

    Detroit smash was op

  51. Juanita Samuels

    Juanita Samuels8 kun oldin

    I’m fast as FauCk boy:/

  52. Juanita Samuels

    Juanita Samuels8 kun oldin

    (Guys run ahah ahah agh huh les get out of ere brwo

  53. Juanita Samuels

    Juanita Samuels8 kun oldin

    Nigga ain’t even know where his house at

  54. Juanita Samuels

    Juanita Samuels8 kun oldin


  55. Joekegggan Rayes

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  56. Joekegggan Rayes

    Joekegggan Rayes8 kun oldin

    4:56 😂😂😂😂

  57. Jacob Lantrip

    Jacob Lantrip8 kun oldin

    I wonder what the neighbors are thinking

  58. Mike Huffer

    Mike Huffer8 kun oldin

    That full counter was great

  59. 2_0_1_A

    2_0_1_A8 kun oldin

    Me waiting for a stand to appear: 👁👄👁

  60. Yasuo Unforgiven

    Yasuo Unforgiven9 kun oldin

    Can full counter can couter psychical attack?...

  61. Joshua S

    Joshua S9 kun oldin

    4:57 That during that break screen recreation lmao

  62. IcyFilms

    IcyFilms9 kun oldin

    Not me waiting for the boondocks for 4 years

  63. Giant Midget0

    Giant Midget09 kun oldin

    With soul eater he should have been blackstar but it's still funny lmao

  64. Zyn

    Zyn9 kun oldin

    This dude Leland commentary was the funniest shit

  65. Little roblox Life

    Little roblox Life9 kun oldin

    11:57 I see a frog what do you see?

  66. Darius Matthews

    Darius Matthews9 kun oldin


  67. Devin Dixon

    Devin Dixon9 kun oldin

    0:08 right in his skull

  68. Sahan Nath

    Sahan Nath9 kun oldin

    12:52 bro I would do the same if he turned to saitama

  69. Pepper Ann Pearson // Alexander Network

    Pepper Ann Pearson // Alexander Network10 kun oldin

    0:53 WTF 😆😆😆😆😆

  70. Ken Crachian

    Ken Crachian10 kun oldin

    That naruto run lol

  71. kingzLoFitness

    kingzLoFitness10 kun oldin

    You forgot the Art of kingzlofitness

  72. Let’s Animate

    Let’s Animate10 kun oldin

    I got chills when he said smash

  73. tinashe chagonda

    tinashe chagonda10 kun oldin

    I hate you niggas lmfaooo 😂. That 9000 part killed me

  74. Avirit Aarne Choudhury

    Avirit Aarne Choudhury10 kun oldin

    8:10 Man, I feel sorry for you. Don't you remember Yamcha's useless?

  75. Nithish PB

    Nithish PB10 kun oldin

    11:46 "you say run" goes for everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  76. Jordan Tanksley

    Jordan Tanksley11 kun oldin

    4:26 The Bloodbending didn’t work because it’s not nighttime

  77. CapperJ 123

    CapperJ 12311 kun oldin

    "Damn, you hit that nigga so hard, it replayed three different times!" will go down in history as one of the greatest lines ever spoken by anybody in an "anime"

  78. Zakaria Omar

    Zakaria Omar11 kun oldin

    did this nigga say ''ay you a crip'' im sleep cuh

  79. Daryl Mapp

    Daryl Mapp11 kun oldin

    Leland adlibs had meh dead asf nd bro really pulled up nd whooped yall ass 😂

  80. Sonic Voltage

    Sonic Voltage11 kun oldin

    Who saw this masterpiece in their recommended

  81. Ayush Budhiraja

    Ayush Budhiraja11 kun oldin

    @8:08 that damn had me

  82. pIaNo BlAsToIsE

    pIaNo BlAsToIsE8 kun oldin

    You don’t need to @

  83. Ryan Fong

    Ryan Fong11 kun oldin

    Imagine being a neighbor and seeing some dumbshits doing that

  84. Hell Rello

    Hell Rello11 kun oldin

    Imagine seeing your neighbors doing this 😂😂

  85. asim gurung

    asim gurung11 kun oldin

    its bout to be three XD

  86. Giovanni Castellanos

    Giovanni Castellanos12 kun oldin

    Where did yall get the black bokken bc im tryna get me some

  87. Kingswift billy

    Kingswift billy12 kun oldin

    He should have did luffy Gear 4

  88. 225Strength and Honor

    225Strength and Honor12 kun oldin

    5:49 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭💀

  89. Alco

    Alco12 kun oldin

    I wish at the end he was like yup bro im literally kaneki ken boi and devours that dude

  90. Bubbles Mlunguza

    Bubbles Mlunguza13 kun oldin

    Over 9000, I love RDCWorld1

  91. Exotic Diverse

    Exotic Diverse13 kun oldin

    6:24 0:00 12:00 try not to laugh on these clips

  92. ツTheRealEthan

    ツTheRealEthan13 kun oldin

    4:31 lol


    STEPHEN STAPLETON13 kun oldin

    1 punch man finally gets countered


    STEPHEN STAPLETON13 kun oldin

    He said random nig San 🤣🤣🤣🥴🤣

  95. Kareem Manberg

    Kareem Manberg13 kun oldin

    ayo full counter aint workin without no stick idiot

  96. pIaNo BlAsToIsE

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    You don’t like fun do you?

  97. LoverBoiSZN

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    Aye you a crip?

  98. Abosi’s Abyss

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    We need a manga

  99. CSN Kyree

    CSN Kyree14 kun oldin

    The ending tho

  100. Kenneth Dukes

    Kenneth Dukes14 kun oldin

    7.28 through 7.46 is my favorite

  101. shneaky drew

    shneaky drew14 kun oldin

    went for the yamcha move lmao

  102. Colorz Blue

    Colorz Blue14 kun oldin

    Do part 3 PLEASE

  103. H I M E A

    H I M E A14 kun oldin

    10:02 him passing the ball to himself saying the characters names... i can't😭😭